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next week.
1990 Pol Roger Champs. Great balance between old and new, though skewed to the "nicely aged" side. 1966 Louis Martini Napa Cab. The surprise of the night, not dead at all. Nothing particularly noteworthy in the end, but this $2 supermarket wine survived nearly 50 years, and it was still chugging along. 1974 Mondavi Napa Cab. Outstanding wine from an outstanding vintage. Really awesome, and great depth. 1980 Mondavi Napa Cab. Off bottle, may have been a little...
turns out a Starbucks gift card will not open the office turnstile. Ribcaged.
i remember reading somewhere that the NHL has the most educated fan base out of all the major sports leagues. or maybe it was the richest, don't remember. definitely the whitest.
yeah, that totally blows and would piss me off then and now.
well it wouldn't make me a millionaire, but even a little is nice.
I'd ask for Rangers tickets instead. Hockey > all others.
the peons aren't good at making the slides pretty, so i'm spending part of the afternoon removing info from really cool looking slides from old pitch books, and printing them off for reference. doubt the catered lunch, but I'm ok with that. My big ask was lots of equity.
but it's for a tech firm! They crunch numbers for when any company is mentioned at any time on any social media platform, and then companies pay a ton of money for this data. They just landed a major major sports league, their second of the big sports league. My job is to help make sense of the data, which isn't a terribly different pivot from banking, though it should have a superior work environment. didn't see any bean bag chairs, but I'll see what type of pull I have.
stats and analytics which will probably mean making things look pretty in ppt.
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