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IMO Fender (and Gibson, and others for that matter) make way too many fucking versions of the same guitar.
he went bowling. I wonder if ebola perfect game.
he's also an asshole, but I'm an even bigger asshole. At least I don't ask for money though.
there's this asshole always on the L train whose birthday is every single day.
my guess is that UPS puts a shift delivery quota, and they're overextended. "oh, these guys weren't home" is a quick way to bypass a lot of time and effort.
the good news for you is that Friends is coming to Netflix.
getting reacquainted with Da Ali G show.
subway performers could probably get more money if they merely threatened to perform.
Teterboro is also a pain in the ass, but very clean.
shame, though if there's some Dr. Frank or some Wiemer, pick it up. Great stuff.are you in the 'hood?IMO, it's good for 2 types of wines: cheap no-namers from places like bordeaux barbera that you drop $8-10 bottle on and cross your fingers, and then some big-namers that are usually marked way up in the general NYC market (think Mondavi Napa, or Le Volte from Ornellaia).some quick looks: Ornellaia Le Volte for $19.98 vs. $23.98 at Wine Library (lets be real, W-L usually...
New Posts  All Forums: