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I'm reading foodguy's book on plant sex now. Seems very well written and researched. It also makes me want to eat good strawberries and feel sanctimonious about perfect oranges.
I never understood why people from Boston were proud of their accent. They sound like they have Down syndrome.
+1, but only for heismatt.
their platinum service center is based out of Massachusetts, prick.
Five Fifty!! Five Fifty!!
hmmm http://www.hawaiireporter.com/leading-activist-apologizes-for-starting-anti-gmo-movement/123
AKA ... ice for dog paws.
female co-worker just texted me. Apparently somebody was having a hell of a dump in the woman's room and "the sound was incredible" and an hour later she's "still grossed out".
i mean, it's not just the points. We use the Amex site to book rental cars, and by doing so Amex automatically covers all car insurance and damage fees, and also provides free 24/7 roadside assistance if necessary. We use the consierge to get us resaurant reservations or find show tickets (they hold seats at most places ... and my wife does see a LOT of shows). Lots of other travel perks too. and I'll say it - I'll pay $500 to be put on the phone help line with...
proof that good things can indeed result from rape.
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