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let me know if it's still solid. It's odd ordering "spaghetti" over the other pasta dishes, but it's what has to be done.
catching up on all of my overdue stupid required training courses. oh yeah, I'm a huge fan of an HOUR LONG courses on anti money laundering. And code of conduct training, big fan. And records management technique, of course I have 45 minutes for that.
yep. Cheaper there (only $24). It's kind of commercialized now, but it still delivered last time I went.
i was listening to them the other day. I liked the song at first, but then I thought they were trying too hard. I forget the song, but the bridge was way too crowded. The next part was very good.
festivals can be lame, but there's also the advantage of space. Pull out a blanket and relax on the ground while the crazies occupy the front. Can't do that in a club. also, you just don't like them because at least at a club you can wear a suit and it's reasonable to assume you came right from work. At a festival, you're that clown who showed up to a music festival wearing a suit and tie.
I wish I was more handy around the house. It's not that I need to be, but I like the option. I can change a light bulb, hang a shower curtain, and use some Drano ... but that's just about it. I'm the opposite Birdman. I did have a moment of handy last night: I used my eyeglass repair kit to change my watch band, and later used the same repair kit to unlock the bathroom door that I accidentally locked behind me (it wasn't one of those push/pop locks, it required a turn...
it's like interpol.didn't know about selling the sauces, but the dish at the restaurant is fucking incredible. It's also like $30, but everytime I'm near the restaurant I think about stopping in and just doing it. Which, I have done before.
have you ever had the pasta dish at Scarpetta?
I've met people who are huge fans of Björk, but in hindsight I think talking about Björk was more important to them than liking Björk
what flavor is red velvet?
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