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yeah, I think we averaged just below this. I thought this was impressive. 2.5 hours of bumper to bumper NYC traffic followed by 4.5 hours of highway time and the cost to top off the tank was only $24.eh, it's a nice car and still worth checking out. I'd hope that a bunch of the kinks have been worked out by now.
they're nothttp://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/exclusive-police-crackdown-illegal-scooters-article-1.2279900no, I have not noticed the Police efforts here.
yeah, they are pretty awful. And dangerous.the worst are the Asian delivery guys that use those bikes with small battery powered engines to whip around the sidewalk with their bags of Tso's chicken.
I like to read out the bar codes at Whole Foods. Because no laser should be touching the food that I will be eating.
my in laws have had one of these for like 2-3 years now. It's such a weird car. It's giant, yet the inside is oddly small. I don't know where all the space goes to.We rented one a few weeks ago, and it was fine. Much prefer the driving experience of my dad's (now old and very high mile) BMW 3-series that he bought for the sole intent of putting miles on when he traveled for consulting work. The Fusion we rented was the hybrid model, and mileage was excellent.I doubt...
oh I agree, and I have done so, I think the commentary has been more about the hefty price increases over the last decade. A Strat is pretty simple, why a 50% bump on the "same" guitar over the course of a decade? Kind of whack.it's not like they're using better woods or have overhauled the QC line or switched to a more expensive paint.
I seem to recall $800 as the "in" price point for American Fenders as well. Custom shops were in the $2500 range, and the "American Vintage" series was like $1400.it's all 50% more now
a "working musician" isn't going to buy a $7K Gibson Les Paul
plus the fancy electronics and price point ... I'm not meaning to offend anybody (piob), but that guitar comes across as the ultimate "old man" guitar.having said that about the price, it seems like every new guitar from Fender and Gibson is fucking stupidly expensive these days.
you do come across as such a "free spirit" and as one who is "released from the chains"
New Posts  All Forums: