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goats sound like way more work and effort than a rescue dog. Hell, you have to buy an expensive dog just to maintain the goats, which in turn will then maintain the sanity of the dog.
meh, that'll just be tourist bait.
the food situation is a surprising plus in the northern part of FiDi. Lots of good options.
and to be fair, there's not many places for good fried chicken sandwiches in NYC
our pup had a rough 3-5 years, and she bounced back pretty easily. We only had her since Sept. 2014. I don't doubt that she's a different dog than she would be had she been properly raised from a puppy, but she's still learning. My wife just started doing visits to local youth shelters and hospitals with her in conjunction with the Good Dog Foundation.I'm not aware of any difficulty issues with the Northeast rescues, we worked with one. The dog we found happened to be...
on a similar note, working with a rescue is very helpful as well. Most of them foster the dogs, so they often have a multi-month idea of the dog's temperament, exercise needs, likes, dislikes, overall disposition, etc. And most have enough dogs that you can pick and choose which one would be best with some input from the rescue on the individual dogs.and I'll +1 on our pound dog. Incredibly well behaved dog from the very first minute (and already house broken). Will do...
right now it's dat Nutella and dem pretzels.
i'm having a blast. Still learning how to operate under a "normal" schedule, never realized what a toll the crushing stress of a finance roll can really take on one's health and happiness (it's not the hours necessarily, but the unrelenting pressure of "get this wrong and I will kill you and your reputation". It really is unrelenting, yet I'd be the first to admit that my last roll under our IB's COO was relatively cushy all things considered). I've had one or two of...
yeah i'm alive, though super busy. Last I knew Booth was alive too.
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