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I had some heavyweight tweed pants made there a few years ago. They still look new and fit fine. I am pretty sure they were made on the premises. They also have a store on Andover.
London is one place where you will never feel overdressed wearing a suit and tie day and night. For the classroom, though, you could probably get away with anything, but you are a style forum member, so I expect you will make more of an effort than will be expected of you and your classmates.
Check out and Father Time antiques to see other options in vintage watches-you may be surprised at what is available in your price range, even some fine solid gold watches with manufacture movements, such as Lecoultre, Longines, Gruen, Universal Geneve, and Movado (back in their quality days).
John Lobb (St. James's) offers superb hand made leather wallets and also offers a bespoke wallet option. With the kinds of skins they have available you could come up with something absolutely unique.
It is true that cheap sunglasses lenses can increase your eyes' exposure to harmful UV rays. This is because they block enough light to cause your pupils to dilate, yet do not block the UV rays, so you end up with a larger dose of UV exposure than you would have experienced with no sunglasses at all. I am also a big fan of Maui Jim sunglasses. Their lenses are very sophisticated and many of their designs are versatile enough to be worn both in active outdoor sports and...
1. It is definitely a decent watch, but you can find a similar JLC watch in the same price range and get a premium manufacture movement, better design, and, most likely, much better resale value. 2. 43.5mm size is trendy, but could well be a dated look in a few short years (already looks stupid IMHO).
They are great for hot weather, but do not wear them around a campfire or beach fire. Flying sparks burn large holes in linen shirts (about half an inch wide).
Besides the above suggestions, I would recommend that you wash your neck with soap every time you shower. You will notice that your collars will become significantly less soiled if you do this. It also helps to apply detergent directly to the inside of your collars, add water, then work up a lather before laundering.
BB is fine. They offer excellent value for good clothes, way better than what most Americans routinely wear, but they seem to aim for great value rather than for true excellence. People who want something truly excellent, and are willing to pay for it, know to look elsewhere.
On the John Lobb (St. James's) website, in the black and white catalogue from the 1930's, there is a picture of a "Tuxedo Slipper" which is a Norwegian slip-on. I once saw someone in London wearing shoes like these with a Tuxedo and thought it looked good, but have never come across mention of this option anywhere else. Any opinions?
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