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prob E92
next time you're in LAhttp://www.midwayreservations.com/gallery/hybridspecialty
i think it was Enterprise out of White Plains' airport. We were able to choose the car, and the Fiat looked like it would be fun ... and it totally was. doubt there's many Abarth's out there for rent (more cost + stick only, etc), but I'd love to give one of these a drive. Heck, even the lowest of the lowest trim on the 500 was fun, a little more oomph and a loud exhaust would be a blast.
+1. Rented one for 3-4 days a few years ago and loved it.we'll probably pick up a beater car in the coming year (wife promised that M3 is ok in 2-3 years, need a better parking situation first), and I'd totally consider a 500. The problem is whenever we travel to visit relatives, it's always a car packed with 3 people, 2 dogs (one of them very big), and all of the luggage. Couldn't swing all that in the 500 for the 4-5 hour drive.
further:http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/19/science/freezing-fish-killing-parasites.html?_r=0i wonder how fish tacos from Chipotle would end up
I've actually never worried about shellfish. You can pretty much tell if half the batch is dead before you even cook it, and then again after you cook it. On top of that, you can pretty much tell if the batch has been around for too long (your nose will give it away). I've only purchased a "way too old" batch once (thanks, Whole Foods), and even before i thought about cooking it I could tell it was a no.
oy, so sad. wife's childhood dog, an Italian Greyhound, passed away i her sleep on Saturday night. 15 years old, it was time.
$2011 335xi can be found with ok miles and priced in the mid $20's. A 2011 M3 would be mid $40's, and even going back to 2008 they're still low $30's.Looking at some beater cars now. Priced out an M3, but it'd be street parked, and that just isn't wise. GF here can't even rely on regular parking lots. Maybe in 2-3 years.
see my additional note
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