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yes, I heard
are you that poor already?
depends I guess. Ask my wife if there's a certain type you're looking at. A while back when we were looking at new appliances, I just called a PC Richards store and said I'm working with an architect on this project and wanted to inquire about the trade discount for appliances. Got 20% on the Bosche stuff we were looking at, but it probably varies. I think Miele is usually around 50%, but I don't know who to go through for that (wife would know).
easy: don't order online.
DO IT. The atmosphere is going to be absolutely nuts. Isles don't want to make it their last game at the coliseum. I expect a hell of a battle.
sadly this happens a lot.I was having a ton of trouble with my fridge, and we had to have repair people out 3 times and they replaced the same part 3 times. Turns out they never remembered to plug that part in, so each time it would "fail"
the perils of when a renaissance man runs into the inconvenience of dirty dishes.
Isles def. lost it and let their emotions get ahead of making smart plays. Saturday's game should be a blast.
can't handle all that steak juice also, when you order a new one, ask what the architecture trade discount is. Usually good for 20% off.
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