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from what I've heard your father sounds way cooler than you, and that's not a knock on you there's always the Book of Mormon if they like extreme genital jokes
majority of the popular Broaway plays are made for philistines. that's why they're popular.
ethanm is def. the one confusing A_Y with AY
aren't you in Jersey that weekend?
just realized that only 3 bottles qualifies you for a discount at BQE
midnight black Honda Odyssey. it's cool, reliable, practical, and the black gives it a little bit of an edge. DVD system for the back seats.
yep, did a search. The NJ stores just outside of Manhattan are selling it for $8 and change. Plus, presumably, a case discount. I'd make a "Manton is out to get some" joke, but I know he already has a bunch on hand.
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