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or diet
cookies like that give me a stomach ache after bite 3. edit: late to the party
in my observations, far more low-income people on the other side, far fewer hobos.
and go eat dinner at Red Farm.
you do work in a hobo hotspot though. They're never hanging out in Tribeca. they should recrate that dumb catcall video with "hobo calls".
lots more hobos on the streets and subways. It's very noticeable, IMO, and the % increase of homeless people on the street also reflects this. I think it's a double digit gain, but not sure if that's just the past year or 2-3 years.
please tell me you did the right thing ... and grunted like you were being pulled apart at the limbs.
pretty much. fist bump to me.
don't. my wife is an architect and has like 5 versions of soft rulers meant to match specific bags.
not gonna happen (from a "destroy your community" level). probably going to distrupt a few events that happen at this time of year.
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