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there's a chance. as of now only a chance, that we end up in Williamsburg.
i asked my brother's Mexican girlfriend where to go, and she was useless.
even more of a pain in the ass to get to.
false. It's lovely out.
and then again last night.
any suggestions for quality counterfeits?
speaking of wine books, "summer in a glass" is great.
it was a "great weather weekend" in NYC. Two really, really, beautiful days.
the fill level on that '86 was pretty low.
interesting to hear, thanks. I was speaking to an asian guy about it yesterday (short guy, green hermes wallet), and he suggested that in a lot of densely populated asian cities, people simply don't have dogs or pets, nor would they want dogs or pets, so a 100lb black dog naturally has them on edge. It's something that I had no idea about until I started with big dogs in a public setting.
New Posts  All Forums: