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That sounds much less painful.
God help the world.What I mean is the epic multi-page Foof-trolling. Excellent work on his end.
I disabled the child-custody-dispute alarm after that one 4-AM alert happened way back when. I keep the weather one on because one day it might be useful. I hasn't been useful yet.
there was like 3-5 minutes of super serious rain. serves you fucking pricks right for exploring barren flood zones at 4 AM on a Wednesday morning.
just wait until I tell you how i lost a fuck load of blood. it involves everything non-dick related that would give pB a raging hard-on.
Ate 1/2 a cup of soup. Kept it down
nobody has connected the Foo dots yet.
2-years salary
my brother's fiancee cuts hair up in Hollywood. It's such a weird place. Still miss it regardless.
i can barely install light bulbs. on a similar "can't figure out shit" note, my wife had 3 separate fuck ups when making me canned tomato soup for lunch.
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