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he claims it's not for shitting. but it is a toilet and shit happens.
will those buttons on the wall flush the toilet if you lean back and slump into surrender pose?
ohhhh, Mista G!
I mentioned the TP holder to him earlier. Can't deal with that placement. It's vanity in place of utility ... and you don't fuck with the utility of the toilet paper holder. the stick-in-wall design means that if you're having one of those "Mexican food shits" where you need to pull on the paper as if you're engaging the rip cord of a lawn mower, then the whole roll will just fly off. If you're just doing a spirited pull, then the placement means the paper will fold in...
yeah I'm kind of feeling the same way. Couldn't really get into this series. LA wins it next year
cool edina-type story
nothing would revive the bathroom thread quicker than HRoi hiring a SF-er.
i have a history of no-shows to wedding that i know are going to be dry.
she doesn't have much family support to help out, and my brother is useless
my brother's fiancee sent over a "real wedding profile" for some wedding that had a lot of elements that she likes. it's the ultimate hipster wedding. "Fall-Inspired Springtime Wedding"
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