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yeah, her year is going to suck. It's going to suck hard. My mother had stage 3 a number of years ago, and the impact was massive for 20-24 months.but whatever. Since my mother worked at a hospital, she could keep her job, but she has since left anyways and has found something new and awesome since. It's not a death sentence nor a career death sentence.I feel like the "no outside visits" is weird, but she will be insanely weak for a very long time. I guess my advice...
sadly, no. Has to be a household car, and teh wife is short, so stick shifts are out. Even a 2-door is stretching it since every 2-3 months we visit relatives (so me + wife + her sis + our bid dog + sis' little dog).and the dog is why the R8 is out. The dog, plus maintenance, winter ability, storage, insurance costs, etc. Basically everything.but I still want one.
checked out a CPO 2015 M4 today. Heck of a car. Also checked out (and thought about for too long) a 2008 R8 (not dat V10). holding off on any car purchases until at least next year, need a better parking situation. Zip Car it is.
they'll get you one day. And you'll be that guy who doesn't want to look like a cheap asshole at the register.
paging Piob.
a reasonable radius between Penn Station and Port Authority Bus Terminal. Jersey people.
goats sound like way more work and effort than a rescue dog. Hell, you have to buy an expensive dog just to maintain the goats, which in turn will then maintain the sanity of the dog.
meh, that'll just be tourist bait.
the food situation is a surprising plus in the northern part of FiDi. Lots of good options.
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