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it was actually part of our apartment search. "well that counter top is bullshit, I'll see what that Chinese place has in stock and see if Luke can install"
homie you've got my number (actually i don't think so, but email and PM, yes). Always worth shooting a note and seeing what happens.
my wife was born and raised (up until a point) in Hawaii too. Not the back roads, and any care and concern has since been hammered out.
I've heard good things about lawyerdad.
i thought the point was to post something interesting and more than just a given. that's like saying "I'm so NYC that I was once on a delayed subway train".
I'm so NYC. I walk past the people sitting on the stairs at Union Square and pretend I'm looking for a friend, when really I'm just looking for skirts to peep.
yeah ... and I have a lot of NYC and Brooklyn friends, but I exclusively see it from the people I know in Jersey City.
I have a tattoo on my dick. Of a bigger dick.
the UK can really suck the life out of building designs
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