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after a few robust rides on a bike, I'm going to say that everybody sucks. Not that cyclists aren't assholes, but I can't help conclude that many bike/pedestrian incidents occur because of multiple faults on both sides. Sure, the cyclist was going the wrong way, and he's a dick. But you also tried to leap across the street with a stop signal because you thought you could make it across before the oncoming cars came and didn't bother to follow the "look both ways before...
i use it all the time with the parents and brother. not always for a dick pic.
astroglide prevents butthurt
they come in big bags, but they're hard to come bywant
I've pondered it, though I do have my own bike down here now. Rode from home to the farmer's market on Sunday, and what is usually quite a hike ended up taking like 2 minutes on the bike.
Citibike stations are popping up all over my 'hood.
also Casa Mono
all but like 5 were consumed. then the next day, we realized that the shells were all soggy, so we just ate the filling like it was yogurt
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