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What about these pictures would make you want that jacket? looks like some sorta gstar shit but i have no idea
Where can I buy! I need them for my next trip to wal mart. I sometimes feel like jeans are too "formal" and classy, while sweatpants are a little bit too casual but these are the perfect in between! I can now do all of my shopping in comfort and formal style.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vaio ^ why is there no option for no cuffz everyone who doesn't cuff should just rate thread 1 star for poor planning and execution.
Quote: Originally Posted by connor my APCs are so much better denim wise and construction wise than my nudies. slim jim dry japans, idk if those are just a shitty denim or what but i havent felt differently about any of the other nudie denim i've felt. those things are terrible, i can't believe i paid 170 bucks for them. i paid like 80 bucks for those new standards this summer and realized that if i bought a pair of APCs to start with instead i would have...
I dunno much about skins, but Levi's 510s are absurdly skinny jeans. They are just as skinny as women's jeans but with an extra inch or two in the crotch for your junk. I recommend sizing up one for a tight fit and true to size for denim leggings. I actually plan on beating mine up sometime but I have been busy with other jeans. - This picture captures the essence of 510:
Quote: Originally Posted by connor i dont recommend nudies. to anyone. maybe a pair of Rescues? you might even do well in new standards What is so wrong with Nudies? I mean, most models are nothing special, but Thin Finn is one of my favourite cuts. I have the waxed ones and they are definitely my favourite jeans. If you find KMW that are your size, by all means! But Nudie vs. APC is a toss-up between which one fits your legs better, quality...
Quote: Originally Posted by lorenzo I like the colour/fit/style of pants and boots. Shirt is douchetastic, if that's what you were going for, kudos. @Marcus edit: BOS = ban on sight
Gin and ginger ale (Hendrick's and Seagram's) Reminds me of a few years back, I used to drink gin and ginger all the time! Also had a few nice beers from the local brewpub before I switched over to the hard stuff, a winter ale, a stout, and an IPA (at the Brew Works in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.) Also, funny being in a smalltown brewpub wearing yohji yamamoto :P
Yeah, around extended family or if need be for work. My grandmother gets scared when I wear too much black.
I'd try to drop a size or ten before splurging on MTM Japanese jeans...
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