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not-Italian seems to be the trick
found the article I was looking for:http://jalopnik.com/here-s-why-the-v8-audi-s4-is-an-awful-used-car-1676466510and on the same topic:http://dougdemuro.kinja.com/german-reliability-the-greatest-myth-ever-sold-to-amer-1572026115
it's amazing that at this day in age, 40+ years after humans put a man on the moon, a major German automotive engineering company can't figure out how to make a non-self destructing engine.
Went out to the recycling bins and noticed that somebody in my building filled up half of the trash bin with their old porn stash. Yes I took a pic but can't post it here.
there's also the V10 version of the A6. Can be had on the cheap, and it'll last you a few thousand miles until the engine self destructs.
it's just the morning auto-post
101 is "Italy makes wine". Then it jumps to grad level of stupidity from there.Piedmont is a fascinating area. Goes from delicious table wine in red and white, to epic reds, and everything in between.
yep. My brother, who works for Apple, was once being given a tour of the on-site tech repair facilities, and he walked in just as these guys were fixing some guy's jammed disc drive. Out popped the DVD for "My First White Cock".yep, $109 and about a 45 minute wait.clear your browsing history ahead of time.
a variant of the Hay I posted earlier
but Foof is an ethnic
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