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you see your girl like twice a year. how needy is she?
he doesn't care what you think.but he will monitor your posts closely.
yeah I remember your NYC furniture search. You're doing the right thing in the midwest.
in general, if you like it, then it doesn't belong in this thread.
just look at what those GMO's are doing to you.
I never experienced that with those chips, only the opposite. What I noticed was that they're far less likely to be bent into retarded shapes or molded to each other, so the flavor is much more consistent from chip to chip. Excellent thickness too.
just tried these today. Didn't think they'd be a particularly exciting flavor, but they're really good.the flavor reminds me of the faux-talian bread they serve hot at Romano's Macaroni Grill.
finally had some of these too. I'm going to partially -1 with otc ... I think they're the ideal flavor/spice for a standard chip. What I'd really like is an Xtreme horseradish version, one that would blow your sinuses up.
I'm re-watching the Sopranos, and I feel like it clarifies so much about NJ. and that's actually a compliment to NJ.
and they will emerge from the cave not with feelings of shame, but of pride
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