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I didn't know white people drove Escalades.
probably the sandpaper that somebody took to it. natural, to me at least, either means a sandpaper job, or a Fender from the crap years of the 1970's.
what, you don't like that 70's look?
yep, can turn off. And been there, done that.http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/07/ambert-alert-phone-4-am-new-york.html
yeah, true, especially snares. My brother used to have a ton of cymbals, but has since reduced to what he thinks are the best (for him). The ride is a K, crash is a AA, and the hats are actually a mix.
it's for my training in reality, poorly chosen words. What I meant was my good friend who is now a music instructor/professor (focusing on percussion instruments) at a well-known music school (and he's an adjunct professor of music at my alma matter).
drum acquisition seems to be the opposite of guitar acquisition. Guitar is start small and then grow, all of the (really good) drummers I know start big and then shrink.my Juilliard-trained drum instructor has this tiny ass kit. What he does with that kit is other-planet worthy though.
or olympic white Nice. My brother has a massive kit, or at least he once did. I forget who makes it, I think GMS. He prefers a set he bought from a now-defunct company called Legend.
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