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durbility tests seem to come out good http://blogs.wsj.com/personal-technology/2014/09/22/iphone-6-is-the-most-durable-iphone-yet-says-insurer/
i think i hung out with him last week.
There's a lot of tension going on beween cyclists and pedestrians right now. Both groups need to realize that they both suck.
4 or 5 people in my building have grills. I've seen one used only once, and it was me using my own grill.
agreed that the 6 isn't the prettiest thing Apple has made. It's not ugly or anything, but it's a little lackluster and boring. Biggest design flaw, IMO, is the slightly protruding camera. Whoever said they should have made the body slightly thicker and used that space for a bigger battery is 100% right. At the end of the day it's just a minor thing to me.
2 co-workers also got the 6 this weekend, and both agreed that it's at the upper limit in terms of size. Any bigger would be "too big", which I'd agree with. One of them also saw a 6+ and couldn't believe how giant it really is. i feel like the 6+ caters to a certain type of person, mostly the nerdy tech-y types.
Perfect weather for a climate change protest today.
my neighbor has a propane grill for the yard. "feel free to use it whenever you want!! Just needs some propane." thanks.
This is a very good idea. I could still deal with phone alerts for storms, especially if I'm out of the weather loop, but I don't really care about shit like amber alerts.
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