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I have to fill out this stupid interview Q&A "profile" that the new college grads get to read and become enlightened by. Mostly just annoying crap like "what tools do you think are best to have in order to be successful..." blah blah. I don't really have time for this, there's like 15 questions. One of the questions is "tell me about one of your favorite 'New York City' moments you've had since joining", and I said the time that Mick Jagger gave me a high-5 backstage...
yeah, even though my Tele is my main, if I had to pick 2 guitars to play just about everything, it'd be a Strat and a 335.also, got my Strat back from the setup. Southside did a great job.
edit: prick move.
at first glance thought it was from the Ebola-Amity Hills.
you can count on me
I didnt know Ed was Asian.
I know there's no street cred in Aladdin, but I'm throwing it out there because I've heard it's excellent. My co-worker (male, young, single) even saw it solo, and if you have kids (not sure if you do), then you don't want to see Hedwig. I recommended Hedwig because I have a crush on the chick that plays a guy (no, not the chick played by the guy). Would tap.no, I stayed home and hung out with my druggie neighbors and watched the dogs. My wife and her sister went, and...
this is why you have to prioritize the list of "to see" shows. There's a bunch that have been running long enough that they're now doing national tours (The Book of Mormon comes to mind). Instead of spending $300 on a Book of Mormon ticket, wait for a tour and buy a $50 ticket.Spend the money to see shows like Sideshow or Hedwig or an Act of God or Aladdin (which I hear is very good).
my wife saw a 5 hour play last Friday. Apparently it was fantastic, and apparently it featured Nathan Lane. but damn, 5 hours and 3 intermissions.
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