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And no doubt narrower.
No not in mens as far as i know the smallest they do is a 6.
Some Ricards and Corso's for sale and plenty of other Paul Smith bits and bobs. Ricards http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Paul-Smith-RIC...2em118Q2el1247 Corso http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Paul-Smith-Cor...2em118Q2el1247 http://clothes.search.ebay.co.uk/_Me...sZchillypillow
I recently purchased a Belstaff Panther Black on Brown and it is truly awesome.
Now thats a nice girlfriend! My encounter was after a 5 week tour of America in Seattle Airport 2 years ago. Whilst repacking my overweight luggage on hands and knees I heard a guy stood in front saying 'No Pics'! 'Oh its not me' he replied when I asked from my floor position 'Its her' point to a busty blond juicy couture clab chick stood only a couple of feet away, who turned out to be Jessica Simpson.
Ebay is always a good option as you can get Paul Smith shoes at greatly reduced prices. The trick is to search in ebay.co.uk not ebay.com as as you find alot more in the UK
Very interesting
What is the price for these boots? thanks
I'm 99.9% sure its genuine. Just look at the other items he has sold, he also has a high and good feedback. If it was fake he would generally have multples of the same item and not forgetting this is USED!
Quote: Originally Posted by gawkrodger Indeed. I want a panther jacket. I'm considering selling some of my other Belstaffs so I can buy one got mine from www.milanclothing.com as it is my local shop. Either way they have excellent service and a great website.
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