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dude, in the US, it makes for an awesome conversation piece for years to come.
those type of people are usually the asshats that also add read receipts to all their emails. fuck them.
make it a black donger.
at least she skipped over the Haut Brion.
are we talking Mexican-Mexican or Gringo-Mexican?
the problem with making one's own mozz, at least as I see it, is that that DOP Mozz di Buffalo is easy to find in NYC and it's head and shoulders above everything else I've had.
pretty good. I actually have made a few things from the Ad Hoc book, there's like a whole chapter on canned stuff.
landlords, the vast majority of them at least, do not like the idea of a pit bull in their building.
sucks on the low tip, the wait staff had no fault on that, it's all the kitchen.
there's a chance. as of now only a chance, that we end up in Williamsburg.
New Posts  All Forums: