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yeah, that's who I saw. It was a good show. Too bassy on the kick EQ, but whatever.lots of tweens.
My group plays jokes on each other all the time. It's how we don't kill each other.
well, at the time, the dog was all skin and bones (she went from 45 lbs to 65 lbs), so she would have made for a crappy roast. but no, I didn't yell at the dog. Every ounce of her instinct said jump up and grab that awesome chicken.
our life-lost analyst was out, so we unplugged her computer mouse. normally, that's a lame prank, but we knew she'd struggle with it. Indeed, it took her 10 minutes of horsing around with it before she finally called tech support and inquired about needing new batteries for the mouse. I don't get how some people manage to sneak through life.
I haven't roasted a chicken in a while. No excuse. one of the last times I made it, the uncooked chicken was in a bag on the counter, and I ran out real quick to get some wine. Came home and found the dog eating the chicken in the living room. She got to a whole leg. Since it was like a $25 bird, I still roasted and ate the damn thing.
i went to a concert and it was just a single guy who did all this shit with loops. Made it sound like a whole band, there was a trigger for a kick drum sound and he used a muted string sweep for a snare-type sound. Then vocal looping.
get a looper. it must be boutique.
there's no merit when either of you two say it though. if dopey were to come in here and bitch and moan about the weather, then you know it's crappy out instead of just 71 with a dew point of 65.
never been to that park. We avoid dog runs, too many crappy owners out there. ended up buying 5 or 6 records. I don't own a record player, but my brother does, and I'm going to mail them to him. $5-6 each, not bad.
Was reading about the NHL playoffs on my work computer (prohockeytalk.nbcsports.com) and I then highlighted the the the address row to type in "st" for StyleForum. Didn't didn't click on the address row properly and ended up googling "prostate" on my work computer (pro + st + autofill).
New Posts  All Forums: