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Actually, black tie means black bowtie or white bowtie. Obama was not making a misstep with his white tie and tux (the notch lapels were an outrage, though). But no yellow, red, orange, turquoise, etc ties. White tie means white bowtie only... not that that affects anyone anymore.
Rolled in a drawer but I've been wondering if I should invest in a rack...
In my opinion, one mark of a well-made jacket is that it looks good whether you have it buttoned or not. It helps to already be a slim guy, though.
The Duke of Windsor comes to mind. It's a legitimate way of wearing it, and when you see it, usually either the lapel is made to roll to the second button, or the top buttons are only display buttons.
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff Also the two button suit without a vest exposes too much shirt with a bow tie while a DB with a bow tie is sort of reverend Farrakhan. I just did an image search and didn't find any photos of Farrakhan in a DB suit with a bowtie. He appears to wear almost only SB two-piece suits, and he wears four-in-hand ties just as often as he wears bows. Also, he appears to wear alot of pocket squares -...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma That's such an interesting thread, I guess those animal ressucitation classes really paid off when you had to reanimate this dead horse. I do not own any green clothing, I think. You should change that. Green is an extraordinary color.
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff I dont dislikebow ties, just the people that seem to like to wear them. What did Patrick Grant do to offend you?
Film Noir Buff doesn't like them, so that's at least one mark in their favor.
Quote: Quote: Also because the types of men who wear them tend to marginalize the look even more, it's something of a self fulfilling prophecy. Too true. It is very rare that those who could legitimize the wearing of a bowtie do so, it seems. How about Patrick Grant, owner of Norton and Sons at Savile Row: Fact: he is better dressed than you are.
Will at A Suitable Wardrobe recently posted an extraordinary photo of Patrick Grant, head of Norton and Sons, decked out in a flawless DB suit with a bowtie. One lesson to take from it, is that bowtie works especially well when there is less shirt-front exposed, especially with DB coats. At any rate, if anyone disputes that this is the height of masculine elegance, there's no helping you: Also, I'm posting this to...
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