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Quote: Originally Posted by gawkrodger Indeed. I want a panther jacket. I'm considering selling some of my other Belstaffs so I can buy one got mine from as it is my local shop. Either way they have excellent service and a great website.
The lowndes are excellent!
Plenty of the Paul Smith socks on ebay at the minute.
Belstaff Panther black on brown XXL Awesome
Please don't bully me, but my Marlboro Classics hand made boots have been outstanding! So durable, stylish and comfortable. Had the goodyear welted sole replaced twice in 4 years of regular use and are still going strong as my favourite footwear.
Is Will Farrell a nice guy then arnuld And why was you running away from the cops in a diaper?
Bought a Belstaff Panther from Milan clothing yesterday, its superb. Just want it to get a little colder so i can wear it more. Its black on bown leather so as it creases and wears the black wears to show brown. They had quite a bit of Belstaff stuff in. Good website too.
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