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mom & pop also don't have 22,000 other stores that allow them to use their size and scale to leverage the price of milk and coffee down to pennies per cup poured. Starbucks does, and it's obviously a factor that allows them to have hundreds of consistent beverage options that no mom & pop store could possibly have.
no, of course not, and I'm not trying to suggest this is the case (if you love the way it looks, then goddamn buy it!). Simply explaining why some of these "classic" pieces tend to fall out of favor for a lot of designers, and a lot of it is the stereotype that if you're rich and need a cool chair, you always pick from a group of 5-6 standard MCM chairs. Same thing for outfitting your office lobby.
you know I'm married to an architect whose job is to present pitchbook after pitchbook to clients who sort of know what they want for a space, right? Most architectre isn't ground up these days.
hmmmm, you make a good point, which is weird.but yes, accessibility is a big deal. It's why "design within reach" is named "design within reach" (reach has nothing to do with pricing). It's also why people who actually care about design hire architects and not interior desecrators. Architects pretty much have to have a vast knowledge of all types of furniture that is out there, they know how to buy it, and then how to set up a room so that it makes sense for how the...
this is a little out of context. A Barcelona next to your sock drawer is a little different from the Barcelona chair that was designed for the Barcelona Pavilion. It's no different for many things ... rich people buying '82 Margaux to "pop bottles", rich people who can't play guitar buying up every last 1958 Les Paul Burst.basically, we can't have nice things.
I've made this point before, but a few people rejected it because it was me who made it. I believe the specific point was around stuff like Eames and Barcelona chairs and Nagouchi coffee tables, which are beautiful and great and all, but are panned by the design world for their ubiquity ... because if you have a little bit of cash and some free space but lack creativity, you're pretty much going to end up buying a Barcelona chair.
ah, yes, always worthy of a mention. What a down and up season for them. having said that, I'm predicting a first round exit for them. They were horrible for the first half of the year and then turned it around with a goalie that clicked right away. Problem is, Dub is still an unproven under pressure goaltender. It's only early in the month of April, but teams have put playoff-type pressure in a race to simply make the playoffs, and in that span the Wild have gone...
it's a nice space. I'd prefer a pair of Low Pads in sky blue Hallingdal, but still nice.
the inside of the top one makes me imagine what my arm would look like if i were to slowly punch Chris Farley.
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