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craigslist can be such a clusterfuck. The worst is when you're impatient and need something now, and you fall for these aspirational prices. However, every now and then a gem pops up. It's equally bad when you pass up on something and then a few weeks later think FUCK (ahem, origenspirit)
because my homie quoted him, i read a l'inc post. First in a week or two. Still garbage.
walked a ways to get lunch. Really nice out.
except that the girl who posted this is actually pretty fit. Slightly "big boned" but quite toned and constantly posting beach/bikini pics. Big bewbs too.
from what I've gathered, it's a vicious cycle. Dirty toilet seats = the "hover" maneuver. The "hover" maneuver = dirty toilet seat.
if one has $10K to blow on a chair, I'd look for something much less ubiquitous (ok, and boring) than the Eames.
i have been told that women's rooms are equally disgusting
people with those giant flame-throwing BBQ's are usually terrible cooks.
right, I'd agree on the cost thing, especially when you add cars + train tickets + taxes, etc.
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