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We wanted to rent snowmobiles this year but it was like $400 a day if you go without a chaperroune. Basically they set you out on some trails and give you a free for all.
You want a Pelican case. You can pick up a slightly used one on ebay in for maybe $100 (foam adds a bit to the price). I have one, its indestructible, floats too. Just keep some tape on you and tape over the hinges so they don't get caught on the conveyer.
Anyone else notice how coldly Walt used his neighbor to scout out his house? But yea, he wants to be scarface.
I have a great idea for high tech manufacturing process (nano stuff) but need some help with the business plan. If you have experience in this please send a PM, it would be greatly appreciated.
$87 fucking grand for a Golf? You could buy like two duallies for that price here. I'd say CBR929 but it doesn't have any doors.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chris Waffles Hiked 5 miles and ate lunch on top of a mountain. Thats a blatant lie. There are no mountains in the NJ. Also, no one walks there.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Bunch of scumbags. Hang them all and feed their liver to the dogs. Seriously, what did they do to deserve this money? If other people didn't find oil, build massive industrial complexes for manufacture of steel, plastics, rubber, etc , invent cars, planes, trains, ships, all the things that are needed for cars etc etc they would still be poor fucking nobodies. Yet they are worshiped and have (literally)...
Don't be a quitter. I suck at math and made it through. Find a job or research project on campus, see if you still like it. Once you start building cool things your perspective might change. They have this thing in the US called Formula SAE, basically a small race car with a 600cc or smaller streetbike engine. Teams from all over the country compete in this. This is more like real engineering then what you are suffering from now.
I haven't moved abroad but I did move cross country several times for school and work. Can't say I regret it. Only thing I would've done different is bought a truck and trailer to move. I got the truck and borrowed a (massive) trailer the last time I did it and the purchase price was roughly the same as renting a box truck. If you have no luggage, then don't worry about it. Used furniture usually goes for almost nothing at estate auctions and you can sell it...
Look at a lista or vidmar box, they are probably the closest to what you'd want in a metal box. Yes, a Gerstner would be quite nice for the kinds of things you mention. Though I don't think its much safer then a metal chest. You can get foam and cut it out so everything fits in a nice little slot.
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