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are you an MD? They're the only bankers on my floor that actually wear suits. If you're not an MD, everybody will just make fun of you for trying to overcompensate for lack of confidence. Or you'll be asked about your "doctors appointment" (interview) later.same thing with pocket squares and french cuffs.I actually wore a jacket today, but only because I had a "doctors appointment"
none of you pricks are important enough to "require" a jacket every day. I'm not important enough either, so most summer days I don't wear a jacket. Much cooler when it's like a furnace out.
yeah, there's not much of a good reason for 50 mm rims. I could try to rationalize it with "but I won't be climbing much, and aero would be much more important for when my wife does her triathlons!" ... but yes, you're right, for all intensive purposes the Ultegras are a no brainer, especially for just 3 bills. I could buy a set for both my wife and myself and still spend less than the single carbon set. any other recs? I'm pretty out of the loop when it comes to...
much more Christopher Moltisanti than David Lynch. Reminds me of a great post from many years ago. I forget who it was, but the post was basically "decided to play around with some facial hair for a bit. Thought I'd look like Stanley Tucci, but turned out like Artie Bucco "
I have a picture of me and Travis Barker hanging out somewhere. Need to find it. oh yeah, we were dating at the time.
Yes, Shimano. From Merlin Cycles. Could be horse shit, not sure.
edit: $690 all in.
I remember you posting it, but I figured it was the Post acting like the anti-DeBlasio tabloid that it really is.But it really was very noticeable this weekend. Big change from a year or so ago when I would spend a lot of time walking the neighborhood.no, just the poors.
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