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https://www.amazon.com/Big-Data-Revolution-Transform-Think/dp/0544227751/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1474918888&sr=8-1&keywords=big+data only read parts of this so far (being slow), but it's really interesting.
thanks Gus, and thanks to the others who had recs.You're right, I don't have a dream guitar in mind. Wife wants to get me something for our 5th anniversary, and she wants it to be an acoustic, and I'm totally down with that .... but just not sure which and for how much. Part of the problem is my father has a really amazing Taylor 810 from the mid-80's that just sings, and I know he doesn't play and would be like "please take it, play it, enjoy it, go pay for its setup"...
$1K or so, what should I do for an acoustic?
Not up to date and did not know they released a low watt Silver Jubilee. I have an original Black Jubilee 50/25W, and it's awesome.
Yeah I joined but didn't play because I suck, but it was really cool. Tale of two opposites really. Booth so scientific, and gave a good lesson on some complex chords. My neighbor, on the other hand, was drinking and smoking weed.After a solid jam with pB on rhythm and neighbor on lead:pB: "walk me through that jam."neighbor: "ummmm. huh. I like to go really high, then switch it up and go really low."pB: "ah"
the Princeton is easier to get into.
it's kind of a weird place. some really good things there, some confusing things. i'm going here tomorrow. not sure what to expect, but i'm also not paying. http://www.chefsclub.com/new-york-city/about/
cocaine is a hell of a drug
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