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yeah, binge watching the Sopranos can be a job.
calling Fang66, or whoever that usual suspect is.
I have heard that the real Sopranos rabbit hole is re-watching the series with "comments from the cast and crew" switched on.It's something that I can't bring myself to do, for sanity reasons.
reminder: NYC has traffic.
I'm generally meh on kale, but I did try an excellent kale salad this past Saturday. Baby kale, pine nuts, salty pecorino, lemon, olive oil, herbs. Really good. if you all were wondering if my sister in law's "conspiracy theorist" boyfriend made the waiter sit down, promise full vegan, fully organic, pesticide free, and absolutely no GMO's in his salad ... why yes, yes he did. did the rest of us at the end of the table make a jerk off motion with our hands ... why...
he doesn't "do" the beach or water
yeah. it's pretty weird.
are you an MD? They're the only bankers on my floor that actually wear suits. If you're not an MD, everybody will just make fun of you for trying to overcompensate for lack of confidence. Or you'll be asked about your "doctors appointment" (interview) later.same thing with pocket squares and french cuffs.I actually wore a jacket today, but only because I had a "doctors appointment"
none of you pricks are important enough to "require" a jacket every day. I'm not important enough either, so most summer days I don't wear a jacket. Much cooler when it's like a furnace out.
yeah, there's not much of a good reason for 50 mm rims. I could try to rationalize it with "but I won't be climbing much, and aero would be much more important for when my wife does her triathlons!" ... but yes, you're right, for all intensive purposes the Ultegras are a no brainer, especially for just 3 bills. I could buy a set for both my wife and myself and still spend less than the single carbon set. any other recs? I'm pretty out of the loop when it comes to...
New Posts  All Forums: