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it's hard to find, no doubt. Never seen it at whole foods, and I look for it. I've seen it at the NYC Farmer's Market, and at Fairway grocery store. Even then, I only see it every now and then, and I grab it when I do see it.
there's a knockoff edge pro out there?
My brother rented a GLK and put close to 1K miles on it on a trip from LA to Vegas to Zion national park. said the car sucked.
the only reason I'm excited about Apple Car is because it'll be one of the few cars out there where the on-board technology isn't complete garbage.
but it's how they hold them on every Bravo show, so it must be a legit way to hold a phone
apparently it was National Puppy Day
i actually made them for my father in law. He's crazy about pickles, and I used a basic brine and then each one has a different hot pepper, and each one tastes different. it's his 30th anniversary gift from me. sounds lame on the surface, but they'll be gone in a week.
I love my Kyocera ceramic knives (I have a 3" and a 4"). They're cheap, sharp, durable, dishwasher safe, versatile, and they do exactly what I need them to do. They're not very precious, and that's why I like them. If I have some srs work that needs to be done, I have the 210mm Masamoto and I have a really fancy Yanagi
I made 6 big jars of pickles this weekend. I am Brooklyn.
i think there's already a knife thread
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