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heck, even my building caught on fire a few weeks ago
easy there. He has my Chosera stones. No raging.
and all of mine were bought in the early/mid 2000's. I can't believe how much a custom shop Fender goes for these days.
oh Mista G!!
yeah, way over the top on that set. Not that I'm one to talk.but srs on dat butter warmer tho. since butter can burn so quickly, copper is good with butter since you can kill the heat so fast.
i wonder if jizz would stain copper
$800 used is about the bare minimum I'd go if you're looking for a "higher end" guitar. You figure nice pickups will be $200 a set, plus a quality nitro paint job is a few hundred bucks per guitar, plus the cost of good wood and hardware, etc.
they don't hold temperature very much, so easy to control the heat. Sometimes this is great, sometimes you want something like cast iron, which holds heat very well.that, and they're pretty.I have a mix of copper, cast iron, and stainless. Diversity is key.
only the top half was done there
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