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an in-law claims this was floating around in her wine bottle. probably a cheap/crappy wine, but ... what is this?
I rented one of these the year before last (Q3). Really nice except the Nav system drove me nuts. The BQE is not an ideal time to go on the fritz.
+1. I'm bored after 5 minutes sitting in the sand, but give me a boogie board and I'll entertain myself for hours.
it's not going to end. I still get bills from Time Warner Cable. My last month with them was July 2014.
this reminds me of something. Back when I lived on the UES, I would frequent this one bar and eventually became buddy buddy with one of the bartenders. One day he goes "yo Gome, you want any steaks? I got a guy coming." Totally weird. Next thing you know, a van pulls up, this big black guy named Tyrone jumps out, and he and the bartender start wheeling and dealing steaks. Tyrone also had a healthy supply of salmon and lobster tails (and probably a bunch of other...
steakhouses - because expense accounts exist.
Frass Canyon was the fake name of that big winery in Sideways. I wouldn't normally remember that, but I remember watching the movie with the director's comments on and he noted getting that name from his exterminator or something. I guess Frass is the technical term for bug poop. Glad we now all know what Frass is. We're learning today.
a steakhouse is a steakhouse. You overpay and overeat. BTW - actually ate at Sweet Science on Saturday. Brunch, in fact, which I never do. Really good. And then I went to a new bakery that opened up just around the corner and spent $10 on 4 normal sized cookies
Ti frame? From what I can tell of the components, that bike isn't messing around.
I mean I see it excessively. 10 PM in the warehouse district of East Williamsburg, and I'd bet you $20 that there'll be somebody just sitting in a turned off car within the next block or two. I see it almost every time I'm out to walk to dog. If it didn't perplex me, then I probably wouldn't notice how prevalent it is.
New Posts  All Forums: