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threw an awesome party that ended with a foosball competition in the back yard. said foosball table was found by a neighbor in the middle of some sidewalk. now it's residing in the yard.
well that's the problem
Minotaur cap
picked this up for less than a c-coin at a thrift shop in East Williamsburg. Looks a tad wide in the pic, though note the zipper placement. Originally from Barney's CoOp
FiDi now (work in Tech now), but that's just as easy.
suppose some tips would be ideal (as gathered from the world's DIY resource: YouTube):- light pressure on the down stroke, slightly more pressure going up (but you do not need to push hard or anything, the stones will do their work)- up-down-up-down, not much left-right left-right- don't worry if your edge looks busted on the rougher stones. The smoother ones will handle.
I'm no expert on knives like this, though YouTube videos of the edge pro and edge pro-like stuff usually has a ton of pocket knives being worked. It's actually where I got the idea, "oh shit, I have a knife like that and never use it because it's dull like a stick". I could certainly see the need for a duller outdoor utility knife, though I'm as outdoor friendly as a house cat and it'll never be used in the wild for anything beyond packing tape.also note that the edge...
Brooklyn 2017
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