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fair and valid point.
I didn't go
you're the same for museums and concerts. How is it that I'm your only culture carrier? It's such a waste otherwise!
http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/04/dining/in-france-pesticides-get-in-way-of-natural-wines.html?ref=dining&_r=0 interesting article that pairs with a book that I'm currently reading on "natural wine". it's an interesting book, and the author (a MW) insists that natural wines are better tasting than the "processed" alternative, and she tries to offer some science-based evidence of why. I haven't read very much of the book, but I'm not convinced that the wines are better...
oh there were a lot of options that my colleague and I thought of. Base jumping off of a building, scuba diving in the Gowanus, crashing award shows, etc. went with the Jagger high-5, and then checked to make sure they played at the Barclays Center relatively recently. They did.
it's meant to get people excited about moving to the city. Most are from other parts of the US, and only the Columbia/NYU kids have spent a good amount of time in the city already.
meh, this thread has indeed been quiet. fun stuff at the trade deadline. Was sad to see Duclair get shipped off, but the Rangers want to make the big push this year. Even with Hank out injured, they've still been pushing. I fully figured Toronto would suck this year, because they always suck, but i did not expect such a monumental catastrophe. Holy cow.
I have to fill out this stupid interview Q&A "profile" that the new college grads get to read and become enlightened by. Mostly just annoying crap like "what tools do you think are best to have in order to be successful..." blah blah. I don't really have time for this, there's like 15 questions. One of the questions is "tell me about one of your favorite 'New York City' moments you've had since joining", and I said the time that Mick Jagger gave me a high-5 backstage...
yeah, even though my Tele is my main, if I had to pick 2 guitars to play just about everything, it'd be a Strat and a 335.also, got my Strat back from the setup. Southside did a great job.
edit: prick move.
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