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i was expecting an oxford comma.
i think 5% of cabbies are pretty cool and the other 95% are complete lunatics. I was in a cab with my in-laws once, and my father in law was in the front seat. The cabbie was a young Asian guy, and he was a complete lunatic when it came to driving. Somebody cut him off, and very calmly he said "do that again and I'll make you famous". And then he casually turnd to my father in law and said "everybody wants to be famous". And then he continued on with reckless...
damn, can't make. Wife has shellfish allergy.
deets on the soup?
avs finally picked up a win. Boston continues to slide, only scored 4 goals in 4 games this season.
so it looks like "politics" rears its stupid head in answering my question. Typical. Sotheby's is kind of weird in that they're not just an auction house. They have a retail store as well, and I'm pretty sure import a bunch of wines. Not sure if there's a distributor part to the importing side.
i coudln't make the latest auction, but I like their mixed lots. Usually older wines with scuffed labels or something (would never buy with signs of seepage). Not all of the wines are going to be amazing, but it's a quick way to pick up some nice deals. would have considered something like this (would look up Brunello vintages first) http://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/ecatalogue/2014/finest-and-rarest-wines-n09197/lot.642.html
some slow starts for some teams. Philly - not unexpected I guess with the defensive corps in pieces. NY Rangers - strong, hard win in game 1, then a sloppy performance in Columbus followed by a total egg drop in the home opener to a crappy Toronto team. Boston Colorado - WTF? Two games in and NO goals for? Dallas - top players aren't producing
i guess it's somewhat expected with these types. Nobu isn't going to carry an older Dauvissat.IIRC, Per Se's list was surprisingly young. I remember one time the the oldest DRC was a La Tache from 2000. They wanted $5,500 for it.here's the results from Sotheby's last auction.http://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/2014/finest-and-rarest-wines-n09197.html#&page=all&sort=lotNum-asc&viewMode=list
at the Sotheby's auction, there was clearly some guy there buying for a restaurant. Loaded up on old Burgs and spent fuck you level money on it all. Not sure which restaurant or anything, but I was surprised at the overall lack of restaurant groups there. It's 11 AM on a Saturday, free food and free wine, and there's some steals that can be had on the cheap. If I had a restaurant, I'd show up in a heartbeat.
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