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^Would say that's spot on size advice. I sized down 1 on my cps and they fit well.
Nice. That's extremely fast delivery. Are you located in asia? Did they send you another email confirming your order was processed together with the tracking number? I ordered on 24th too but didn't hear back from them about an order confirmation, heh
Anyone's sneakerboy order shipped yet?
So i think i read all of the posts here and wherever else i could, about the bowing/top line bulge that many have. Did anyone manage to get the problem fixed by changing their size? Some say it is a problem of the foot not having enough volume, allowing excess leather to bulge out there. But i'm wondering if it can be due to a high volume foot. On my strands, it seems like my right foot has too much volume / shoe has too little volume. These strands in 7.5E actually feel...
Bought some during an online sale, made a repeat order by accident - thanks to the native japanese swarming the website during the sale, making the website cranky. All shirts are brand new with tags. Will ship anywhere, paypal verified only. Prices are at least 50% off retail prices in Japan. All prices before shipping. No RTW casual shirts on the market at this price and for this amount of quality. EDIT: Priced to clear now at bargain prices. Making a loss on them to move...
My price is below retail.
^ price drop
Fellow AE gents, can I have your opinion on some sizing issues please? Using the AE measurement guide, i measure as a 7.5D. But almost extending outside the D width line. My Clifton (8D) on the 8-last is definitely too long and i could go down to 7.5D. The 8 last has a generous volume. My Franciscan (7.5D) on the 3-333 last feels perfect, length-wise, but there is slight pressure on my width and i think 7.5E would have fit me better. With all that in mind, for the 5...
still available!
Thank you for sharing the pictures, they look excellent!
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