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Langhe can push it, but there's plenty others from Piedmont. Langhes (+ the 50 other Nebbiolo DOC's) and Dolcettos and Barberas and Gavi and Roero and Moscato and so on...
Tuscany has better $10 wines. Piedmont is much more diverse and versatile in the $15-20 range.
In the hockey circles, the French Canadians absolutely adore themselves and their "rich" culture and history.
yeah I've noticed this too. Another thing ... nothing is ever immediate. I'll send something back with a "this number is wrong, what's the deal?" note, and a few hours later (I get time zone problems) I'll get a note back saying "We are looking into this and will get back to you at the earliest." Two days later I'll hear back "Apologies for the issue faced by you. Please find the attached updated file." And that's it. Of course, my problem is now I have to audit...
right now totally. Hopefully that cold front produces a few good claps this afternoon.
I guess it's weird for me to see that robotic nature come across in a business where a huge part of the assignments are "here's XYZ, it's something new to us, take a stab at this, use the resources you have on hand, and try to get it to 90% .... now go". Some assignments are ambiguous, I get it, but (true story) if you have an MBA from a top-20 school, somebody shouldn't have to walk you through how to use a stapler.
Indians. I've worked with a bunch, and I've noticed this weird divide between them ... some are hard working and forward thinking, while others are hard working but completely float through everything. We are "reassigning" somebody on our group because she is the latter, but I'm wondering if it's something cultural. I say this because we have a group in Mumbai that I get certain weekly #'s from, and they are just like her ... if you don't walk them through a project and...
which one of yall is going to buy that 959 at Pebble Beach?
Thai Iced Tea is a gift from the gods.
my sister in law's terrible rotten "strict organic vegan" boyfriend would read this and buy into it immediately. I was trying to think why this guy pissed me off so much (nevermind the fact that he manipulates the shit out of my sister in law, I don't really care much about that), it's because he's a conspiracy theorist who reads and then preaches stuff like this. Any argument about something he believes in throws out all facts and then gets beaten down into "well you...
New Posts  All Forums: