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Cesare Attolini suit size 40 R, brand new, Please have a look: http://cgi.ebay.de/Cesare-Attolini-A...item255e0f6eae
can anyone identify these?
Can anyone identify the eyeglasses please?
Can anyone identify that coat?
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Oooooh, new toys.... What's inside? beautiful shoes, how much were the Lobbs?
Does anyone know when the JL sale at Jermyn Street in London start?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro www.mens-ex.jp/new/index.html Thanks, very kind; but you can assume that I'm aware of 'google' and that I can type 'men's ex'.
WOuld anyone be so king and post some more pictures, I just love what I see on page one...
absolutely stunning, 've never seen anything like this before!
marvelous boot trees, no bid http://cgi.ebay.de/RARE-Custom-Made-...QQcmdZViewItem
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