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from what I've gathered, it's a vicious cycle. Dirty toilet seats = the "hover" maneuver. The "hover" maneuver = dirty toilet seat.
if one has $10K to blow on a chair, I'd look for something much less ubiquitous (ok, and boring) than the Eames.
i have been told that women's rooms are equally disgusting
people with those giant flame-throwing BBQ's are usually terrible cooks.
right, I'd agree on the cost thing, especially when you add cars + train tickets + taxes, etc.
you're both getting and missing my point. More space is what most people move for, especially if they're already paying a lot for something in NYC, and especially if they're planning to have kids.the most annoying people, though, are the ones who are expecting a kid and think they need some 5,000 square foot McMansion on some street that ends with "-wood".
I'm 40 floors up so I get to look down at most everything
who gives a fuck? sunsets happen every day that there's no clouds. I get some see some spectacular ones overlooking the Hudson every single day at work.
in NYC, if you're pushing a budget and want to have kids, you move further away from the city.
when we buy, I'd much prefer to buy some piece of shit place that a bunch of Puerto Rican families live in now (not racist, a major road next to me is actually called Ave of Puerto Rico), and then do a full gut reno. Either that or go a little West and buy a crappy loft space and gut that out. New construction is usually pretty crappy these days, but it pays to be married to an architect who has the resources and connections to pull off a quality reno. that, and we'd...
New Posts  All Forums: