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Mexican food isn't a particular strength in NYC, and so the horchata game is usually meh. When it's really bad it reminds me of watered down iced chai lattes.
the problem here is crap horchata, which is everywhere.
i drink mostly iced tea since i find water to be a little boring.
I like coffee and tea and red bull.
dude, it's not. come on. you have to add coconut oil, which counters the acid from cider vinegar in a magical way. both work together to clear your body of the poisons.
ha, yep, that's exactly where the idea comes from. The best is when they do the "buy this at CarMax ... and absolutely get the warranty because why not!" columns. They'll post shit like R8's, S65's, S600's, 760's, anything Audi with a V8, RR's, Jags, and so forth.
my father keeps his old ass 2008 BMW 3-series around because it just wont break. He bought it when he was a consultant and racked up a quick 120K on it. The worst "issue" I suppose was a piston that was misfiring. Ended up being a quick fix.There's also the option of an extended warranty from CarMax (after you buy the car there). I think 5 years and up to 125K miles is only like $2,500 or something. Not worth it for like, a Honda, but German stuff British stuff, etc.
my letter-sized plastic board is still my workhorse, especially for "weekday dinners". Got that damn thing as a gift in college. Cut whatever I need to, and into the dishwasher it goes. If it broke, I'd just buy another one. I also have a rubber board, much bigger in size and about 3/4" thick. I use this for prepping bigger and fancier dinners, although it's not exactly a looker. Sharp knives tend to stick into it a little, which could annoy some. If it gets dirty...
yeah, they do things in 24 hour blocks, I've noticed this before when playing around with things. So a pickup at 2 PM on a Sunday and dropoff at 10 AM on Monday has no price change when you move that dropoff to 1 PM. Never thought to also play around with pickup times, and damn, sure wish I had.
this year's tour was actually excellent. I only caught 8 or 9 of the stages, but all were exciting. Lots of excellent routes, and great battles on the mountains.
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