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Funnily enough, it must have been months since I last looked at SF, and the London trip thread passed me by. Let's just say I'm relieved I was watching TV alone when I exclaimed "isn't that ?".
I was watching too and found myself thinking I recognised a certain SF member renowned for his love of Rubinacci..... Congratulations, whnay! An extract: "My love affair with shopkeeping is over. After three modestly successful years swishing around as a gentleman's outfitter in a small market town in southern England, I am hanging up my tape measure. No more marking down, cashing up or tip-toeing around tricky customers saying "suits you, sir". The tale of my high street store in many ways echoes that of any independent store in a recession - projects...
I bought a Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit at Bicester a few weeks ago for 440 quid. It needed some finishing (cuff buttons, trouser length etc....), but I'm a very happy boy after that purchase.
Some advice from one of the UK's better tailors:
I needed a suit in a hurry a few months ago, a long way from home, and bought a Paul Smith "Willoughby" suit from a franchise - it cost around 450 pounds at the prevailing exchange rate. The fit and cut are reasonable, but the material and construction are shoddy. The fabric is really dreadful and the jacket feels pretty cheap. If I hadn't had such a pressing need and such a shortage of time, I wouldn't have bothered, and I still regret the purchase.
Quote: Originally Posted by sarcasticfolly Hi, I have been looking at shoes like Crockett & Jones which people on here seem to think highly of, and since I am in London when I return from India until June, I thought I could go to the factory store in Northampton. My question is, how much of a savings can I expect purchasing a pair of "seconds"at a place like the C&J factory store? For people that have purchased "seconds" from there, what price point...
I hope you don't mind me asking.... how much did Chan charge just for the suit?
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 I doubt Ron Dennis is wearing SR, looks more like Hugo Boss to me. His team is sponsored by Hugo Boss, isn't it?
Which thrift shop did you find those Lobb's in, StephenStyle? Surely worth a visit!
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