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Brings to mind Ren Fest. I need a bootcut for my chunky regulators and my pointy half-boots.
Yeah an eyesore but I say anything goes at the beach if you've got the balls(sorry) to wear it. I've been forced to view all manner of overstuffed cottage cheese-thighed big mommas and spindly chain-smoking tatted harley skanks in the skimpiest of suits while men are supposed to wear what amounts to pants so as not to offend anyone. But yeah the dude should at least have an ass in his suit for the kiddies sake. And maybe a big hat too..
Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB A friend of mine worked at the Ed Hardy HQ for 4 weeks. I don't know how many of you know that Christian has an employee that follows him around with a video camera Paparazzi Style twenty four seven, he even has the guy film him whilst at the office. And possibly whilst in the "office" conducting his "business" as his delusions of grandeur know no bounds?
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 Sure it works but so does any workout routine that is planned out and stuck to. There's no magic formula. Weights + cardio + good nutrition = good outcome. Ditto.
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Do you have any source for this or are you just scaremongering? I've been going to a gym for two decades, have never worn shower shoes and have never had HPV or warts. I'm saying this from experience. HPV is an array of many strains of virus, plantar warts being one of them. Frankly I don't like walking through e-coli, guys spunk and piss either, but that's just me. I'm happy for you but all shower...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zenny Maybe so but guess what, it works for me.
I only like to lay out in the summer and tan but I don't charbroil myself. I do use a self tanner, Banana Boat dark, as it really evens out my tan. A little tan is more attractive than ashy white or pink. Also a thin coat of tan oil really shows your definition (if you hopefully have any).
No bread or starchy carbs, no sugar, plenty of chicken breasts, tuna and salads. No processed foods. I also don't use a microwave anymore as it seems to kill the "aura"/food energy. I have one day a week I can eat whatever I want. Do your cardio first thing in the morning after having eaten your last meal no later than five pm the previous night. So you're training in a fasted state you will burn three times as much fat then if you were doing evening cardio. That's right,...
If you don't wear some kind of shower shoe/flip-flop in the shower and the locker area, carpeted or not, you're putting your health at risk. The HPV is all over the floor and it's easy to get the strain that gives you plantar warts which are very hard to get rid of. I had one and it took six months to get rid of it. Not to mention dudes pissing, spitting, and coming on everything, pretty nasty. I only wear Otomix sneaks when I work out though, great shoe.
Yes I also employ the dishtowel attack. It's fast enough to knock them out of the air while stunning them long enough to beat holy bejeezus out of the little buggers, never fails. Of course then you have to wash your dishtowel.
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