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of course you just had blood work done, you're constantly at the doctors for your digestive issues or your possible cancer and ebola I can see an argument for veg + fish + some meat ... but not a steak and sausage diet.
I've only seen 2-3 versions of that song live, and I'll admit it was years ago, but I recall him just playing the solos verbatim from the album. Kind of a bummer, though I think the execution was flawless. Gilmour isn't one of these guys, but I lol anytime I hear a guitarist try to improvise a sweet solo and think god damn it stick to the album.
highly doubt it, especially in the long term. I'm sure your doctor agrees. I'm hoping the "nightly big steak and side of veg" wipes out a lot of hick towns and future Sarah Palins.
I see the gold as something being driven by Jony Ive, who seems to really like cool materials, and ceramic-hardened 18K yellow and rose gold is right in his wheelhouse. I think the aluminum version will sell like crazy, the others so-so. $200+ bucks to upgrade to steel, and it's meh. Personally, I'd go with (am going with) aluminum.
it's not the smell that's killing you
which is why I love LA. And NYC.
DC is a pain in the ass, and +100 if you have to pay to park at a station. I did this for a few months, and in general getting around + paying for getting around + paying for parking can be a real hassle in DC. Really enjoyed DC otherwise.yeah at 2 AM when the trains are less frequent and the West Side highway is completely clear.
^^ I can believe it when he says it.
yeah, start with Ikea pieces, then replace bit by bit as you get more $$. CB2 has solid stuff that's a tad more expensive.the only meh thing about some Ikea pieces (not talking about quality of construction, which can be meh) is that, in my experience, a lot of Ikea storage pieces are meant to be built, and then stay built. Our somewhat flimsy 96" shelving units were going to remain as is, and there's no way we'd be able to get them out, so they'd need to be broken down...
this is complete nonsense for NYC where the subway is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way for the vast majority of destinations. This isn't taking the B-11 bus from the suburbs to the Planned Parenthood clinic downtown.
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