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I prefer mid-morning. Get in to work, get some coffee in the veins, send a few emails, check Style Forum ... and then it's usually right after check Style Forum that things start to rumble.
BMW is releasing a 435i ZHP. paging GF.
there are a lot of animals I haven't eaten but would try ... alligator, all types of birds, horse ... but bear meat isn't on that list.
Everybody in my building falls into the 25-32 years old age bucket. It's a nice change from my UES building. That age bucket means people are still pretty rowdy on Friday and Saturday nights ... but they clean up after themselves.Almost everybody has a dog as well, the exception being my druggie friends (but they have my dog that they hang out with).It's a fun building.
today marks the start of "couldn't find an internship" season. Hello clipboard people.
so much for today's salad plan
he is.he's also a host of excess, and accordingly, parties tend to spill over into the following evening.
what a time to be alive http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/50-glow-in-the-dark-toilet-seat-article-1.2229008 1.2229008
there's been an annoying rash of sidewalk murders all within a 4-5 block radius of me.
oh he knows I rag on the chairs.
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