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calmn down, you two
priced around $1,800, which seems like a good price given what current Brit-made Marshalls are going for. Also a good price compared to what the vintage ones are going for.would kop if it wasn't completely unnecessary for me.
all of these snow piles remind me of the time I got mad at my parents and I thought it would be a good idea to seek revenge on them by spraying water all over the big pile of snow that the plows left at the end of the driveway.
how hard can it be? Go on stage, play the same easy songs you wrote years ago, say the word fuck a lot, make a dick joke, then go backstage and drink some whisky. People get so butt hurt these days.
didn't those guys break up again?
and 10+ years ago, cars weren't jam packed with computers. You can't just replace the damn brake pads anymore ... you have to let the car know that they've been replaced so it can calibrate itself, etc.I have no idea if the above actually contributes to the discussion, but it's something I noticed with my parents' BMW's (one is from the late 2000's, one is from 1999, and they're completely different when it comes to repairs)
why do people grow cabbage on the sidewalk?
if there's a relatively recent model Fender out there for $500 ... you can pretty much assume it's not USA.
that's what you get for owning a car in the city. if you ever wanted to give me a lift to Target, that'd be cool too.
speaking of journalism, there's a picture of me raising a glass of wine (in a plastic cup) in a small local NJ newspaper
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