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what's wrong with an old strat that at one point got dirty?
wife was texting me all in distress yesterday because she dearly wanted a Peanut Butter Acai bowls from Juice Generation (we used to live next to one). I promised her that there had to be some yuppy juice bar around the corner, but then we realized there wasn't, and that made us both happy.
OJFC, what scum bags.i love watching some old Buchanan. worth a look on the youtubes, peoples.i especially like gear that is stained from smoke filled clubs.
that's why i said a big room is a great tone accessory
i don't even know what a lute is, so i guess it'd be perfect.
where have you been. Boss CE1. there's a boutique version by Retro Sonic, but it's not made anymore, so the waitlist is neverending.
it's too good at apartment levels to deny
but i don't even have an amp right now
i had one of those too. Not sure why.
a lot of these fancy pedals seem like they'd be a pain in the ass on a stage where you have limited time to set up, limited space available, and limited resources to power them. studio is a different story.
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