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i use oil pulling to help make my food safer. About 20 minutes before I eat, i stick my food into a tub of organic coconut oil.
as i see it, this is a problem. WTF are you going to do for 20 minutes? Make coffee (oh, wait, then you've just reversed your cleaning efforts)
walking with the boss and i stepped on a creaky part of the floor that sounded just like a fart.
i'm part mexican. srs.
out wearing polyester suits
i make a fucking amazing hollandaise sauce. in the blender. fuck brunch people.
brunch is the perfect setting for seeing people act like boners. Accordingly, i don't brunch.
scientifically, does the acidity level change? IDK. But I find that ageing does smooth out acidity, or at least the natural process that happens when you age wine helps to integrate the acidity.also, in order for a wine to last a while, it needs to be quite acidic. A flabby wine just wont hold up over time.
i will say that I do appreciate how quiet my new 'hood is.
"that place is too loud and it's always too cold in there. The Thursday night pot roast is good, but you have to get there by 4 otherwise it gets too crowded"
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