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a darker story emerges (and, oh, a super dark chocolate Nutella sounds amazing)
sometimes, a room just needs to smell like sugar cookie.
any recs for dog friendly hotels, beaches, getaways on the East coast?
I'm surprised that the "cool objects and furniture" thread hasn't derailed into warm color palates and Yankee Candle limited editions
oh, yeah, I employ a staff for my dog. [[SPOILER]]
Your taxes are simple enough that the government isn't going to bug you, but getting them done on the cheap, yeah I can see that. We checked on a few places a few years ago, and some of them were a couple hundred bucks. Nope.
are your taxes that complicated? Just do it yourself.
a tad far in this forsaken cold
they should give me a bigger tax return for not having any kids. "This guy has no kids ... ok, so less waste for our sanitation system to deal with, one less pupil in our public schools, he seems pretty well grounded so the kid isn't going to rack up any bills in the penal system, and we already rape this shit out of his paycheck ... throw him a couple bucks, let him know we appreciate the no kid thing. After all, he's probably going to take that return and visit some...
I (er, my wife) already filed and then received our tax return. I promptly bought a handful of knick knacks that I really don't need.
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