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I went to the Isles/Devils game at Barclay's last night. I'm a Rangers fan, but a friend won the tickets for free, and the seats were close, so why not. Was a great game. But come on Barclay's. I spent some time at intermission checking out the "obstructed view" seats, and they weren't kidding. It's not like you'd miss the view of a corner, no, you'd miss the view from nearly the face-off dots all the way down.
authentic Eames chair incoming. It's not new, it was used for staging at the wife's architecture company (meaning it was used in pictures). One of the arms has a little damage, and I don't have room for it. But it was free, so shrug.
went full whiteslash for my bodega sandwich today. it's a great combo.
and if you're in NY, that poop box is in your living room.
speaking of dog poop bags, it's a clear sucky situation for NYers. A bag of 8 rolls at the "local" pet supply store is something like $14.99 (might be less, I'll try to verify and confirm with a pic). Ridiculous, but they know they can charge it because nobody anticipates the need for poo bags until the last roll end and you're like "oh shit, I need more bags". When my in laws do their semi regular visits, they always ask if we need anything, and the answer is always...
compostable dog poop bags do exist. They are horrible. Because of the (presumably) compostable part, they're very rubbery and tear very easily. I'm sure you can see where this is leading.Give me wilted lettuce instead.
See, I prefer multiple bags. For starters, there are few things worse than a sharp box corner causing a breakage when you're 8 blocks from home and everybody sees that you opted for the pack of raspberry Snapple instead of the much superior lemon. Second, if the bag is heavy and the load isn't distributed across multiple bags, the handles stretch nice and thin, just enough to feel like a metal wire thrusting itself into your palm. Third, I use the bags as trash bags and...
amped up my bodega sandwich with some pepper jack this time
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