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lol why ask random people in a fashion forum for advice on health go to the source. do some research
check for food intolerances as an experiment, avoid gluten, dairy and sugar for one week. also,
if you multiply 2 with the 12 first, you will get 48/24 = 2 if you divide 48 by 2 first, you get 24*(1/12) = 2
anyone interested should also read up on the hormone leptin
mid december i was ~220lb i've stopped eating carbs, sugar and grains (except for the occasional pizza ) I'm 190 now and i only exercise once a week (hockey) eat meat (not processed), raw veggies, butter, eggs, full fat yogurt, legumes, lentil, herbs n spices etc supplement with omega3 and also glucosamine if you can afford it and cook with coconut oil, butter or olive oil (dont use vegetable oils or margarine) you dont even have to exercise to lose weight on this...
bump for an awesome fucking show swearengen is one of the best tv characters ever
too much of any one thing is bad diet should consist mainly of fruits + veggies and a bit of meat avoid/minimize processed food eat a clove of garlic a day! eat nuts for snack drink plenty of water if you exercise avoid overeating if you want to lose fat, cut down on carbs and processed foods (you don't even have to exercise)
get your diet in check if it isn't already it plays a much bigger role than you may think
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrumhalf ... It is how badly you want it, pure and simple. +100
stop eating carbs or siginificantly reduce it avoid sugar i have had to do this for 3 weeks and i've lost a lot of weight
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