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or the fact that some of the "very low rated" first growths are still expensive because they're still awesome wines.
i wonder how many monuments will be burned down in Athens tonight.
drama at the end and all, but it was a pretty lame and boring 89 minutes.
i too have Burgundy and Bordeaux glasses, though I don't think both types are really necessary. Wedding registry overload.
fuck the bubbles. White wine glasses for Champagne.
i love the old Martins
until Suzie breaks her glass and this jackass has to go and buy a new one should he ever want to have Bourgogne Blanc ever again.
the bigger question is WTF are you doing with 1 each of 8 types of glasses? As you age, you will inevitably have friends over, and you'll look like a douche giving Suzie a Chardonnay glass, Ivan a Pinot Noir glass, and Latrell a whiskey glass. White glasses, red glasses, champ flutes, and then something for water. 6 of each. It's all I do.
Fender reverb tank also, Foof got a really nice looking spring reverb pedal. I don't remember the maker, but will see if i can dig it up. Haven't played the pedal yet, but probably will at some point.
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