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Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice [IMG][IMG] Ca4la (made of washi - Japanese paper) Geller Junhashimoto Guidi Cool coworker So good. Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Day 7/7... though I'm kinda cheating since it's from yesterday. Was actually going to do something totally different but the weather dictated. Maybe I'll do the other thing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol would you people shut the fuck up about this? he's fine Agreed. Everyone has their own personal preferred weight, as long as it isn't clinically unhealthy, don't bitch at people.
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 that cheetah gitman is out of this world awesome. The uncontrol inside of me desperately wants that shirt. My unemployed reality says wait until you've got a job
I see people wearing hats in class and it's obnoxious. I rarely wear hats, except for the cold in winter. If I am quickly passing through a building I usually do not worry about it, but leaving you hat on inside when you are not intending on immediately heading outside... There is just something about it that doesn't feel right.
It was this for a while... Egg - A Visit To Newport Hospital but now I just use vibrate.
If he/we are not better than anyone else, why the fuck are you asking us for help? Go ask someone better and stop wasting our time.
class act willy, basically flawless, I wouldn't change a thing.
haha everyone loves my hair in person, so whatever you guys wanna think is fine :P I've been partying epic amounts lately, and it's always a favourite. i use epic amounts of hairspray and a blowdryer to get my hair to stay up.
Been too busy with school and partying to come up with any fitz + no money for new clothes. But hair has reached critical mass: Everybody wants to touch it XD
Very well. As long as I stay off this fucking site :P
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