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I can't remember the last time we had a rain all day type of day. October has been good.
^^^ give that guy some beers and you're in for a hell of a night
we have one of these and it's great:http://www.pendleton-usa.com/product/Home/Pets/All-Pet-Products/LARGE-NATIONAL-PARK-DOG-BED/173706/sc/3421/c/2395/pc/1816.utsit has a thick outside shell that's removable and can run through the wash. Helpful for fur and/or the occasional puke.from a throw-away perspective, just go to TJ Maxx. Can get a functional bed for $20, then use it, then toss it. It's what my in-laws do when the calvary comes into town.Glad this thread was...
I did the same, but I worked at Target. Then I played the hockey stick warranty game (old one broke, buy new one, wait 20 or so days and then send the broken one back to the warranty dept with the new one's receipt. Old stick replaced.)
it's just part of the culture he deals with. don't talk about work projects, don't stick out, etc.
my father in law works for a defense company and so he likes to keep a low profile. One time, I met him for dinner in San Francisco. After, we're leaving and he shoots me a look like "don't say it". Turns out the car rental company gave him this bright blue FJ Cruiser, and he was mortified. Damn car stuck out like a sore thumb in that parking lot.
and who can forget "Porsche Girl"
so, tampons and shit.
ha, could actually do this (the truss rod part, not the play the guitar for her part since I'd pick a song she knows and while she's a trained jazz vocalist, she'd actually get mad at me for hinting for her to sing without prep).and while that truss rod example is good intentioned, it kind of looks like one flower fucking another flower from behind with its own truss rod all the while "raising a leaf" about the ride / "raising a leaf" to spank that ass.the most important...
New Posts  All Forums: