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prick. I thought about this, and only now do i realize "sole" was the right term. My initial thought was heel, but since this is StyleForvm I figured everybody would be like "well that's only one part of the back of a shoe blah blah blah" so I went with bottom. Yes, stones in my bottom.
sharing my plight. All of those fucking stones end up in my shoe's bottom.
let me guess ... too hot today.
not pissing me off or anything, but I still LOL. And because lefty is Canadian. I went to the Nets game yesterday (free tix and of course they lost), and because they were hosting Toronto, they sang the Canadian national anthem. Since I played hockey for so many years, I know the words in the anthem, and not even a quarter of the way through it I'm barely paying attention, and yet I get one of those "wait a minute ... those aren't the right words" moments. And it never...
can't tell if srs. was it never mentioned in Jersey?
did partially. I think that why the damage looked so bad, it kind of got squished like a bug.Damn. I thought they'd just glue new plastic on, but daaaaamn.
One of these rear ended an SUV on my block a few years ago. I know they're built in a certain way that has all of the structural elements on the "inside" and right around the driver, and as a result the body is just a bunch of plastic glued together. The result of this + the accident made it seem like a really terrible total-loss collision, but no, it's just all of that plastic coming off.Pretty sure the SUV was left with a paint scuff.
oh 9 months? i'll speak with the excavator guy about condoms next time.
Booth brought this to my attention years ago but it's still a problem ... If you're a utility company and need to get under the sidewalk to get to something, fine, I get it, the sidewalk has to get broken. When you're done? Replace the fucking sidewalk. Don't just shovel black tar-laded stones over it and hope that'll do. Fucking hack job.
visit Graham Ave south of Montrose on a semi-warm day. It's a bunch of motorcycle people trying to out-douche each other. The absolute worst are the ATV morons ... just as loud, but couldn't qualify for a motorcycle license.That weird corner of Powers and Olive street seems pretty perfect from a noise perspective since it's an awkward mix of one-way streets originating plus it's one block removed from actual traffic. It's like there's absolutely no reason to be there if...
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