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it's a phrase you hear when two people start arguing about their Magic The Gathering cards.
what. that's the best color. black looks like something from a 1980's pawn shop.
no, you're just whiny. I hate cold water but even I jumped in Manhattan Beach in April.
Norcal's arctic waters are pretty useless when it comes to anything fun involving water.
opened up some Utz "Red Hot" chips. They're spicy, which is cool, but behind the spice is just the standard BBQ chip flavor. I guess I'm complaining because I dislike BBQ chips and would much rather they took a chip and created a cool "Red Hot" flavor rather than just take a BBQ chip and make it spicier.
i haven't but probably will eventually. I did the sharpie trick when changing stones, but there just wasn't any noticeable difference since all of the stones are still very new.
I had one of those too. Never really understood that amp. I was up there back in May, and spent lots of time blasting the Silver Jubilee. Really great amp, and can switch between 25 and 50 watts.
and I have double doors, which blocks excessive sound.upstate, we just take over the basement and crank everything as loud as we please.
rented an X1 yesterday. I liked it even though it's a cheap-o BMW model. Nice pickup, nice interior, though ride was a bit harsh (either that or the roads in Brooklyn are worse than I imagined). It's kind of an ideal NYC car.
New Posts  All Forums: