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GF - new company reached out and asked what size t-shirt I am, what size hoodie I prefer, and how many laptop stickers I want. I thought you'd appreciate that. #beanbags
according to Web MD, I have AIDS, Cancer, and was supposed to die a few years ago.
yep, and this is what happened thanks to the new guy. He pissed everybody off by simply coming in with a "no I'll work through it" attitude. Then he got 3-4 others sick, including the boss' boss, who is constantly traveling. This was even after the group basically forced him to go home mid-morning with a "but seriously, don't get us fucking sick" warning.he's not particularly productive, so we just picked up the slack a little, but knocking the others out really hurt us.
the love is for good and cheap daily drinkers, not limited to just Rioja.
there's something about this that just doesn't surprise me at all. Fucking hippies.
"legendary" producer, but would not hit
the new guy came in sick last week, and 4 others around him also got sick. Pissed everybody off, and a terrible thing to do in a group that is all about first impressions. He basically f'ed himself for the next 4 months.reminded me of you being a work martyr
right, your optimal is overcast and cold.
I suppose it's worth noting that the weather has been really perfect over the past few days.
in one of my first roles, some assumed I was Jewish, so one September holiday a few of them came to my desk with bags in hand and asked if I was ready to rush-a-home-ah
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