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i don't really have a horse in this race, but when i saw the crying Brazilian woman, Eric Cartman's "sweet tears" voice came into my head.
yea. there are some pros and cons with macarons (mostly people trying to create stupid flavors), but for one sweet that can encompass a big range of textures and flavors, macarons are pretty awesome. IMO the most perfect food might be chicken. A good chicken and you can make it awesome in a huge number of ways.
can confirm that they are tasty. And, unlike cupcakes, there aren't 5 macaron stores per block.
being a macaron connoisseur or a multi-year Williamsburg resident who has never even had a macaron are both equally hipster despite their apparent polarity
http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/crumbs-bake-shop-cupcake-chain-closes-stores-report-article-1.1858063 do I mind? Nope.
i've never liked the idea of living in a big city where a car is a requirement.
Facebook has shown me to never forget the power of an idiot who is given a stage.
co-op boards just seem like stupid opportunities to be fratty and gossip about residents.
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