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and if you jump up and down on a stairs (but with decent force), the escalator will automatically stop. you'd be stranded for hours.
decided to wear glasses today, but noticed they were crooked. No problem, I'll dick around with them. well now it's just like what happens when you get a new prescription, the first time wearing them makes you dizzy as hell until your eyes adjust after a few hours. Damn it. Headaches on the top of my eyelids, etc.
all of the old escalators are owned by the MTA, but they don't work anyways so it's hard to compare experiences
Per Se does that. One of their dessert courses was a date from farm XYZ in California.
Alt E + D is simply the key command for row/column delete (not contents delete)
waht do you mean repopulate? Yes, there's still cells there, but you're deleting any formats and any other size stealing issues that can happen. A border on a single cell that is accidentally copied down the entire length of column A will bring a file from 9 kb to 6,000 kb. When I highlight on a given row and select every row from there and below then do a "delete row", the file shrinks right back down again.
see instructions in post #2. I only know the keyboard shortcut, but I think there's a delete button on the main "home" bar, and you can also right click and delete (highlight every single row/column)
oh yeah, general feelings about everything: "everything is wrong with everything ... and can you believe it?"
do the delete thing on every single worksheet. there's one that can be the problem child. And I mean delete the rows/columns, not delete cell contents.
imagine Germany vs. Japan in the Women's world cup. kinky sex galore.
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