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just normal play. She'll drop a toy in the yard, I'll pick it up and she'll sit down, wag tail, and give a bark or two until I throw it. Going to curb that behavior though, her bark is deep and it carries, so it'll annoy the neighbors if she learns that that's what she has to do in order to get a toy.
this dog's bark is infrequent but terrifying.
that's a pretty no-nonsense approach.
how many units in your building? There's like 12 or so in my complex, so it's not a clusterfuck. For like 4 nights in a row, I've just chilled in the yard with the dog and the guys i met. It's been great.
i don't care about recording. i care about playing loudly.
i guess there's a studio right around the corner from me that's like $15-20 an hour.
my yard is shared too, but the people who are always out there are a group of 3 relatives who have a totally loaded iPod, a bluetooth speaker, and constant supply of beer.
i bought a grill. fuck yeah.
i stole it from foodguy's Facebook wall.I'll say that if I want a solid California-style, not overdone, affordable, consistent, and widely available cab, I'll happily get the BV Rutherford or the Mondavi Napa.
it's hard to get more instinctual than "follow the leader"
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