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I think that flea would be a totally cool guy to hang out with. I conclude this based on his twitter feed.
I have no problems at all with musicians who are pricks. Blowing up a hotel toilet with dynamite makes you awesome in my book.my one rule is you can't be Canadian and a prick, which I understand is weird and sounds like country-hate, but they're already pricks with just their music. God help the likes of Creed, Rush, Nickelback, Bieber, Lavigne (note: would hit), or Sum 41.I've met Geddy Lee, and he's certainly not a prick, so he gets a pass.
never listened to much (if any) Eddie, so I can't comment on whether or not I like/hate. As long as he's not one of those guys who is really good at played box scales very quickly, then I might like.
when I googled "felony assault", one of the first things that popped up was "felony assault NYC", suggesting that it might be treated a little differently in the city
when something that sounds like a big slab of pork belly crashing onto a tile floor is actually a pompus asshole being bitch slapped ... it makes my morning.if this happened on October 30th, I would have gone right out and picked on up for my new halloween costume.
my guess is the guy also didn't stick around to press charges, nor did the police on scene see the video (I'm guessing this because of the NYPD quoted as "investigating the video" when charges were already made at the scene.
there's also the idea of using a creme fraiche based dressing and adding hot dogs and chives to the mix.
"happy half birthday to meeeee!!!" [[SPOILER]]
i have a Ferran Adria cookbook that includes a damn good potato salad.
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