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yeah man, it was great out. Put on a sweatshirt and basic gym pants and jogged for 2 miles with the dog and the wife. Then went to this little knick knack design store we like (small business owned by these 2 guys who have good and humorous taste) that's at the far limits of Williamsburg at the water. ok, so the jog was kind of lame with the slush puddle bombs, but it was great to get back out and just do something outside. I'm over winter. also ran into Booth on the...
Monday morning dumps are always rough, and the more fun you had over the weekend the worse the dump. I think it's where the term "have a case of the Mondays" really came from.
I just picked this up for my younger brother who, despite living in Southern California, uses his apartment fireplace once or twice a week.
Yesterday was a nice reminder that I am indeed an active person when it's not 10 degrees outside.
I always liked Arper's Leaf chairs. Small footprint, stackable, and one can also get a matching chaise or chaise lounge.
did the J stand for Jesus? Because I hope he picked those grapes for $650 for a non-bubbly rose.
that can be a really good wine. Or a terrible wine. Or anything in between. in my experience (and I believe Manton's as well), there's a huge amount of bottle variability with Greysac.
looking good. also, fuck your decorative Holiday trees in late February.
will these go with a table?
I guess I wouldn't be annoyed at the forgetfulness if she didn't sneeze all the time. All the time. Drives me nuts because she tries to suppress it, but it just sounds like she's dry heaving. Bothers the crap out of me all damn day. she does have an excellent dry sense of humor.
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