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Citibike stations are popping up all over my 'hood.
also Casa Mono
all but like 5 were consumed. then the next day, we realized that the shells were all soggy, so we just ate the filling like it was yogurt
i didn't do it, i was merely a spectator. No extra fingers growing on the wife as far as I can tell.
although the cannolis you brought over to my pow wow were a huge hit.and yes, by cannolis, i mean dick
yep. Hoping for a bigger tip. Same thing that happens in bars.
just bubbles
last night was a perfect night for a midnight fire in my building. oh even better, the fire knocked out all of the AC units edit: AC is apparently back up. Thank god.
it was around 73 degrees when my wife did the NYC Triathlon at the end of July. Or so they announced.
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