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update. god damn it.
I'll risk the "took soon, bro", but apparently one of the people who died was sitting in a parked car. Just want to bring this back to a few months ago when I asked why on earth are a baffling number of people hanging out inside of parked cars? I still don't get it.
there's been 3 or 4 since 2008ish, and a few people have died as a result.
I see that cheater used Wilier and I remember many years ago (in Piobtown, actually) visiting some bike stores with a relative, and they pointed out a few super expensive frames from Wilier, so I always held that brand in kind of "epic frame, epic price" territory. fast forward 11 years and even Wilier is offering an "affordable" well-eqiped option along with their $5K...
You can even get small engines installed discretely on your bike. Just be careful, you can't race with them, and you need to make sure a friend doesn't have a completely identical bike with an engine who happens to be hanging out at the same race, and that the team mechanic doesn't mess up which bike goes where before a championship race. Really important. (sorry bike people, I've played a lot of competitive sports, but nowhere was the pure asshole to kind of a prick...
wife's bike has the latest 105 group set, and I have little doubt that it's an improvement over my decade old Ultegra set. Really impressed first time I saw it.
yeah, I was riding my dad's old Bianchi Vigorelli (steel frame) and it's surprisingly comfortable. On a true road bike I couldn't see myself having any reason to make the switch from even old carbon, but as a city bike with all the basic components, it'd be great. question about tire width - I've always had super thin tires, just habit, but it is worth considering going wider for the Brooklyn roads? Currently have 23s, is it worth thinking about a 25-28? No gravel or...
http://www.competitivecyclist.com/orbea-avant-m30-complete-bike old model, Ultegra parts, but always good write-ups there, and same frame (and frame geometry). weight probably shouldn't be much of an issue, carbon is super stiff and yet super light. You might see some limits on ultra high performance frames (meant for the weenies on the mountains) and on high performance wheels, but that's about it.
give a look at Orbea Avant. My college roommate, who actually raced pro for a while (and who was the Canadian time trial champion for a time) raced Cervelo for the TT's but an Orbea Orca for the races. Twice, and on separate frames, he ended up with a crack or a problem, and they replaced it for free both times (note: he rode the bikes really hard and was a tall guy. Both frames must have had thousands of miles, and I fully assumed the problems were his fault though not...
wut? I just checked Specialized, Giant, and Orbea sites. All have bikes at full MSRP with carbon and 105 in the $1500-2K range, if not a tad above $2K. And note that's retail, which is rarely paid. Giant even has a carbon + 105 + disc model for $2100 full MSRP. Carbon is an actual and big upgrade, disc breaks are mostly just pretty and can stop good in the rain.
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