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is it worth springing for UHD? My cable company can't even come up with a reliable remote, never mind a quality picture.
i think an Acura something. RL?
I hope my guests don't jump in trash piles before visiting.
need to figure out a way to turn off the "child custody dispute" alert on my work Blackberry.
Need one too.I just wish there was a fucking great TV that had great color, great refresh rate, and that's it. They gotta be all fancy now with Wifi and cloud shit and the works. I don't want to pay for that.
yeah, the sidewalks are gross right now. We need a downpour.
I've hosted more "gatherings" just this spring/summer than I did in 5 years on the UES. Don't know if it's a Williamsburg thing or a roof deck thing, or just me being more social. demolished some Dinosaur BBQ last night. and this morning.
I think it's an underground thing. The corner of my old block always smelled like pee, and I was always like "wtf, it just rained".
trash day for that neighborhood
dig the Moroso chair.
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