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there's one right across the street from the airport
rented a Hyundai with 23K miles. Was fine. note: rented in Puerto Rico, which apparently eats cars for breakfast. On the sheet where the dealer circles any damage prior to renting the car out, he just circled the whole car and said "don't worry about it". I must have bottomed out 10-12 times total and nearly slammed 2 or 3 unmarked speed bumps (note: presumably speed bumps). Did not hit any iguanas, though must have passed a dozen dead ones on the side of the...
In case you missed this ongoing saga:http://jalopnik.com/carmax-just-paid-another-514-85-to-fix-my-range-rover-1746862325
you can if you buy from a place like CarMax. I think 5 years/125K miles is something like $4k.
i mean there's some caveats to this. W'Burg is not Manhattan. A car could actually be quite convenient since there's only 1 train line, crap busses, and very few cabs (but thank god for Uber). If you're a "leave BK on the weekend" type, then yeah, you can manage a car in W'Burg for non-Manhattan car prices. It's still expensive, but it could be worse, and there's a number of gas stations, plus easy access to the BQE for your Hamptons escape. We've actually been...
http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/02/mta-one-day-625-delays.html# interesting read.
um. want.
the good ones are all about great texture. same thing with most sausages.a bit overdone, IMO. Never had one that didn't end up a soggy mess.
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