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I'd ask for Rangers tickets instead. Hockey > all others.
the peons aren't good at making the slides pretty, so i'm spending part of the afternoon removing info from really cool looking slides from old pitch books, and printing them off for reference. doubt the catered lunch, but I'm ok with that. My big ask was lots of equity.
but it's for a tech firm! They crunch numbers for when any company is mentioned at any time on any social media platform, and then companies pay a ton of money for this data. They just landed a major major sports league, their second of the big sports league. My job is to help make sense of the data, which isn't a terribly different pivot from banking, though it should have a superior work environment. didn't see any bean bag chairs, but I'll see what type of pull I have.
stats and analytics which will probably mean making things look pretty in ppt.
we just hired an Australian woman. She's super nice and even used the word "fortnight" casually in a sentence. We all guessed she was 36-38 years old, but it turns out she's like a decade younger. Whatever Australia does to one's skin, yikes.
jesus christ. The new guy at work ... he's a child. I don't mean he's super young and green, he has an MBA, but he acts like a needy 4 year old. the closest comparison i can think of as a reference is the Family Guy episode where Stewie goes all "mom. mom. mommy. momma. mom. mom. mom. ma. ma. ma ........ and on and on". That is pretty much what he does to me. 4 more days and I'm out.
was the Pope scheduled to be here during the same time as the UN for a particular purpose? Or was it just some bozo thinking "yeah, no worries with the Pope coming into town then, it'll work out great. Can't think of anything else going on. Maybe the start of basketball season? Eh, no worries."
I tip $20 as well.
I haven't played the Princeton with a drummer, but I wouldn't hesitate with the amp. Type of music could make a difference, but I still feel like the P-ton creates plenty enough headroom.
New Posts  All Forums: