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BARBARESCO, Produttori del Barbaresco (Piemonte) 2010 67
i once heard from a guy who lived in Texas that "swamp ass doesn't exist in Texas". It was on this very forum.
and on really awesome furniture, too.
depends on ethnicity
things making me happy?? double penetration.
yeah, my law professor was like this. Of course, he was a professor and book author, so a little different.
just do more than 1 bookcase that looks good. Keep black epoxy stuff meant for garage/restaurants limited to garage/restaurants. unless it's stainless. Stainless is ok.
that's because you fit the Williamsburg Stereotype of "buy stuff like it was from another, better, decade".Modern furniture would free up a TON of space in your living room.
3-5 years also applies, but yeah, it's mostly "life transition" furniture. We pretty much started out with a few Ikea thing and then swapped them out with Cappellini stuff over time.
New Posts  All Forums: