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Not liking the rubber soles.
Still some nice items crop up on ebay UK, maybe a few seasons old, NOS, or ex-retail outlet that there are several of here in England. I do concur that the current crop of PS shoes are not what they where several years ago...... Come on Paul, sort it out (if you read this)! Here is my current favourites currently listed. Tan Marcello...
Very sorry to say but it is 100% Fake 1. Note the exceedingly high vibrant colour/over saturated. 2. Paul Smith do not do a striped box like that with a cheap lining. Trust me I know it when it comes to Paul Smith fakes. Infuriates me as it drives down the price of the genuine articles/ devalues the good.
Quote: Originally Posted by argo_niko I also found this one, which is 2 years old and never worn. I cant find the models of these jackets, any help would be appreciated so that i know how much to pay for them. Thank you The brown jacket is a Belstaff Lion Blouson.
My opinion is changed!
Brave, but stylish I'm sure!
Just bought the Belstaff New Marten Blazer but in the antique tan (or whatever they call it)
I take a uk 11 but have size 10 in my PS sneakers (trainers) and PS shoes.
Be interested to know how you know they where made by cheaney?
Look like a suede starr to me too. Lots of nice Paul Smith shoes on at the moment, check out these bad boys would have them if they where in a uk 11 :-( Seller has got lots more like these tasty grey Starrs. I still fancy some Yorks, but see less and less of them coming up cheap these days. Latest purchase was a nice pair of Marlboro Classics...
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