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Noted.But also, WTF. Come after 6pm and you're required to spend $15 to dine??? Fuck off. With a few friends and that is upped to $25 per person??? I guess that's not hard when the fried rice with "vegan chicken" dish is $18, but I'd rather spend $14 for Roberta's non-vegan bread and cheese. Alternatively, I'd just walk a few blocks north to the place Manton and I would frequent: Lychee House (solid but still overpriced. But not AS overpriced).
if you're in town drop me a note.right. Asian.
If you go, go with a group of 4 or 5. This will let you order a ton of dishes and will end up cheaper than the tasting menu. What you see in the pics isn't the full list of what we ordered, yet the total came out to just over $60 a person pre-tip. And the foie gras soba is a must - the meats are great and all, but there's no way I could reasonably replicate the soba at home (can get foie, couldn't do that broth and couldn't do those perfect noodles).Also, forgot to...
Now that I think about it, I've been to a bunch of restaurants in the past 2 weeks. Best Pizza in W'Burg - seriously good. There's a number of styles of pizza out there, and this I'd call this the classic NY slice (thin yet hard crust) except with really really good ingredients. The downside is you pay for it as a 20" pizza (which, to be fair, is very big) plus vegetables is $28. Didn't stop me from reordering on Tuesday. Decoy - went with Foof. Once again,...
yeah, it's great. But yeah, a pain to get a table. I still haven't been to Lilia, and had the opportunity to the other night, but I was dumb and decided to pass so I could relax at home.
I wish this wind would break.
there are also "classes" of cyclists it seems. Here's gomestar's non-comprehensive list: Fixies: The guys (always guys or lesbians of all races except Asian) in fixies seem to be able to navigate traffic like crazy and can turn on a dime to avoid a crash. And, overall, they seem to be more in tune with cycling in NYC etiquette even though at first glance they appear to be "out of control and all over the road". Flowers: Always women and always slow and always taking...
yeah, the 355 has a stellar "easy to maintain" record.
iPhone or Android for the tele?
We get it. You're a rich white kid from Connecticut who went to South America for the first time. Make sure you post about it in at least 4 threads (mission accomplished)
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