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I have something that removes rust stains on carbon, but I actually like the way that one knife looks (and truth be told, that picture is a little crappy). A better look at the edge according to my iPhone:edge looks crappy and uneven in this pic, not sure why
so much for the UCI's disc break experiment
my sister in law's iPhone survived 15 minutes in a river, but then ate it a few months later when she spilled wine on it.
old people
did some work tonight. awesome results (yes, there are stains on the carbon part of that knife, somebody not named gomestar decided to cut up some limes and leave the knife to marinate in lime acid):
yeah, packing tape is about as much as this thing encounters. Maybe a bag of dog food if the scissors are too far away. ended up doing just over 22 degrees. The 220 dug right in, no problems at all.
turned out pretty well
delays on the 4-5 yesterday, which aren't unusual. Except this time the "police investigation" was because some guy decided to drop trou and take a shit. I got to see the "police investigation" from the platform.
NJ drivers are pretty bad, but in their defense they learned to drive on highway exits that were envisioned by a child with a crayon.
You must be new to this Florida thing.
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