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my bad, 3 possible breeds, i thought i read 4 somewhere. Didn't know AST couldn't be tan/red, cool to learn. lefty, nah, we've got nothing since she was a shelter dog. We don't even know how old she is beyond "middle age" and the vet was like "I don't know how old she is but you'll know when she's old". Wife did do that dog DNA thing, and it came back AST, and full AST back 2 or 3 generations ... but of course I have no idea about any validity here, I just say yes...
well yeah, but pit bull isn't actually a breed, it's an umbrella term for 4 possible breeds. My initial guess is American Staffordshire terrier, which is what my pit is.
am staff?
I'll probably swing by in the afternoon.
i don't recall any noise issues, but 50K (irregardless of miles or km) is a LOT for that car since it's a rental and because you're right, people thrash those things around (and it's a car with a peppy engine that kind of asks to be thrashed around). this was a while ago, but had similar experience on the highway - car felt agile yet totally sturdy even at 80+ mph. Was very impressed.
no, he did this:
I love the fact that deadmau5 put a "DATP1THO" vanity plate on his P1.
if available, the 65 has more torque.
no. that's why I just want to know why they ended up in the yard.
it's a her, so no leg up action.
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