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and just like that, and once again overnight, Palm Court was no more. I miss those things. so I've complained about this before, but the general StyleForvm elite dismissed it: "there's lots of reasons why somebody might be sitting in their car while parked at the curb." Yes, there is, I'll probably be doing some of it myself today as we pick up the rental to head upstate for the holidays. My complaint was about the frequency of this. So I did some research. I...
first thought: damn. second thought: "porschefan" was still available as a user name?
last year, I bought a giant pair of Red Wing boots to combat this. I can barely walk in those damn things, but my feet remain dry.
This is very true. I was waiting to board a flight from LAX to JFK, and the gate people were all "please guys, check your bags now. Don't make us get out the ruler. Nobody? Ok, we're getting the ruler" as they took like 10 bags and checked them. Bin space was still at a premium (for others - JetBlue upgrades are usually like $50-75 and I'll usually just take it to avoid the hassle and get a better seat + board early).NYC bound flights are an interesting crowd. The...
shockingly, no. Palm Court is still a place to hang.I'll try to get an updated pic in the weekend daylight, but they're still holding strong.
lemme borrow dat M3 for a Wegman's run.
also, some more pics since I just spent some time upstate for the holiday. dad gutted the studio and is going to do a full refinish. Until then, he has a horseshoe of amps set up. 2 might be unloaded to take on a Tone King: some more of the Taylor: and this one is a true gem. Early 80's MIJ Tele custom. I think it cost around $300, and it's awesome. Not as "refined" as my Tele Custom from the Custom shop but 1/10th the price, and I'd reach for it any day. Well...
it was years ago, but I met Geddy Lee as he was shopping at House of Guitars in Rochester, NY. True gentleman. I guess he'd travel down from Canada, swing by House of Guitars, then go on to buy wine in the Finger Lakes. he signed a magazine I had, though I have no idea where that is now.
Taylor is up. It's a busy wall, so some art will be shifted, but that's the wife's eye who will take care of it.
I don't know what that is, but I've used a number of Keeley products before and they were all fantastic.
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