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+1. It's why I like visiting nice Japanese restaurants. one time, my brother took a shit at Morimoto, and they have the fancy Japanese toilets with the heated seats, bidet, seat height adjustment, etc. Well he decided to start screwing around with the buttons, and guess what happened when he hit "rear cleanse".
probably a little cooked from meh storage.
does the Sunday morning speech end with "praise be to God, Amen!"
Buzzfeed couldn't even get the "people use a bidet for the first time" video right. I hated every person on there and wished it was shooting hot sauce instead. that would be a great buzzfeed video. "We put a surprise hot sauce bidet in the ladies restroom and the results are astonishing."
articles with titles containing strong adjectives or written in the first person are usually just clickbait crap. "what happens next? I'm in tears..."Buzzfeed ruins everything.
actually, yes. Anybody can request any type of snack for the pantry and fridge, and they'll provide it.
my handwriting has been reduced to drawing dicks on things
GF - new company reached out and asked what size t-shirt I am, what size hoodie I prefer, and how many laptop stickers I want. I thought you'd appreciate that. #beanbags
according to Web MD, I have AIDS, Cancer, and was supposed to die a few years ago.
yep, and this is what happened thanks to the new guy. He pissed everybody off by simply coming in with a "no I'll work through it" attitude. Then he got 3-4 others sick, including the boss' boss, who is constantly traveling. This was even after the group basically forced him to go home mid-morning with a "but seriously, don't get us fucking sick" warning.he's not particularly productive, so we just picked up the slack a little, but knocking the others out really hurt us.
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