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It's ok if you have a dick tattoo. I won't judge.I hope it's a tattoo on your dick of a bigger dick.
I always thought it was because of extra fuel in the tube that goes from the actual tank to where you stick the pump in. this is, of course, almost certainly wrong, but I also don't own a car.
first cartoon is gold
yeah, I went at 3 PM today to get a chicken sandwich (thanks StyleForvm!), and it was 30 minutes from desk to sandwich. the new Fulton Street location is already swamped with tourists who struggle to choose from the menu of burger, or hot dog, or chicken.
the problem with the Shake Shack burger is the Chicken 'Shack Sandwich.
I play rental car roulette a lot, and this weekend I got pretty lucky.First was a Ford Fusion. Huge trunk: after we packed for 3 adults and 2 dogs for a weekend trip, we realized we had enough room to pack a rolled up 6' x 8' rug AND it's matching carpet pad. Drove well. A bit wide, but Manhattan to Williamsburg then Williamsburg through Manhattan to Jersey City, then 4.5 hour drive upstate used up only half a tank of gas. I was happy.Then it was a Subaru Forester. ...
BaoHaus is also not far away
artist did some small touch ups on the top of my shoulder, the area I thought sucked. Was cake after ribs. Side of rib was fine, moving to the front was yikes.some poor bastard was getting the middle of his thigh done at the same time, and he was struggling. Towel on head, blank stare, friend had to make a snack run, etc. Sister in law has some area done, and she struggled. Wife also has same area done, and she was totally fine (it really is person to person when it...
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