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going on day 3, and it's been awesome. Her leash manners are really great, minimal pulling, no leash grabbing, takes well to directions, sits when i tell her to, etc. She'll be easy to train, and it helps that she's already very confident. She's currently in a 10 or 14 day "easy" period. Our walks are no more than 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a day, she's in her crate mid day, at night, and when we eat dinner. She also eats in her crate. She certainly doth protest, but it was...
3. They think.
it's not my fault you're getting old! are you off work tomorrow?
i can't stand dream theater
here she is:
my wife owns a shop in your neighborhood?
how is it that people manage to forget about sales tax? "But the sign says 2 for $5!!!?!" Idiots. They're also the same type of person that pays with cash and insists they have the exact change somewhere.
Put ice in cup. Walk over to the water filter and push the fill button. Dick around on phone while I wait for it to fill. Notice it's full so I stop and take the cup. Notice that water had ricocheted off the ice and onto the crotch of my light grey cotton pants
I'd throw out my "big SUV's are so unnecessary" argument and buy the most-unnecessary G63 if I could afford it. Alas.
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