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and how much grease is getting on your furniture?I might have my bike brought down since I don't feel terrified about riding on the streets of Brooklyn. Specialized [something] carbon, Ultegra parts, FSA carbon crank, Ksyrium SSC SL wheels.wife needs a road bike (she did the NYC Triathlon with a hybrid), so checking out a bunch. An Orbea carbon looks promising.
acrylic is pretty expensive
I've heard their salsas are really good. speaking of, I'm addicted to Herdez salsas.
their house brand stuff is cheap, but the other wines they sell are usually right at market pricing.
TJ's is good when it's not in NYC.
yeah, some guy that she didn't like tried to kiss her. True sexual assault recovery story.it worked out for both parties. She got a cause and he didn't have to live with her.
it gets outrageously crowded there on weekends and leading up to the holidays. Same with 5th ave.
1st dibs and Craigslist are full of aspirational idiots
did you score tix for their Met show?
the NY Post's "hey other women, cat calls are awesome!" article has my new feed full of fist pumps.
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