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i'm worried about the inside of the arm, TBH my artist actually has a fairly light hand (according to my wife, who had her forearm and thigh done by her).
I could never bring myself to buy from Mast Bros because I figured it was all marketing. have purchased from Fine and Raw, which is around the corner from me. Can't tell if it's legit or not, but I have enjoyed whatever I've tried from there.
met with artist for about an hour, had a great chat. Changed plans a bit - instead of finishing off half sleeve on right arm, going to do a full composed piece on left arm (right arm already has work, left arm is blank). Initial thoughts are shoulder down to elbow.
I don't mind at all. Talent is talent.
paid for Adele tix by selling Adele tix and profited mightily.
i think anybody who buys a car for off road capability is kidding themselves into thinking they'll actually take it off road."but the driveway is gravel!"
I'll complain about the weather. It's been so nice out that I really underestimated how close to Christmas it is, and shit needs to be ordered ASAP.
via my Facebook news feed: "When’s the last time you drank a rare $3,000 100pt wine? 2012 Screaming Eagle up for grabs. Today's outrageous wine deal." congrats Screagle!!!!
prob E92
next time you're in LAhttp://www.midwayreservations.com/gallery/hybridspecialty
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