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i switched from mountain to competitive road in college. Busted out my trusty Santa Cruz bike for some trails a few weeks ago and it was both a blast (great to be back out) and depressing (I used to be able to go up mountains with enough breath to enjoy the descent)
even crappy carbon frames feel better than aluminum and steel. At least IMO. Not much experience with Ti.
a few years ago, Litespeed and Moots were the big players in the titanium game. Carbon has pretty much taken over a big part of the market.
old man bike.I miss my Cervelo.
fair point. I really like the beaches of Fire Island, but it's a pain. Haven't tried Sandy Hook, and it seem easy to get there, but a little pricey via the ferry. I'll be in Coney Island this Saturday. Wife is there for an open water swim, so I might as well join (not the swim).
I'm meh on Long Beach prefer the non-populated parts of Jones Beach.
insert vacuum cleaner comment
i don't want to click play on any "ambient" pedal stuff since i don't want my youtube queue to be all "because you watched XYZ, here's some similar stuff'.
i don't get it
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