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Really wish I sent you the vine of Big Dick Bitch
much the same way that i don't ever want to live in a building whose name starts with a definite article, i also can't get behind artists who also have a definite article in their name
that was the day before.
is it that place that's like connected to an auto repair shop?I ran by booth's place yesterday with the dog. I would have stopped and said hello, but I didn't want to disrupt my workout regiment.
I'm sure you do. go look at the music albums on your phone. srs.
PB has that same U2 album.
yesterday, my stupid fucking office building had a fire drill. "Please evacuate the building, this is a fire drill." THE WHOLE FUCKING BUILDING AT ONCE. 39 floors. I'm on 37, and it turned into a giant clusterfuck of people in the stairs. Was stuck at floor 30 for about 20 minutes. In the event of a fire, I would have died.
I've noticed that every single fucking business in Williamsburg uses the same "thank you!" written in purple pastic bags. and I use them for trash and take it out once a day. Don't want it to accumulate since it's gross, and I don't want the dog to get into the trash while we are away.
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