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I wondered why I've been sleeping so well the past few night. Answer: the city fixed that series of 6" potholes that was near my window. Garbage and delivery truck drivers would just say "eh, fuck it" and plow right over them making a terrible series of bangs. thank god.
.33 KWilks
he's in Jersey every other weekend
can you answer in units of KWilks?An interior desecrator's job is to take a room and make it pretty. New paint, cool mirror above the fireplace, sweet lamp, and a ficus.An architect's job is to take a space, already constructed or not, and make that space work for the occupant's lifestyle. With that comes a deep knowledge of past architectural work and a complimentary knowledge of how things are built and what options are available to make a space work (architecture...
I see "tugg" and I just assume NSFW
I always think the same thing when I see these mega locomotive trains being guided on this tiny little track ... but alas somebody has figured it out.
a fried egg sandwich + ketchup is one of our "time to be poor and lazy" dinners. Also, if we are drunk and want to snack. need to make this more, but we never have bread in the house.
this is something I really want to do. I know of a place in NJ, it's just a matter of getting off my ass and doing it. I'll even invite pB along.also, FTFY
I can't believe some of the depreciation I see on certain vehicles (most things AMG, anything with that VW V10 engine, GF's M5, anything Range Rover, anything Jaguar, etc.) I mean, it makes sense, most of these cars are ticking time bombs, but good lord. Thankfully, we have articles like this: http://jalopnik.com/the-six-best-unreliable-cars-you-can-buy-from-carmax-1687770994
I've never understood the appeal of egg whites.
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