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I like to wear jeans and boots on casual Friday and weekends. My problem however is in deciding if a jacket is suitable to wear. My jeans are Levi's 517 Rinse color, and boots are Red Wing Beckman Cigar color. I wear white OCBD shirts and a Carbon Grey Akubra Fed IV fedora. Any suggestions? Would a cotton blue blazer work? Trucker jacket?
I wear 9D for all my dress shoes. My 8.5D Red Wing GT's fit great with my athletic socks and tight with the really thick socks. I want to get the Chocolate Apache but not sure which size would work for me.
Can someone comment on how these compare to Wolv 1k? The price point seems solid but, how does quality and longevity compare?
I want to bump up this thread. I watched a video of the Chippewa production factory and see lots of glue being used. The GY welt almost looks like an aesthetic feature. Im deciding between the plain toe bean or the 1k. Can anyone comment on how they compare?
Just pulled the trigr on cigar beckmans. I went to the store and the cigar was the best match to all my sbl chestnut gear. I also bought some of their neutral shoe cream. My planned care regiment will be brush,wipe, Chamberlains no.1 every 3 mos. leather honey every 6, HDLP and shoe cream Would this work or is it too much? I wont be (or dont plan to) wear them daily as my other pair will be Brown 1K's
I LOVE SBL! The Chestnut is my favorite color and unfortunately hard to get matching shoes for. After Mr. M posted those pic, I think RW Black Cherry and 1K cordovan would be my best choice.
Thank you Mr.M Ive changed my final answer to a cordovan no8 wolverine.
So shoe polish and cream arent necessary? Im assuming snoseal needs applying before first use and reapplication over time? Would these products be used for both boots, considering the RW is featherstone vs chromexcel in the 1k
I've decided that my two boot purchases will be the Black Cherry Red Wing Beckman and Brown Wolverine 1k I've always been a dress shoe wearer (allen edmonds strand, RL Darlton wingtips, etc...) and wear them when I'm dressed in business casual when I teach or when I'm out and need to look presentable. At all other times, I'm in my dark blue wrangler jeans and something about the dress shoes and denim just didn't sit right with me. I tried on the RW in person and...
Ok I cant decide btw the rust,brown,and cordovan? I plan on getting a pair of these and a pair of Red Wing GTs in either cigar or blk cherry. I avoid earth tone clothing and wear dark indigo jeans. I wear a saddleback leather chestnut belt (actually all my access/bags are chestnut)
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