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i've never liked the idea of living in a big city where a car is a requirement.
Facebook has shown me to never forget the power of an idiot who is given a stage.
co-op boards just seem like stupid opportunities to be fratty and gossip about residents.
70's is too cool when a beach with cold water is also present. Give me 70's and no beach or 90's and beach.
condo fees can be ridiculously high. I'd much rather pay for broken shit and own it outright than throw $1500 in monthly fees on top of the mortgage. the building on my corner had a decently priced 1-bedroom that we liked. Then we saw $1800 a month for their stupid fees.
me neither. I still have odd dreams about not going to class, which i was really good at.
see, i don't ever want to be the "first owner" since it means new construction, and the quality of new residential construction is atrocious. When looking at apartments, I did actually tell our broker that I don't want to live in a building whose name starts with a definite article. I'd like to buy a beat to shit brownstone, or part of a brownstone and just do a gut reno.
what is my role?
i've concluded that's it's good to move every few years as a way of "resetting" (read: getting away from all of the stupid fucking junk mail that i get)
smart people >>> people that check every single "experience" box on their resume
New Posts  All Forums: