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you also live in LA
yeah but you live in LA where you can get to work without having to interact with tourists, or take a picture for them, or give them directions, or give them train instructins, etc.
I don't mind selfie sticks. They help to reduce the chance of "mista mista, you prease take pictka"
"they don't make it in this color, they did it just for me"
excited about facing the Rangers?
somebody tell the Islanders that yesterday was a game 7.
Manton would find that for $9
the good news is that's an easy lay.the bad news is that's an easy lay even if you're a disgusting beardotread lightly. And, oh yeah, just talk about all of the corruption you hear about in your government role and how angry you are about it ... and you will close.
you don't call, you don't write
you are a shell of the man you were before you became a slave to your cats meow
New Posts  All Forums: