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Interesting - but if you've been paying attention, you'll notice that that knot on Brooks Brothers website is NOT the same knot as Marc is doing! That is indeed a double four-in-hand and it's a completely different affair. It's also called the Victoria if I'm not mistaken. It's NOT the same thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf As for Guyot's photograph of himself, it doesn't appear to be a Knize and could well be a Windsor. His tie does not look like a windsor or half-windsor at all, and from what he says about the windsor you can be sure he wouldn't be wearing it.
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl thats a half windsor As established above repeatedly, it's not. Peace.
Wow. I think that one is the same, but with the thin and wide ends reversed... which means it's actually the same knot. Ok, now I have a name, thanks ;
Quote: Originally Posted by awxg While I'm sure it's a nice way to tie a tie, the picture doesn't make for a good example. His knot looks flat and has the double dimple thing going on. I agree about the double dimple (some might like it though), but I prefer a knot that doesn't bulge out in a circular way, which is why I'm trying to wean myself off the windosr / half windsor.. There has to be a certain name for this. Anyone have the Thomas...
Quote: Originally Posted by awxg That's all they are...just slight variations of each other. There's about 8 or so variations of a "Windsor". If it's noticeably asymmetrical it's not a windsor or half-windsor though, that's what defines the windsor. For about half an hour I could have sworn it was a half-windsor until I noticed I was tying it wrong, then I noticed how completely different it looks. I think this one is for the experts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sebastian It's no four in hand. It's a half windsor knot. Ok sorry for the confusion but it's not quite a half windsor as you can see from this picture, it's the knot Marc Guyot recommends on his website, I got it from a link from A Suitable Wardrobe blog As you know the half windsor is fully symmetrical but this one is not, it's actually just as asymmetrical as a four-in hand but more substantial.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Am I going insane or does the first diagram make no sense whatsoever? Edit: Nevermind, I think I see which bit is attached to which, it's not very clear though No, that picture is very confusing at first glance..
Quote: Originally Posted by awxg It's not a FIH. It's a windsor variation. It's only one move different from a half windsor. But the final product looks completely different. All knots are just variations of each other, after all, but change one move and you've got something very different. Still haven't bought that '85 ways to tie a tie' book so that's why I'm asking here.
Thanks for your responses... You're both mistaken though. The four-in-hand is simply a matter of bringing the wide end around the front twice before bringing it down from behind. That's not what is happening in this knot. And this is neither the windsor nor the half-windsor. Those knots bring the wide end through the loop from the front, before the final moves. This one brings it through the loop from behind. Anyone else...?
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