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I like this tie know but he doesn't mention what it's called. Does anyone know? http://www.marcguyot.com/2.aspx?sr=9
Are you planning to wear this shirt without tucking it into your trousers? Because that's the only reason I can see someone wanting short tails. Just wondering.
Three piece suit should be a requirement if you want to wear a tie. Two piece suits only look good with no tie.
Peacoats are so short, and their lapels are so insanely wide. Double-breasted is a good thing for a winter coat, but there are more sensible options than peacoat, imho. ~former peacoat wearer
The thing about Japan is that the yen is still going strong vs. the dollar. In nearby South Korea, however, the won has lost 30% value. You can get a very nice suit made for 500,000 won, which would have been $500 earlier this year, but nowadays it's only $300. Sometimes it's less. So if you wanted several suits, and you had time to hop over to Seoul for a day, and then go back to pick them up on your way home, you'd save a ton of money. Airfare probably wouldn't...
Quote: Sounds like you want your suit "Chris Gardner" style. He's the guy that the Will Smith movie The Pursuit of Happiness was based on, and the only guy I've ever seen pull it off. For some reason I always think of him when I hear this. You can google more pics of him, his sleeves really are super-short, even when they hang at his side. Lol.... no, I'm not at all sure that I want that, it's just been on my mind. What I don't get is when I see it...
Yes, everyone always says don't show more than half an inch of shirt cuff in that position... but I'm confused because I'm sure that I have seen it like that before, with cufflinks showing and all, and the arms hanging down straight... So I guess what I want to know is, from those of you who achieve that effect, do you have your suits made with the sleeves extra short, in order to show your links?
I've had some suits made for me and I thought the length of the sleeves was just right. Not short but not hanging too long like I usually get with off-the-rack. However, I've noticed that when I wear them with French cuffs - and I had those shirts made custom too- not very much of the shirt cuffs show. WHen I have my arms hanging straight down you can only see a sliver of cuff; the cufflinks not at all. When I bend my arm upwards, sometimes you can catch a glimpse of...
How much did it cost?
Quote: Originally Posted by babygreenspots PRC men need more style of the styleforum variety than fashion. For the last decade (I have been here off and on) they have been besieged with images of runways, new fashion mag titles, and celebrity culture. Those that care about clothing, like this fellow, tend to mimic or mismatch what is in fashion at this very moment. The average businessmen - no matter how rich they are - make Midwesterners look like...
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