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Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS If you only can have one jacket, a navy blazer with out question is it. absolutely.
Price drop.
First of all, you can completely ignore the absurd comment about navy being a bad color for a blazer, 99% of all blazers are solid navy. The brilliance and usefulness of navy as a color for an odd jacket is that it is easy to coordinate the jacket with other colors and patterns in your trousers, shirt, tie, etc. As for the button placement - a matter of preference and your build. That wide button placement is ok and can look good for men of medium/average build, not so...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sam Hober Robert Talbott ties are very nice and perhaps they could remake one of their ties for you as a courtesy at a small charge? I am not intending to comment on Tiecrafters - instead I am commenting on all alterations shops when it comes to ties. Although I have spoken to Andy the owner in the past and find him very friendly and I would not hesitate to send a favorite tie to be cleaned by Tiecrafters. Well,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sam Hober Lightsaber, I do not consider any alterations companies qualified to work on a luxury tie but that is based on the standard of a luxury tie. To buy a tie with plans of altering it simply does not make sense to me except for very unusual situations/designs. Alterations staff work fast and cut corners the tie will not be as good as new, again we are talking about a luxury tie. Also I am not talking...
Alright, thanks
Thanks Manton and niidawg. Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Why on earth would that be the case? Unless maybe you wanted to self-line the whole jacket... I don't know, some types of tweed need double the amount right? Something to do with the type of loom the cloth is made from? I just wanted to check that seersucker is not such a cloth... maybe it's a figment of my imagination, don't know where I might have heard it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sam Hober If you see a Robert Talbott design that you love in a store talk to the store about their special order abilities. Probably if the design is from the current year you can order it for little or no charge in the width and length that you like. Keep in mind that this is a made-to-measure tie not a custom made one. a custom made tie will take into account your preferences for shape, knot etc and be made to a higher...
Seriously, no one can help?
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