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it's kind of a weird place. some really good things there, some confusing things. i'm going here tomorrow. not sure what to expect, but i'm also not paying. http://www.chefsclub.com/new-york-city/about/
cocaine is a hell of a drug
i know i know, just busting balls.trying to remember where I heard a similar line, and then ah ha!fast forward to 3:20
carpenters blaming the tools here
I have this.It's just as heavy as it looks.
"So the rents here must be like $1,600-1,700" PatrickBooth: "yeah, per person"
non-bombing jets
context taken from a pB post in the pissing you off thread: I'm really glad I don't bang random Williamsburg girls. Besides the obvious reasons (I love cock), I really can't believe how often I've randomly run into people over and over again in W'Burg. My friends in the building next to me? 5+ times on the train in the past few months. My AZN architect friend from college who lives across the street? Also 5+ times walking home from the train. If I started banging...
New Posts  All Forums: