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well, I kind of forget which newcomers I've tasted and really enjoyed. There's the big names, which you already know, and while I've been to plenty of tasting events and have been able to sample 15-20 wines (mostly Riesling) from producers that I've never heard of, I never bother trying to remember who they are since there's close to zero chance I'll ever see them in a store in NYC. I know it's lame, sorry, but it's just what happens. Every year, Manton and I go to and...
while there's a good element of truth to this, I feel like there's been a gradual shift from the sweet/box stuff to some real quality wines. The change has been quite noticeable over the course of the past 10 years. Lots of new wineries have opened, and the focus of most of them seems to be quality wine (mixed execution of this).
knowing an architect.to be fair, for the big discount at HM, you can't go through traditional retail routes, so knowing an architect to place the order for you is the road to take.
I watch prego porn because I like to fantasize what it would be like to bang her had I not dumped her when the test result came back.
I hate when group think happens at a tasting. "Yes I do get that distinct chalkboard meets Chanel No. 5 smell!" and totally agree on the California style. It's not Bordeaux and shouldn't be like Bordeaux, it should be like California. Sometimes that means certain winemakers take some liberties and end up with fruit punch, but sometimes it results in excellent California wine. I'd drink Mondavi Napa all the time if it wasn't $24 a bottle. Same with Au Bon Climat pinot.
yes. it's fine, but can't shake a stick at the $17 Tavel rose from Chateau Turkdkvndkfkldslknfdslkjasdl Manton knows which wine I'm talking about.
I like it too, but think of it as a good, solid wine. The rieslings, on the other hand, are wines that are truly excellent.
full price is for suckers.
Lynch's book is making me cranky about the issue The book also makes me want to make aioli with a morter/pestal
my Bird chair awaits you
New Posts  All Forums: