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overall, fantastic. It's a heck of an experience, and the best thing they do is integrate subtle flavors and textures into their dishes. I saw it as a mix of classic TFL (the cheese course had tomato and basil oil that were straight from TFL book, so were some of the sauces), and an eye towards more vegetable-centered approach. Almost like TFL from 10 years ago merged with Michel Bras and Alain Passard (and then opened in a mall).I had the regular menu while the wife...
I said total surprise!!!also, I'll call you tomorrow. I have old Mondavi in hand.
a total surprise
there's a fish in my scallop octopus scallop (Charlie Bird style) belly of a swordfish-type fish. out of season asparagus and out of season asparagus puree.
kind of depends on the show, but most are awesome. Don't come to see Phantom of the Opera.
nah, the Flea Market just brings in a bunch of weird and bearded pricks. I live in W'Burg, and although I like it a lot, I'm not sure it's worth a visit from all the distractions in Manhattan.this. And pay the extra bucks for the butterfly conservatory thing (I may or may not have been there twice in the last few months). Before the museum, stroll around Central Park for a bit. Then after the museum, eat at Red Farm and then take a drunken stroll down towards the Time...
the Met is the place I'd visit of the three, but don't just go there ... look at what exhibitions they have and plan to visit that. Wandering around the Met is exhausting. When you're done at the Met, take a walk around Jackie O. reservoir.police dogs.
I like the sidewalk to clear in front of me. Which happens.
should I get one even if I use it once a year?
the tele will get one, but the Strat was way off. I'm not playing Origenspirit-type solos, so it can wait until I get the Strat back.
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