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yeah I agree, and I'm a stickler for rules. I also think that landlords who don't allow dogs are dicks.
I can see this on the distinction between interior decorator vs. interior designer, but I don't see architect licensing exams as anti-competitive. The test on structural engineering is very difficult, and that's on purpose (I'm sure you can imagine what the consequences can be).it's also much easier to get away with things that aren't up to building code when doing private homes, hence the market for unlicensed "interior designers"
my wife and her sister have the ringer on 24/7.and yes, Guantanamo
yes, there is a difference. My original response was about "interior decorators" vs. architects. Foo and the others assumed this too, then ctp came in with some clarity of interior decorator vs. interior designer.I don't exactly know what an interior designer is, but sounds like an Architect Lite of sorts.
I rarely bring my dog into stores, but the few times I have the employees (note: usually the store owner) have been not only totally cool with it, but they've busted out treats from behind the counter. It helps that my dog, while big, is well behaved and overall pretty mellow. Not that I'd bring her to a fine china store, her tail has knocked over wine glasses from our coffee table.
oh I know, it makes perfect sense.
I just stick one of these on and go wherever I please.in all seriousness, people who take their dogs absolutely everywhere and lie about being a service dog are pricks.I don't know what the rules are, but we had a terrible time apartment hunting. 100+ rejections over dogs. It's why we had to settle with Brooklyn when we really wanted to be next to Central Park. It was awful, though I do like my new neighborhood.It seems like dog rules for 95% of apartment out there are...
I'm really surprised by the number of blind people in NYC. I mean actual blind people, not cab drivers. I have an odd fear of being poked in the ankle with one of their sticks and having it somehow cause a scene. I usually give them a giant birth to walk around me.
There's also a lot of architects that are interiors only. Happens a lot in NYC where ground up construction is quite limited.
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