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Quote: Originally Posted by stick I want to see Synth in: I want to see myself in it. I would look eggcellent.
There is no wrong way to start liking single malt scotch, as long as you start
1L of water and a multivitamin before bed wake up, bowl of ramen and a sausage or two. i figure the ramen is more water + SALTS, and the sausage also adds salt other nutrients such as grease which is always delectable while hungover. Eaten with a glass of water or oj
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 Ordering something that you don't want just because you don't want to stand out is, in my opinion, just as contemptible as ordering something expensive, which you don't enjoy, just so you can stand out. I agree with this immensely. Sometimes I find a ripple effect when I go ahead and order something nice for myself. Other people in my party suddenly don't feel strange about their own desire to drink something...
Quote: Originally Posted by kjamesuvic I've taken some of this advice to heart. Went out to the liquor store yesterday and got a couple of those 50ml bottles. One Glenfiddich 12 and the other some random one that looks like shit to be honest. Poored a tiny amount of the Glenfiddich into a glass, and added 2 parts water. It wasn't the most amazing tasting beverage I've ever had but it wasn't that bad. I will be heading home from university for the holidays...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini You're a rankings slave. My dead husband's name was Indiana Alden.
i wish i was tall enough to be a model but i don't think you're skinny enough
eason fuckin' awesome
Very jealous humperdink.
Quote: Originally Posted by skeleton i love clothes, fashion, furniture, shopping and still like girls. fucking unbelievable, isnt it? yea it's ridiculous i mean how can one appreciate fabric without appreciating penis it's just the laws of the universe (10)
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