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a bucket of white with a few drops of black is where it's at
yeah, usually recognizable by the nice gloss. Granted, polyester vs. polyurethane is something I'm not terribly well versed on. The latter (which that Tele has), tends to be much better overall, but doesn't really fade much, which I think kind of sucks.
sucks that it has to be poly though
or she just lives in San Francisco
we have bamboo. would prefer concrete.
Country music people should just spend their time suing each other.
you couild have taken the SF approach: "listen, guys, there's a lot of riff raf out there that could use a bit of serving time. The smart ones, like all of us in the room, and the rich ones will always get out of service. I say why not implement this."
I've noticed this too. It's always the novices that like to post shit to make them look smart. Examples I've seen in my news feed from the past few months include dental students detailing how excited they are to learn about surgery XYZ (probably some sort of enamel cleaning), first-time stock investors pitching the market like Gekko, the political experts, and the every present "novice home cook discovers a new recipe".Too often, it seems like people are copy/pasting...
an obese person at least knows they're fat. "math addicts" would have trouble doubling a recipe.
my "math addicts" friend also works in the arts
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