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Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard A positive integer's worth. I'm partly asking because I gather that 44" is a non-standard width for cloth...
The cloth seller is selling it at 44" by the yard. Also, do I need to double the cloth for seersucker? I heard something about that... but I don't know. thanks in advance
I have a gracefully used Filson Field Satchel briefcase available for $429 plus $19 shipping. Buy here - SOLD
Selling a gracefully-used Filson Field Satchel briefcase on ebay for a steeply-discounted price: SOLD (damn, that was quick. guess I undersold it....)
Quote: Originally Posted by MiloX Au contraire. A well tailored suit can feel just as comfortable as a pair of pajamas. Especially if said suit is worn with braces instead of a belt. Ah, but I didn't say it can't be as comfortable, just that the sensation is not the same. And as it happens, I already agreed about the braces. So there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wrenkin Anyone who takes off their tie anytime they get cold & require a sweater is a masochist. If you want to talk about how lapels or collars or underpants are just societal conventions then there are other fora where you will find easy validation. No dice. Unless the crew-neck completely conceals the tie, which is generally not the case, you're going to look like a dork. Get some v-necks if you need to wear...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wrenkin To stay warm. Are you so worried about people assuming you aren't wearing a tie that you need to cut a v-shaped hole out of your sweater to drive the point home? If you can't see the tie then why wear the tie? A tie exists only as a visual adornment. Anyone who wears a crew-neck sweater with a tie is a fucking idiot.
Quote: Originally Posted by mt_spiffy I had the jacket taken out in both the waist, back, and shoulders, but it is still very very tight. I think I had the sleeves taken out as well. It's highly likely that your idea of "very very tight" is different from other suit wearers because you're used to wearing such boxy ill-fitting potato sacks. I don't know if this message will ever sink in, but there's a fundamental difference between...
What are the collars and cuffs like? When I ordered a pair of shirts from HAHN'S, they were RIDICULOUSLY stiff and thick. Like CARDBOARD. I'm not talking about normal stiff collars, I'm talking about bulletproof armour collars. I've ordered made-to-measure shirts at all different price ranges in several different countries around the world, but I never felt anything like this. When I voiced my objections they told me it's "very difficult" to make shirts any other way....
Quote: Originally Posted by ApplesHK Ricky says, " If you ask for shrinkage allowance then we will tailor accordingly. If you don't ask, we will copy to the exact specifications of your shirt." If you ask for shrinkahe they allow about 1/4 of an inch for sleeves and 1/4-1/2 for the collar. Hope that helps. It certainly does. I'll remember to ask for it. Thanks.
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