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i have no idea about one vs. the other, but the vitamix with the speed dial is about all you need. I use mine all the time.
just tried Roberta's. Pretty awesome. Danger zone since I live pretty close by.
top right is intake at shelter. The rest are throughout this week.
I'd visit Dallas if I needed to. I hear it's very much like some Northeast cities.
my wife was in the bridal party too. Looking back i'm surprised that i was able to get out of it so easily. Wife had to wear a caridgan over her dress since the top half of her back is tattooed and the bride's father is a strict "russian orthodox" and we were warned that he would have none of that rif raf. fuck that guy.
true story: a few years ago I was supposed to go to a wedding in Houston. Mid July. 8 AM. No coffee provided. Dancing prohibited. Dry. then I decided to go to London and sent a "wish i could be there!" card.
i can think of 2 reasons to move to Houston: 1 - family 2 - job offer in energy or finance (with energy coverage)
now it's pretty hot out. Went for an ill advised walk after lunch.
low 70's and sunny?
our pit has gained nearly 10 pounds since intake. We think she'll top out at around 60 lbs.
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