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the Beaune designations are kind of weird, but that's probably because I've put little thought into them. Beaune itself is a walled-in city (or maybe it's not a wall but a road, I forget even though I've been there), and then there's a smattering of vineyards outside, and then you hit Pommard. I'd have to re-look at my Burgundy map to figure out what is what. The problem is if I find a small winery with a monopole plot just outside of Beaune, odds are I'd still be...
eh, just scroll to the next post
one of my classes had 5 points off for each error on a paper. was kind of a pain.
a FB friend who recently turned into a femi-nazi posted last night at how good of a home cook she has become. It took mighty restraint.
that's another value of going with an authentic - they hold value in the short term and become family heirlooms in the long term. A repro is immediately worth shit.
I'd totally dig an older M5, but the ones I've seen around NYC tend to be in "well worn" condition. Probably full of problems. I guess that's the problem with buying an M or an AMG. I feel like most of the time those 50K miles on the odometer aren't going to be pampered miles, even if the car was well maintained.
i think they own a few monople vineyards in Beaune (enfants is one of them), so it's probably a combination of these vineyards. I'm not the biggest Bouchard fan, but their cellars are pretty cool.
nice, it's one part of Italy I haven't explored much. There's a lot of jug-style d'Abruzzo, and a good amount of wine that falls into the category of "delicious wine". I guess my hesitation has been from waryness of hoping for the latter but actually buying the former from a store that simply marked one up (and I obviously don't know of the good producers yet). I guess I've always seen it as a versatile summer red, and I base that off of a very limited sample size.
pickup trucks end up beat to shit in NYC because they're too fucking big for their own good.
i recently rented a Caddy (see a few pages back), and while the cabin looked fairly fancy, the electronics were a mess. i reallize that technology is good, but so is simplicity. IMO requiring a menu to turn the AC on is potentially dangerous.
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