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Patrick and I went apple picking this year. Foof was busy.
Thurs.i work in analytics. this is nothing.
the weekend beats the point when I'm on vacation and can enjoy earlier non-wait dinner times.
come out to Roberta's. I'm off for a little.
seems forced, no? Figs and pork, yes, figs and foie, yes ... not sure about figs and chicken.
Been meaning to, actually. Can rent a RR for like $100 a day.regarding rental cars. I've usually rented from Avis and for a weekend rental you should book for pickup before 2:30 PM on Friday since you'll get the weekday rate for the next 24 hours which is FAR cheaper than the weekend rate. You don't need to pick it up at 2:30, just reserve the car starting at 2:30. Has saved me hundreds in the past.
to go on the bicycle talk.... was nearly flattened today by a delivery guy. fuck him. quiet Brooklyn street and I decided to cross with a no-cross signal (yes, my fault). I looked right (direction of traffic), looked left (safety first), even looked across (direction of travel), and boom all of a sudden this fucker comes around and misses me barely by a few inches. He was traveling from behind me against traffic and turned right into me onto another against traffic...
Went to The Anchored Inn for greasy dive bar food last night. Surprisingly great bar food and good beer menu.
Noted.But also, WTF. Come after 6pm and you're required to spend $15 to dine??? Fuck off. With a few friends and that is upped to $25 per person??? I guess that's not hard when the fried rice with "vegan chicken" dish is $18, but I'd rather spend $14 for Roberta's non-vegan bread and cheese. Alternatively, I'd just walk a few blocks north to the place Manton and I would frequent: Lychee House (solid but still overpriced. But not AS overpriced).
if you're in town drop me a note.right. Asian.
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