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It was really interesting, and sometimes "interesting" can sound like a veiled way of saying "weird", but this was genuinely interesting. Very yellow color, so I assumed it was pumped with oxy, and I guess it was, but I didn't hate it. There are others here that can attest to my oxi hate, but this reminded more much more of a old Krug than of some ruined white Burg. The wine took on qualities of a dessert wine, which I didn't expect, and it had a really good...
this summer has been super mild. A hot day or two, but overall my AC has remained off, even at night.
that's a lie from the pit of hell
had to walk through Times Square on Saturday night. What an awful place.
oh, that reminds me, i went to Southside yesterday. Cool store, and loads of old effects pedals including an old CE-1. Noodled around a little, but didn't stay very long. They have a '65 Princeton Reverb, but the price is a little
but seriously though, it's like being that guy in math class who raises his hand and says "i know we're not that far into the lesson, but if you think about it we actually haven't solved the proof yet..." The wine business is quite shady, from growers (undocumented workers? breakin' the rulez!), producers (ok, lots can go here), distributors, stores ("damn, this stuff is gross but cheap, raise the price by 50% and call it a staff favorite"), auction houses ("give it a...
what's going on here?
who gives a fuck
yeah, forgot about it when the photo op happened. the barbera was by Renato Ratti, and it was great. Will be even better in 3 years.
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