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no answer yet - can someone please say something about this? : "If you send them a shirt to be copied, will they make your new shirt so that it will have the same fit as the sample shirt AFTER it's been fully shrunk?"
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator The tradition of tailors inserting some sort of structure into a coat goes back as far as the 14th century, when a layer of wadding was used. The use of canvas appears to be more of a modern tailoring tradition dating back to perhaps around the late 18th century or so. The modern trend is towards less and less structure. This is partly because structured coats are too labour intensive. Soft tailoring has its roots in...
I have a crucial question (maybe it's been answered but I can't read through every page of this thread): If you send them a shirt to be copied, will they make your new shirt so that it will have the fit as the sample shirt AFTER it's been fully shrunk?
Quote: Originally Posted by Faded501s Canvassing gives shape to a suit. I've seen linen/blends without it and it takes unstructured to the extreme. Minus the canvas you basically are going to have a shirt posing as a jacket. When people talk about "unstructured jackets" don't they basically mean a jacket without shoulder pads and without chest canvassing?
So far I've just gone along with the crowd, but lately I've been wondering what's the point of having all that canvassing in the chest of a suit jacket or a sportjacket? Is it heard of to have none at all? Would it be insane to do have a custom order and not have any chest canvassing put in? Thoughts.
Not exceptionally tasteful (to put it mildly), but the sad thing is that it's actually an improvement from the way so many men on the streets dress.
Yes the fit is a bit unflattering, but that's the least of your troubles: it's the fact that you're wearing a three-button jacket with a low gorge, resulting in short stubby lapels. Horrible look on anyone.
Bump. Quote: Originally Posted by mt_spiffy There have been several (largely sarcastic) requests for my outfits in other threads, predominantly of the "I cant believe you wear that crap until I see it" variety. I promised to deliver pictures, and here they are. These are several outfits that I have worn recently and received numerous compliments on, perhaps more than usual. Most are coat/tie/jeans/shoes you guys dont like. A suit, the light...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan ^^^ Here's all the Foofs I've done so far: The sleeves in the foofed version don't even look real, with almost no wrinkling while the arm is bent. Looks ridiculous. There's always going to be a certain rippling when the arms are moved back like that. As for his right arm, in your version it's what the sleeve would have probably looked like anyhow if the arm was held more forward rather than back. This...
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