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i don't understand why aluminum + 105 + disc >> 105 + carbon + 105 brakes. Even the performance/weight/acceleration/feedback on my 12 year old intro-level Specialized carbon bike feels like an immense upgrade over my wife's 2014 Giant aluminum + 105.
cost.Priced out a few bikes earlier in the year: Orbea Avant M20 (full carbon, mostly Ultegra) and $2,299. Add discs and the price jumps to $3,199.http://www.orbea.com/us-en/bicycles/avant-m20d/http://www.orbea.com/us-en/bicycles/avant-m20/(note: the M23 "downgrades" to mostly 105 and can probably be found in the $1,600 range. Would consider)And also don't forget the added cost if you upgrade wheels (since that's usually the first upgrade). Most disc-ready wheels that I...
submitted and ID picture for the badge to get into the office building fingers crossed
i can't even walk on SoHo's crappy streets, let alone road bike it.
pondered. CarMax has a steady inventory of 2011's with around 50K miles for around the $20K mark. Pay a few grand for a 5-year 125K warranty, and I'd be set for a while.
that bike is also used for racing, which I did with my college team (when i was in college). The crankset would ruin your pents in no time flat.A bike is a really fast way to travel locally. Your place down to my place would probably take 2 minutes. I walked it into a bike store on the water to get something fixed, and then rode it back ... the whole way back was just me yelling at myself for walking it there.I'm too chickenshit to ride on Manhattan roads, but Brooklyn...
I suppose a less than ideal way to have that wine, but I actually think it's kind of cool when you have the liberty to see what happens over the course of a few hours then days. Wine can react so weirdly to air. the only thing that drives me nuts is when people purposefully do it to rate wines that just shouldn't be rated in their infancy. Hence the "double decanted" joke. Of course it was disjointed at first, shit needs time to sort itself out in bottle.
yep, that's right around the corner from me. Never been, actually. Biggie is in the opposite direction.
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