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i didn't do it, i was merely a spectator. No extra fingers growing on the wife as far as I can tell.
although the cannolis you brought over to my pow wow were a huge hit.and yes, by cannolis, i mean dick
yep. Hoping for a bigger tip. Same thing that happens in bars.
just bubbles
last night was a perfect night for a midnight fire in my building. oh even better, the fire knocked out all of the AC units edit: AC is apparently back up. Thank god.
it was around 73 degrees when my wife did the NYC Triathlon at the end of July. Or so they announced.
that's how Apple has billions
the fix is only $109 at an Apple store. ask me how i know.
makes you look like an eclectic mix of poor and cheap
well they certainly appeared to be plucking somebody from the river (the presence of ladders and NYPD boats aided this conclusion), and then they sprinted them to an ambulance. Now there's news people out there.
New Posts  All Forums: