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I used to quote Metropolitan a lot, but nobody would get it so I had to stop.
haven't seen in a long time. Must fix.same thing with Heavyweights.
we still quote it.
"Big bad buuuuuuug has got a bit of a soft side. Was that your auntie?"
ah, we do the same with Men in Black quotes. Anytime we see a cat (either IRL or on TV ... usually not IRL since I'm very allergic to them) is the inevitable Edgar voice and "I'm lookin' for a cat. A PET CAT. Means worlds to me" or anytime a beer is opened it's Rip Torn's "we're not hosting an intergalactic kegger".
right up the ass that reminds me that ass jokes are always funny, and that makes me happy. This past summer, my brother was visiting from LA, and we were in the car witih my mother who was going on about "guys, just give me 10 minutes. 10 minutes without talking about farts, or big dumps, or dicks, or boobs, or any of that ... just 10 minutes". Didn't make it to that 10 minutes.
the thing about higher-end furniture is that the "MSRP" can be constantly moving based on fabric options. The Krefeld sofa, for example, can be either $5K or $10K or anywhere in between depending on the fabric. oh yeah, - 20% on that
9 AM: WTF was going on in the Hudson? Some boat was spraying huge columns of water into the air, and then 20 powerboats were speeding away from it heading south. All the while normal commuter and commercial traffic was going on as normal.
I was working anyways.
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