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she's pretty hot, even for a Bulgarian. Very malleable too, ripe to conquer. wife and her haven't spoken in a few years. this friend once wanted to prove how burly a Bulgarian person really is, so she drank glass after glass of JD, then got trashed and tried to make out with a girl, and then took a dump in some other girl's closet. Good times in London.
admit it, you saw that email and smiled
my wife does. Yes, I'm throwing her under the bus. She hates those shows too, but I think that's why she watches them.one time, one of her old professors was on House Hunters international. Creepy guy who dated one of her friends (who was a student). Out of the blue, he had a different accent.
a few weeks ago, there was some guy in the elevator talking about his labradoodle.yes, he looked like a pussy.
this seems to be the intro to every house hunting show on TV:"Gabriella and Blake are ready for the next step in their life, and this includes a new baby. The couple is worried that their 4,000 square foot home isn't enough for their growing family, which includes their 2 year old son, Justin, and their Labradoodle, Scout. They want an open concept layout with a den, an office, a library, a pool, stainless appliances, and a game room."
there's a whole lot of garbage blogs out there. the worst part about social media is that it gives dumb people a voice.
this guy should come to Brooklyn, mostly for my entertainment http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/maryland-man-plows-snow-motorized-toilet-article-1.2121336
poor design.
it's used a lot in design firms who have their own private boards. Most design proposals start off as a pinterest board on paper, so the internet has changed a few parts of the process of designing something from the ground up.
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