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there'll always be a place for crap chinese food. the first place is in mah belly, then an hour later, in the porcelain throne.
ah, good point on maps and shit. Did this when we were in France.this seems ideal, IMO. Maybe go out and buy one of those really fast and high capacity SD cards (or don't go out, just check Amazon).
what's Bravo pizza? this place, in theory, is like Roberta's style pizza that you order like Chipotle. http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702304403804579264220659257040
anti lock breaks would be awesome. Not that I'd need them or anything, but just awesome to say "my bike's anti lock break system..."
I'd really appreciate it if the Chipotle guys hurried up with this fast casual pizza idea.
there are clear advantages to disc brakes, but I don't think that the advantages are really necessary on road bikes. Like OTC mentioned, I'm not going out in the rain nor am I a pro.
it closed so a condo building could go up. "Go Williamsburg".I was only able to eat there once, and yes, it was incredible. 2 regular, 2 pepper jack.we know, booth, you've never eaten at a White Castle in your entire life and you're glad it closed.
Google Maps said it would be a 38 minute trip with traffic.
hmmm. It's odd to hear about a pickup truck owner who isn't in construction and yet actually uses the truck for utility-minded things.
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