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you should have tried some of the outstanding newcomers! Come back!
is your friend black?
ah, I get it, foodguy gets a pass from talking about some of the courses. I will say that is the SFiest I have ever seen you.
Edge Pro "inspired" sharpener order placed.
meh. Tastes like a sweeter version of BBQ, which I'm not a big fan of. Slight bacon taste if I think about it.
he didn't like the fit, finish, ride, and performance ... at least not for the price that MB charges. He saw it as you buy it for that MB tag, not to have a really good small SUV.
C-Town discount grocery store but the vanity of it all remains.
all of it
we use salmon-based food for both kibble and wet food. The dry is just a standard limited-ingreident brand, I forget what exactly. Wet is the blue can from Live Free (I like it because it doesn't smell like shit). Might switch the dry to the same brand.
interesting. Intrigued. I have a $100 Amazon card, and as much as I have no problem spending $200 on the edge pro, $200 is more than $28. Might give the cheap one a go and get good stones.
New Posts  All Forums: