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but agreed on the cheap ass people. "by waiting until movies come out on VHS, I can save $100 a year!!!"
any recs for a good pickle recipe?
and for the record, I think the guy taking a dump is hilarious. "you've probably been drunk before, but have you ever been diarrhea on a subway drunk?"
i find this rule applies to pretty much anything.
http://gothamist.com/2014/11/24/nyc_subway_worst_ranking.php ok list, but I'm not big on their rankings. The problem is frequency of occurances - I've never seen somebody taking a dump on a train, but backpacks annoy me every single day. One is way worse, one is way frequent.
was talking on FaceTime with my brother and his girlfriend. They live in LA but are planning a trip to NYC this January. He thought it would be hilarious to lean over and fart, so he did, but he accidentally shit his pants. I love my brother.
nice, that's a fantastic amp.
as you can see, it's a huge hit in this thread
New Posts  All Forums: