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also, some carbon edge pron
knife block for the worker bee knives. Saya cover + drawer for the Masamoto gyuto.
this is a total Manton question.For the Heiliger Dankgesang, maybe start with a Tequila hangover and work it from there?
vineyard yield vs. % of that yield that a winery wants to use to make their wine.
this is a bit broad, IMO. Lots can affect the feeling of "concentration". A hot year producing higher alcohol can make a wine taste bigger and more concentrated. A bad year with thin crappy wines, wineries may add sugar or something to help create a bigger wine (I wonder if some places add bits of stems in there as it ferments with the hope of getting more tannins). Better grape selection will produce more concentrated wines.Chianti in the 80's maybe. Burgundy in the...
old vines don't mean shit if you decide to pick every grape, good and bad, from the vine and use that to make wine. Yield management, people.
jump jump jump (ok, so she can't really jump particularly high, it just looks cool there)
through 4x12. It has a volume and a master, so crunch at all volumes.
gave the Fargen Mini Plex an unthorough try. Really outstanding amp, and great at all volumes. All three channels (60's, 70's, and 80's) had something going for them, and the amp was really easy to control and manipulate. If I had the space, I'd totally get one for the apartment (I guess my only complaint: it's a big amp, very tall. I'm assuming it's like this so that it can accommodate all sorts of tube sizes).
yeah that's it.
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