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Quote: Originally Posted by A Guy from Shanghai I am no tailor...but usually there is little/no extra material in the crotch area to be let out. It's not necessarily a question of letting the fabric out. It could involve opening the seams and reconnecting them at a lower point, cutting off the excess fabric. As a comparison, I know that tailors can alter the armpits on a jacket by lowering them, but they can't raise them, because there would...
Is it possible to alter a pair of trousers by having the crotch lowered, so that there will be a higher rise and the waistband will sit about an inch higher? Feasible alteration job or impossible?
cool music.
this tie looks fun but i'm not sure if i have anything to wear it with. if you wore this, what suit would go with it (aside from a Joker costume) ?
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitMyself I've seen enough of this sort of shoddy work on many suits on a lot of men and nothing can convince me otherwise. "I've seen a lot of Americans and every single one of them was dressed like a slob. Americans are only and always dressed like slobs and nothing can convince me otherwise". That statement has exactly the same amount of sense, and the same amount of correspondence to reality.
It's true, most of the tailors in that part of the world are hacks. But some of them are not. If you find a serious one, the best two things you can do to get a good experience with them is 1) bring your own fabric, 2) know exactly what you want. The second part requires you to know something about suit styling, fit, and construction. Most customers don't. For someone with conventional tastes and a certain body type, going with RTW and having minor alteration work done...
I had something similar made for me in Japan- I actually convinced a tailor to make it for me for only twice the cost of a bespoke shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Don't you know when you're being schooled, n00b? - B Alright, school me. If waistcoats and double-breasted suitcoats are formal, then tell me in what environment is it expected as a matter of protocol? That would make it formal and evening wear doesn't count because it's formal by definition. I didn't know of any such situation.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bhowie It would seem you don't know what you are talking about. Keywords being "seem" and "Texas".
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos This is the correct answer "Dressed up" and "formal" are two separate concepts. If wearing a 3 pc lounge suit was "more formal" than a 2 pc, then that would mean there is some sort of workplace in which it was only acceptable to wear a 3 piece business and 2 pc were forbidden. I'll wager there isn't a single working environment in the world where that is the case. Ergo, the 3 pc does not betoken...
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