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I've been running less and less each week. First I got a cold/flu back in September, then I got hurt in October, and November was term papers constantly. Down from 7 miles a day 5 times a week to 2 times a week for 7 miles each I am getting faster though even though I run less. Only downside is I feel out of breath and my legs feel the burn again. I've not felt that in about half a year.
The one on the left reminds me of the pics of concentration camps. And of this 50lbs 18 year old girl in summer classes I took a few years ago. The prof assigned us seats and I was behind her. I think I looked down 99% of the class because I was horrified at looking at her. She also smelled like baby vomit >.>.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap So will these stretch back out to original measurements before soak after a lot of wear? I got my 31x36 in the mail today and they fit me a bit large but not too much, if they shrink a good size or two and remain there they should do fine. From my experience with 4 501 Stfs the waist stretches out to its presoak size or bigger than they were presoak.
self defense?! I'm seriously considering it >.> Smokers walking down the halls at my school seem to have gotten into the habit of blowing smoke into people's faces and it's getting rather annoying.
I did 8 on Monday and hurt my right knee somehow. I'm pretty sure it was running on an unpaved sidewalk/street with 1 foot deep craters/potholes all over because the street I normally run through was closed for construction so I had to run around. I didn't feel pain til about 4 miles in the run and it got worse after every stop light, but would fade away as I ran. Pain was back last night after the 3rd or so mile. Was only hurting, really badly, when I had to stop...
I've been doing 6 to 7 miles a day with uphills of up to 3 miles in distance. I moved up to 8 miles yesterday and hopefully I'll be able to maintain that daily. I've also noticed I can maintain 7 min per mile when in a running group without even feeling tired or out of breath, but it's very difficult when alone. Any tips on that?
Quote: Originally Posted by Transcendental I probably missed them, when people started actually buying them up, but if anyone can proxy me a pair of the Khaki STFs, I would be greatful, and I can finally give up the hunt for these damned uniqlo chinos. Macys still has some sizes left for the khaki stf.
Quote: Originally Posted by jgold47 This actually happened to me once, there was a little more truth to it, but I wouldnt call it random. Some girl I was talking to 'met online' before I started dating a girl. Never met the girl in person, and after I met the GF stopped talking to her. She started texting me late at night telling me to come out etc... and I would always blow her off. Well it started getting annoying so I started being rediculous...
I did 3 today, slowly building back up to where I was before I hurt my IT band. Kinda random question, but does anyone else get harassed by cool guys in trucks? Like they'd pull up behind you near the sidewalk/bike lane and then slam the gas while honking the horn, trying to startle you? It's happening almost every day I run now.
Are you getting anymore Crate Routes?
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