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not sure if it's a specific style, but it's adapted from some old Japanese watercolor paintings that I have (but instead of birds from Japan, they're birds that were/are always at the feeders at home in Upstate NY). Not sure how easy it is to tell from the pic, but each bird is done in a slightly different style: the inner arm looks like it was painted on, the top looks very sharp and direct, while the back of the arm is a little bit cartoon-y. The only "style" typical...
suits and shoes are a pain in the ass. If you don't mind a little bit of ironing when you get to the hotel, those "zip and squish out air" bags have been a major space saver for me, especially when it comes to t-shirts and sweaters.
my new boss likes to use post it notes, one per task and/or reminder. So we of course loaded her desk with nonsensical reminders about things like "Quiddich Match" and "return video tapes" and "eating contest prep"when I was in finance, we did this to a first year analyst out of UMich. After way too long she opened a tech ticket to get her a new mouse.she was "reassigned" not more than 2 months later.
a bit of a departure from the bikes i already have, but thinking about something like this to bomb around town with http://tribebicycles.com/collections/crmo-series/products/celtic
just booked JFK LAX. Just did JFK SanJuan.
so I'm sitting there and the guy in the stall next to me answers his phone. "Oh hey babe, what's up. Not much, just at work." the toilets are pretty loud and powerful, so of course I start to flush mine back-to-back-to-back while he tries to chat away.
right. since i'm in a city, there's certainly a chance I'm not the only one using one, so it was a solid stocking stuffer to help out in an event that will (pray to god) never happen.
was given some for Christmas to put on the dog's collar.never had to use.
I did Manhattan, really liked it. I did some basic studying from their books before starting the actual course and scored low-600 something on the first practice. By 3/4 of the way through the course I was able to break 700, and on the actual exam I ended up with a 770.Never ended up going to B-school, left finance to work in Tech instead.
Google maps was weird every now and then, sent me to obviously wrong roads/turns. Right next to the airport there's a big McDonald's sign, and there's a gas station right next to that.
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