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nice. I've delayed my half sleeve over a mix of design preferences and laziness.what else would it become? Prime real estate naturally means bye-bye old tombstone carving business, and there's really only 3 neighborhood options for this retail space: coffee, juice bar, tattoo.
it's pretty much a cycle of drink alcohol to counteract the coffee I've been drinking all day, and then drink coffee to counteract the alcohol i've been drinking all night.
but so are artisan coffee people.rational conclusion: people are annoying.
it's not like needing a line of coke.
i usually start working when the coffee starts working
you could also, like, roast a chicken or something.
here I thought the talk about Canada was annoying in the New York City thread, now we have fucking talk about the office lobby coffee in Houston, Texas? Granted, it's slightly better than regular SF coffee talk, but still fucking annoying.
or diet
cookies like that give me a stomach ache after bite 3. edit: late to the party
in my observations, far more low-income people on the other side, far fewer hobos.
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