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varies. Don't expect a couch to last daily use for 10+ years and emerge in great condition. Cheap shelves, storage, and knick nacks? A much better bet.
the Knoll ins't particularly comfortable, but the Ikea reference is really only valid for the first month of ownership.
I like that chair in really bright colors. As I like most non-sofa chairs.
Good furniture costs a lot more than Ikea furniture.A Proust chair touches on extravagant a bit, but only just.
a co-worker has like 15 types of foam footballs on his desk. but he's from South America and he has (admittedly) NO idea how to throw a football.
my father has an old Warwick bass. Dark natural color I'm thinking about bringing my old acoustic down. It's a Taylor 810 from the 80's that the previous owner played heavily but took good care of.
I'd be totally happy with it as the music the grocery store is playing.
I had to donate money to a shelter to get that picture. Damn well made sure she sat through to a good shot.
she hated costume Santa guy and was miserable. But she will sit still for cheese. For a split second.
they loved things "all natural" in the 70's. Apparently.
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