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I love Thin Finn.
This doesn't ACTUALLY count, but one time I was at a shady Korean "bar" in Toronto which was actually just a restaurant that stayed open late. Since they didn't have a proper bar license, they served food (quite generously) complementary with the purchase of a drink. If only one person was there it would be enough for a lunch: fried rice, chicken, some nuts and vegetables. However, it was all very bland and mediocre. And if you so chose, you could have gotten it for...
Mill St. Schleimhammer Roggenbier. It's a rye beer, it's mellow and easy to drink. Nothing special, but enjoyable. I've got too much on my mind to sleep without at least a little bit of alcohol... Just a couple more days.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace Are you not comfortable dressing well? don't get this, I "overdress" all the time because I feel good being dressed up, usually go for a little extra swagger on exam days, I feel for whatever reason feel more confident. I do this too. Nothing like getting dressed up to provide a few minutes of relaxation to put my mind at ease, and a little extra confidence when you step out the door can go a...
Love the pants and boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix why are you wearing a sportcoat and pants to exams? is there an interview or something? i was wearing sweatpants, singlet and jandals everyday during exams. Good luck When you look good you feel good When you feel good you do well
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Someone give me 450$ so I can grab these. I can see these looking dope with an overly long tee + knit or something and black/silver leggings... but it'd be pretty femme and futuristic. How were you planning on wearing it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason everything you do looks so good *gluck gluck gluck* wish I had the money to experiment with that kind of look in parallel with my own style I think you'd look good in that style Eason.
oh my goddddddd: And you probably want 48, Dior is quite slim. Don't make dumb threads, if you require a one sentence answer USE THE THREAD.
I fill my soup with lots of hot sauce. The combined power of salty broth and capsaicin seems to be my own personal best relief... at least for a few hours. Good luck, I have lots of throat problems myself and know how much this sucks.
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