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Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 That's disappointing to hear as I bought them one size down with hope that it would stretch one size in the waist to make it a near perfect fit. Slim Jims will stretch if you sized down for sure... Mine stretched and I had actually bought a size too large (had never worn "non-baggy" pants before and they felt a lot smaller than they were... now I realize they fit more like straight legs than slim fit on me,...
I use hairspray, although there are lots of shitty ones and you can/will burn through hairspray really quickly. You also need a blowdryer with hairspray, but I find I can't get the kind of control I want in my hair without it.
ktown weather is a dream compared to montreal it seems, it's -25 now but tomorrow it's going to up to -2 during the week! So warm. That's sweater weather it's funny when it hits like ~0 and you start to see people walking around in t-shirts on campus.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet this is fucking good Yes, exactly.
I wear my white common projects in the rain and snow and whatnot, they're built to take the abuse. I feel like you shouldn't worry about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Double-fisting at the Prada show and party in Beijing: Always an inspiration in both dress sense and lifestyle.
Quote: Originally Posted by Evil Sushi liked stinger fit a lot Liking this a lot, even though I normally hate scarfed up fits this looks gooood. Shoes? I love them, details?
Quote: Originally Posted by Edris absolutely love it
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Texture the top, make it longer in the middle and a gradually shorter as it goes to the outside. Then use product like wax or clay to give it hold and more texture. Right now it looks like you just woke up and went out, that is to say, totally natural. Sometimes that's the look you want, but I don't think it suits dior homme. This is true, when I was in NYC one of the DH SA's had some of the dopest hair I've...
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese just for lulz This is amazing dope. I never have time to read this place anymore. Anyways, this was like a week and a half ago, I was going to a birthday party where the theme was "dress to impress" Oh god kneebags :<:<:< gahh I love everything else about these jeans though.
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