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i like the wah not so much to make a sound that goes Wah, but for the treble boost and sound shaping that you can do, especially for solos.
there's something weirdly endearing about those old steakhouses. "You want a side of spinach? No problem, eleven dollas." No new restaurant could get away with that.
i can see the appeal if a wine is super closed and one wants to open it up a bit. that is, i can see the appeal to giving it a decanting, nevermind the blender part. having said that, as you alluded to, decanting does just that - opens up the wine a bit. Can't replicate the qualities a wine gets when it has been sitting in a cellar for a few years.
you don't have to be gentle with wine, nor should you drink a wine that needs time in a blender.
i don't think the baristas would have allowed it
being all beta
i think i saw the frontrunner for the "terrible child of the year" contest at a Tribeca Starbucks. Punching, screaming, kicking, punching drinks from the counters into the "Baristas", punching dad's drink from his hand onto the sidewalk, etc. note to self: don't have kids.
right around there.haven't explored the neighborhood yet, mostly because PatrickBooth goes to bed at 8:30 PM on Fridays.
i think that area is all about old steakhouses and new Korean stuff.
see, this is awesome. anytime you mix stupidity with violence, a great scene always happens.
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