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Not up to date and did not know they released a low watt Silver Jubilee. I have an original Black Jubilee 50/25W, and it's awesome.
Yeah I joined but didn't play because I suck, but it was really cool. Tale of two opposites really. Booth so scientific, and gave a good lesson on some complex chords. My neighbor, on the other hand, was drinking and smoking weed.After a solid jam with pB on rhythm and neighbor on lead:pB: "walk me through that jam."neighbor: "ummmm. huh. I like to go really high, then switch it up and go really low."pB: "ah"
the Princeton is easier to get into.
it's kind of a weird place. some really good things there, some confusing things. i'm going here tomorrow. not sure what to expect, but i'm also not paying.
cocaine is a hell of a drug
i know i know, just busting balls.trying to remember where I heard a similar line, and then ah ha!fast forward to 3:20
carpenters blaming the tools here
I have this.It's just as heavy as it looks.
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