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yeah, the 140 is rough. I'll start with the 220 and see how it goes. Never sharpened a thick blade like this.don't forget!http://www.chefknivestogo.com/chst6mmthfor.html
the pocket knife angle is fine, but it's chipped here and there and I was figuring giving it some real work and putting a new angle on. Maybe 20-25*. Would you suggest starting with the 140 ChefsKnivesToGo diamond grit for Edge Pro? Or will the EP220 be good enough to start? and what about the gyuto? Start at 15* for the main working, then raise the arm slightly to get that second angle?
finally realized that my knives are dull and that I have an angle cube to make them awesome again. so it'll be the authentic replica Edge Pro + Chosera stones + angle cube to help. on my Masamoto Gyuto, which angles should I try for? I'll aim for 50/50 (wife is a lefty), but i know Manton and the like try to work in 2 angles (one narrow, one super narrow), so what should I do? second, I have an SOG Flash II pocket knife that I use for shit like opening boxes. It's old...
seeing an obvious drug dealer sitting in a Model S in the graffiti district of East Williamsburg was my clue.
ducking right it is
I heard somebody say "why would you want to drive a kitchen appliance", but as much as I like fast and loud cars, I'm bored as shit after 15 minutes of highway driving. Semi-autopilot sounds awesome.
somewhere, a production manager shit his pants repeatedly over the weekend.
not sure if it's a specific style, but it's adapted from some old Japanese watercolor paintings that I have (but instead of birds from Japan, they're birds that were/are always at the feeders at home in Upstate NY). Not sure how easy it is to tell from the pic, but each bird is done in a slightly different style: the inner arm looks like it was painted on, the top looks very sharp and direct, while the back of the arm is a little bit cartoon-y. The only "style" typical...
suits and shoes are a pain in the ass. If you don't mind a little bit of ironing when you get to the hotel, those "zip and squish out air" bags have been a major space saver for me, especially when it comes to t-shirts and sweaters.
my new boss likes to use post it notes, one per task and/or reminder. So we of course loaded her desk with nonsensical reminders about things like "Quiddich Match" and "return video tapes" and "eating contest prep"when I was in finance, we did this to a first year analyst out of UMich. After way too long she opened a tech ticket to get her a new mouse.she was "reassigned" not more than 2 months later.
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