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it's good all around. One of those albums that makes me want to blast vinyl.
I agree with origen, but solely because he has awesome gear, so he must be right
Dave Mason's rhythm guitar work on the 12-string is awesome.
Norah Jones. Crappily. Daft Punk for some simple fun.
was never big on them
I'd like to see him keep playing this WC, but that's prob. just me.
despite the height of the back, the Bird chair is very low. Butt is about 9" off the ground, based on my really scientific study of inserting ass into chair and measuring with a tape measure. This compares to about 16-17" of butt height for most couches. IMO perfect for the book chill, though you may want to sit in one yourself.we really like the Low-Pad chairs, but for different reasons vs. a Bird.
I prefer the Dixon, but I'm obviously biased. The Dixon looks more unique and is basically a fancy rocking chair. It also has 3 distinct "positions" depending on where you shift your weight (leaning forward, middle where it naturally sits, and leaning back), which I like and at the end of the day it's a super comfortable chair.
beach time, assholes.
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