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Is Neo both Greek and Canadian? I guess it explains so much (I feel like the Canadian thing is an ongoing issue, and a number of years ago he mentioned something about "Jamie" going to a Chili Peppers concert that night, which was in Greece). add a step brother from New Zealand, and we have come full circle.
have not, but I'll add it to my list.Taqueria El Fogon is on my list of "pretty solid" places that we re-order from.
NYC "mexican" restaurants tend to be pretty uninspired. A taco section, a burrito section, enchilladas, and then a mix of standard "platos principales". And everything is served with standard rice and beans. have not tried Empellon in the W Village and would really like to
West Coast (so around LA) has incredible Mexican food. W'Burg has some tasty options, but they still fall short vs. LA mmmmmmm, want me some Mariscos for dinner.
i'm waiting for Booth to detail Texas for us.
on a similar note, the other week i sent my brother a snapchat of a big 'ol fart, because I'm really mature. Told him volume up, so he knew what was coming. He was at work, so he snuck off to a quiet room and hit play but heard nothing. Turns out he was still connected to the bluetooth speaker in the room where two managers were working away. He said they came out holding the speaker and were all "was this you? vile."
you're doing it wrong. Buy first, and then ask for forgiveness.
next week.
1990 Pol Roger Champs. Great balance between old and new, though skewed to the "nicely aged" side. 1966 Louis Martini Napa Cab. The surprise of the night, not dead at all. Nothing particularly noteworthy in the end, but this $2 supermarket wine survived nearly 50 years, and it was still chugging along. 1974 Mondavi Napa Cab. Outstanding wine from an outstanding vintage. Really awesome, and great depth. 1980 Mondavi Napa Cab. Off bottle, may have been a little...
turns out a Starbucks gift card will not open the office turnstile. Ribcaged.
New Posts  All Forums: