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Just had a nice Orval, and poured myself a bit of Crag 12. I've finished all of my assignments for the semester and have over a week until my first exam, and based on the past few weeks workload, I've earned a little relaxation Looking forward to snagging myself a bottle of Laphroaig Quarter Cask soon, now that I've polished off my Balvenie Doublewood. I like to keep two scotches on hand, just because.
Can of sardines Saltines Cream cheese Dijon Mix the sardines up with cream cheese and dijon to make a nice little dip for your crackers. It's fairly filling and costs maybe $1.50-$2, it makes a good lunch as long as you eat something a little more balanced for breakfast/dinner. It really tastes quite good if you like fish and is quite healthy in comparison to a lot of other "quick and cheap" alternatives. I probably go through 2 cans of sardines a week, they're just so...
I'm more of a strep throat type guy, get that at least once a year and sometimes twice. I think I've gotten the flu once at university, and I had it twice in high school. However, I've tussled with some other random illnesses (laryngitis, norwalk (worst day of my life,) tonsilitis) in that 8 year or so period. I'd say my resistance to illness is probably quite average, with a propensity for short term throat ailments. FWIW, I've had the flu shot 4-5 times, and was only...
Tonight... 1 x Orval 3 x Stone IPA 3 x Balvenie Doublewood I alternated between Balvenies and Stones. A nice buzz without any real intoxication, these were drank over 3-4 hours. I am now relaxed and ready for bed, and happy that every ounce of alcohol I consumed tonight tasted excellent.
doesn't even matter. sterlingwear is better than whatever that is... size down 1 for a slim fit or true to size for layering.
Quote: Originally Posted by Modern Day Adonis Agreed, the issue lies in your attractiveness. You're chasing a look that you can't obtain, you're not going to magically change your facial structure and make yourself more attractive. Find a hair style that looks good on you... Yup, don't do a pretty boy haircut unless you're a pretty boy. Also, you could pluck your unibrow >_<
I personally like my body hair. But I see nothing objectionable about it. I always think people should be encouraged to do what THEY personally want to do, regardless of the perception of others. Although I, with some exceptions, reject the notion of masculine and feminine... Going by what the stereotypical traits that are masculine and feminine, how is covering up who you are and refusing to do what you really want to do masculine? Isn't it, in a way, being timid? Bowing...
I've got a beard right now, I need to trim it down. I've been experimenting on and off with beards or stubble for a while, and now I'm thinking I'll keep it. If it works with your face and you can grow an actual thick, even, and symmetrical beard then it's great. But if you've got some wispy ass shit going then lose it.
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon New development here: style is how a person wears their clothing. Really? I've been doing it all wrong :<
Quote: Originally Posted by bare bodkin But you see, this is a STYLE forum, as much as you want it to be about fashion. Explain how you constitute a majority of the forum and decide what it is about? Explain how you matter even at all? If people here talk about fashion, that is their own decision that you have no say in whatsoever, and don't have any say in until you start paying the bills for the site.
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