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Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover ALways a cuff, plain bottoms are too casual for a suit. That comment is the exact opposite of the truth. Cuffing the trousers of a lounge suit emerged at the turn of the last century as a semi-casual alternative to the formality of plain bottoms. That's why the trousers of a formal suit, whether morning wear, dinner jacket suit, or white tie, are always plain bottom.
Sometimes they MIGHT be able to take a tiny bit of length taken from the shoulders. A tailor once messed up my sleeve length, made it a half inch too long. It wasn't possible to take enough from the shoulders to satisfy me, so he ended up just doing the sleeves all over. It was partly my fault because I didn't pay enough attention to the length at the first fitting. If this is a RTW jacket, you'll probably have to have it shortened from the ends if it's more than a quarter...
Hard to say, isn't it. I've often thought it may have have had something to do with the conformity of the 50s/60s company man: that was the critical moment in America when suit and tie became strongly identified as merely a white-collar uniform - the time when it began to acquire a fixed cultural meaning as something worn by the average man only when not in his leisure hours. In that narrow-lapelled, skinny four-in-hand period of decline, the charm of a bow stood out...
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover Flannel dosen't look good anywhere except the hunting grounds. And double breasted has been out of style for sometime so mixing the two would only hurt your cause. No comment on DB, but regarding flannel and hunting grounds, I can only assume that THIS is what you have in mind: That's what many people in American culture think 'flannel' means. Needless to say, they (and you) are under a misapprehension.
Three points, 1) Wool is infinitely more resistant to sweat and grime than vegetable fabrics such as cotton; 2) Avoid making the armholes on your jackets smelly by using anti-perspirant and wearing disposable underarm shields inside your shirts (recommendation: Kleinerts); 2) Instead of dry-cleaning, use google to find a wet-cleaner in your area.
God, I hate office fashion, it's hideous. Shirt + tie + no vest + no jacket = Hell.
Come on, I've had loops taken off and it didn't damage the suit. Certainly not to the eye of anyone who isn't holding a magnifying glass. Just go ahead and have it done if that's the look you want.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos You can deepen the seam without letting out anything. It helps to let out whatever cloth there is in the crotch because it adds length to the back rise and makes the seat looser. Just letting out the crotch will not make the rise longer which is the original idea. Yes, my worry was that if you deepened the seem without having much to let out, the seat would become tighter and possibly uncomfortable. Might...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason You look like fucking AJ from the backstreet boys circa 1995, I want to knock the pubes right off your face. At least it's a unique look to distinguish you from the other pedophiles in Thailand. Somewhere, there's an 8-year-old boy who will never trust another man in a suit again. What I like about this forum compared to the London Lounge is that it has so much civility and class.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos The gusset makes the crotch wider but the seam has to be deepened to make the rise higher. I just looked up "gusset", and now that I think I have some idea of what it is, wouldn't a gusset make it possible to deepen the seam if there's no fabric to let out? (Please understand that I realize I probably have no idea what I'm talking about ).
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