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it's not too hot, you're just too much of a prick
if we've had a better day weather-wise this year, then I must have been out of town.
the fact that he was able to drive a Countach actually makes me respect him more.
and just like that, contest over. I can always count on SF. fun fact: back in high school, I worked at a Target, and one year Rod Stewart came out with a christmas album of sorts. As a promotion item, the store received one of those life sized cardboard cutouts. I took the Rod Stewart cutout and put it in the employee bathroom in such a manner that it was staring at whoever was sitting down for a dump.
on the 6, I've noticed a stronger signal while i'm at my desk, but a weaker signal when in the men's room. This makes me much less productive.
I'm always pissed off at [[SPOILER]]
i didn't even know 8.01 existed.
problems with carriers or questions about phone plans must be the most frequently mentioned topic at Apple stores.
we're barely into the pre-season, and already long-term injuries for Datsyuk, Stepan, and J. Staal.
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