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ah, your location says your familiar with the great Satorial city of Napoli. Cheers!!!https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naples_waste_management_issue
yep. Ended up working from a Friday until a Monday, which sucks, so boss threw a bunch of Amazon gift cards at me and a few others, so the SARB was dirt cheap in the end. Going to buy in black as well.
I'm not a dad, but I do have a dog, and said dog got bored at home one day and discovered that my much loved Lightning Bolt board shorts that were in the laundry accidentally had dog treats left in the pockets.Accordingly, I need new Lightning Bolt board shorts for Father's Day.
Perfect timing. So I walk out of my office and boom, 3 USPS trucks fucking up the sidewalk plus a crappy beer truck who was actually on the sidewalk so he could make that wide turn (around the USPS truck)
happens in FiDi all the damn time. Narrow streets means trucks just pull right onto the sidewalks to unload.
oh damn. I visited that store a lot when I was a college student in Ithaca.but yeah, a bit overpriced IMO.
threw an awesome party that ended with a foosball competition in the back yard. said foosball table was found by a neighbor in the middle of some sidewalk. now it's residing in the yard.
well that's the problem
New Posts  All Forums: