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As shown on Viberg's FB page:
price drops on remaining items
doubt that the SoC MA-1 has been posted here (no love for Stevenson on SF?). Quality of these is unreal. A few more pics can be found in the Stevenson thread.
Sorry, I'm out guys...I live far too close to Viberg to not make a day trip to meet Guy in person and see the "magic." AC, sorry to put you on the spot regarding sizing. I thought thought that your summarization of earlier posts was helpful.
I can understand this sentiment...and I guess that I might feel similarly if I didn't own a pair of Indy's, but so goes it with ordering clothes over the internet. You're (probably) not gonna buy two or three pairs and keep the one that fits best. You'll have to rely on the knowledge of fellow posters...and this is usually very good. We've all struck out a couple times, but in the end its worth it. If for some reason these don't fit, I'd doubt that you'd have a hard time...
Thinking about jumping on this train too, as I've been eyeing Vibergs for some time now. For me its NOT a question of size...it's either this or the Snuff Kudu Service Boots that ought to be released in the fall. I am not sure what all the confusion is about sizing on this??? Even though I don't own any Vibers, I feel super confident of how I would need to size these, thanks to the prior posts from Diabolical, Ambulance Chaser, misterjuiceman, and LA Guy.
yeah, even though I've got three pairs, if they ever release them in GREY it will be an instant 2 x kop! It kinda doesn't feel right that these fit better than any of my denim.
Hilts Chinos
Sorry for duplicate thread, Kiya. For some reason I thought that this was the Self Edge thread. Here is the content from posts today. SF mods merged threads for us.
MJ, if I were you and this was the only thing missing from making them perfect, I'd get one of the leather artisans from SF or Sufu to make you a custom leather patch.It's NOT like you're having to make lemonade from lemons here.I actually really dig how the paper patch looks worn. Especially, when it starts falling apart.
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