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See, I prefer multiple bags. For starters, there are few things worse than a sharp box corner causing a breakage when you're 8 blocks from home and everybody sees that you opted for the pack of raspberry Snapple instead of the much superior lemon. Second, if the bag is heavy and the load isn't distributed across multiple bags, the handles stretch nice and thin, just enough to feel like a metal wire thrusting itself into your palm. Third, I use the bags as trash bags and...
amped up my bodega sandwich with some pepper jack this time
no no no that's for the fancy pastrami + a bunch of fancy smoked sturgeon and the sides. I think I pay $4 for the Bodega.
Now that i think about it, I've had Bodega sandwich chit chat with nearly every single one of the people I've hung out with recently. I'm all about the bacon egg and cheese on a roll, and so is my sister in law and our black friend from Bed-Stuy. My vegetarian wife and our Muslim friend do the same thing, except of course no bacon. My always-high friends also rock the egg and cheese, except, curiously, they split their time between 2 different Bodegas with no rhyme or...
I could do without the "famous NY pastrami sandwich" should I be forced to do so. But don't take away the Bodega sandwich. I wonder how many thousands of those are churned out every week.
I believe so, but it's also the start of the warehouse area where not many people live and trucks constantly on the sidewalk during the day. I feel like there's some weird parking rules there. 2 blocks away and there's not a free parking spot in sight.
I took that photo in a t-shirt.24 hours later:
storm is ending, about 10" fell ... and the main roads in W'Burg are actually in excellent condition.
it's like the opposite of Asians who use an umbrella in the sun.
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