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that many people really can't be THAT much into philosophy.
I was given the blankest stare of my life when I was in an architecture firm that was designing stools for a restaurant and asked them if this is the final product or just a "stool sample" apparently female architects don't appreciate poo jokes.
that only gets the seat lukewarm. 98 degrees at most. 120 degrees and we are in business to do business.
agreed on the pedal ... but at $4 all in, I can't really see much of a downside. If it's great, you only spent $4, if it sucks, you still only spent $4. kind of reminds me that I played a Les Paul with these auto-tuners. Cool in theory, and cool to see them self turn and shit, but it seemed as if any little string bend totally messed with them. Ended up sounding like a complete disaster, and for how much the guitar cost, I'm shocked that somebody at Gibson thought...
why are heated toilet seats considered a luxury and not a standard? i think they make the world a better place.
Pens/Rangers was a weird series. It was both close and not close ... the Rags were the better team by a long shot, but didn't play that way. Pens played hard and each game was decided by a single goal. M-A Fleury was really solid. A skeletal D in front of him, but he played well all series.
looked at these and ended up getting another chair by Morrison, but these would be solid with kids.Note: I don't have kids. But I presume the chairs we ended up with (Trattoria by Magis) would be a bit of a pain with kids (the ridges are hard to clean)
i wonder a little bit about the structural support, but I'm a fan of most things Nendo. 4 of those in a row would look cool.
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