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nothing says "watch out for this person" like an email read receipt.
jesus. could really damage vineyards for many many years go come. hope some rain happens.
right. The Twin is a ridiculously powerful amp, and one that I have never seen pushed. All of my jazz friends played Twins because they could get a fat and beefy yet muted and clarified tone without needing breakup. Different animal from the punchy Blues Jr.
VW probably requires a special toolkit just to fit their specialty nuts and bolts
a jet? makes sense about parking
pB is going to Texas this week. I expect this thread to light up.
first of all, congrats!! Lots of exciting new job stuff happening to SF people!don't go out of your way to find another vintage. At the end of the day, Salon is going to be outstanding. Yes, '96 is epic, but you'll pay dearly for it. Buy from the store that has the best storage conditions.also, don't rule out other heavyweights like DP Rose and DP Oeno. I've been lucky enough to try a few vintages of these, and they are truly outstanding.
well yeah.well he wanted something that was a little different from the Silver Jubilee, but still rooted in Marshall tone. Didn't like the Vintage Modern, though it didn't stack up to the Jubilee, so the Fargen will get a shot.
it's not unusual for Riesling, especially when there's multiple styles of Riesling coming out of the same winery.
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