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true story: a few years ago my little brother was in town and we were getting some snacks at Morimoto when the big plate of Halal he had eaten for lunch started to throw him off his game. So he went and took a shit at Morimoto. the thing is, they have super fancy Japanese toilets ($8K each), and there's all these buttons and stuff on them, so while he was sitting there he decided to play around with the buttons. He hit the "rear cleanse" button not knowing what it was,...
but you have no credit. that's why you're stuck with hipster bands
don't even start denying Flea's chops
it's not worth learning an intstrument if part of the learning process is listening to interpol
that's like Manton tell me he missing Santa Cruz because he misses surfing. Which he has done. And no, he doesn't surf.
i can't even imagine the assault that sushi would do on pB's immune system.
have you read the guy's articles on Jalopnik's about owning a Ferrari for a year? Seems like a total pain in the ass, even when there's no actual problems with the car.
Playoffs start today. Yesssssssss.
counter by saying you're a huge Milo Moire fan.
the new episode was a little meh in some ways, but they really had to address a few important things: funding, and the death of Peter Gregory. Hard to make those funny.
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