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a steakhouse is a steakhouse. You overpay and overeat. BTW - actually ate at Sweet Science on Saturday. Brunch, in fact, which I never do. Really good. And then I went to a new bakery that opened up just around the corner and spent $10 on 4 normal sized cookies
Ti frame? From what I can tell of the components, that bike isn't messing around.
I mean I see it excessively. 10 PM in the warehouse district of East Williamsburg, and I'd bet you $20 that there'll be somebody just sitting in a turned off car within the next block or two. I see it almost every time I'm out to walk to dog. If it didn't perplex me, then I probably wouldn't notice how prevalent it is.
update. god damn it.
I'll risk the "took soon, bro", but apparently one of the people who died was sitting in a parked car. Just want to bring this back to a few months ago when I asked why on earth are a baffling number of people hanging out inside of parked cars? I still don't get it.
there's been 3 or 4 since 2008ish, and a few people have died as a result.
I see that cheater used Wilier and I remember many years ago (in Piobtown, actually) visiting some bike stores with a relative, and they pointed out a few super expensive frames from Wilier, so I always held that brand in kind of "epic frame, epic price" territory. fast forward 11 years and even Wilier is offering an "affordable" well-eqiped option along with their $5K...
You can even get small engines installed discretely on your bike. Just be careful, you can't race with them, and you need to make sure a friend doesn't have a completely identical bike with an engine who happens to be hanging out at the same race, and that the team mechanic doesn't mess up which bike goes where before a championship race. Really important. (sorry bike people, I've played a lot of competitive sports, but nowhere was the pure asshole to kind of a prick...
wife's bike has the latest 105 group set, and I have little doubt that it's an improvement over my decade old Ultegra set. Really impressed first time I saw it.
yeah, I was riding my dad's old Bianchi Vigorelli (steel frame) and it's surprisingly comfortable. On a true road bike I couldn't see myself having any reason to make the switch from even old carbon, but as a city bike with all the basic components, it'd be great. question about tire width - I've always had super thin tires, just habit, but it is worth considering going wider for the Brooklyn roads? Currently have 23s, is it worth thinking about a 25-28? No gravel or...
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