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idk, what do you mean by quant? Analytics for sure, but i'm not a statistician (though I did take a bunch of Stats back in college).
this is what I'm hoping for, though I'm still super Noob. I already automated about 6-8 hours worth of work down to about 15 minutes, but I did that in Excel (it's a simple copy paste data here, and then here, and then about 20 or 25 charts and graphs self populate, self calculate, and self format).One of the guy on our Dev team is really well versed in Python, so he's been showing me a few things here and there. I figure it's a super marketable skill, and since the...
anal cancer
MIT @ edx
I'm around, Nov-Dec are just super busy for me, so less time online.Holidays + busy at work + taking a class in Python Code = busy Gome.
got it. I went to college in Ithaca, so I was curious. Beautiful area in the fall.
where upstate?
changing from the left lane to the right lane was basically a "well, put the blinker on and see if you can nudge in" operation. No way to accurately judge if you actually have enough room to merge.
was given a Toyota Sequoia as a rental last week. Damn thing seemed like it had front blind spots.
did a good bit today. keeping it like this for at least a few weeks, then will think about basic background options.
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