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there's a giant biggie mural right outside of a restaurant I eat at every weekend. When I tell people how to get there, indeed my directions are little more than "take a left at the corner and then just look for Biggie. The restaurant is right there."
They should rename it the McLaren Gazuntite
totally good 0-60 time tho.the one time my mother did the full "i'm ignoring the boys and going out car shopping myself" she brought home a 4-cylinder Chevy Equinox. Damn thing felt like my Vitamix was only slightly less powerful.
yep. Even my dad's old ass (i think 2008) 3-series has a On-Board Diagnostics plugin and iPhone app that tracks a shitload of data about the car and how it's been driven. He always blames me for "driving like a prick" whenever I take it out, so it must work. It also alerted him of a cylinder (or something) that was starting to misfire and he was able to get it fixed on the cheap before any potential problems happened.Same type of thing applies when auto insurance...
$60K or so for a used 85 is super tempting. My longest drive (about 4x a year) is 220 or so miles, so could in theory make the entire trip on one charge (though, as I just looked up, there's multiple supercharge stations along the route). drawback: I don't own a garage and thus don't own a plug in a garage.
I remember 10 or so years ago when the navigation system was the coolest thing I could ever want in a car.Now, I'm actually looking at older cars that purposefully do NOT have any big screen displays. Nearly pulled the damn trigger on a 2011 335xi last weekend, the car was bare as fuck and awesome. Need to figure out parking first, can't jump on anything yet.
well that forecast escalated quickly...
I got into a bunch of M7 MBA programs two or so years ago. Would have taken full tuition in loans + housing and food + lost wages.
my father bought this gigantic damn air pressure machine so he didn't have to be bothered taking the cars to a gas station get more air in the tires. No lift, though. i know i know, "gome, you just like that machine because you can place the air hose on the inside of your elbow and make 10 minute long fart noises with the outside of your elbow as the air passes through". Yes, so what.
New Posts  All Forums: