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AAAAAARRRRRGHGHHHH i have a U2 album on my phone now
I guess it makes sense in many ways. At the end of the day, meat is pretty easy, and great meat is becoming more accessible at restaurants. I had a f'ing amazing chicken dish at a restaurant a few nights ago, and it was only 20 something bucks. I am most impressed when restaurants take something like snap peas and make them amazing ... it's also harder to do, so I feel like it's where the 3 star places tend to shine.the best thing I've ever eaten is still a salad at...
that thread is really just general talk about NYC with pB and Manton complaining about hot weather while wearing suits.
I'm sure you could do both, this is why I recommended the version with the speed dial. Can do an easy mix or a blasted scramble. When done, I add a touch of soap (uhhh, to the empty container), fill with water, put back on the blender, blend, rinse out, then put away. Easy cleaning job.
soup. salad dressing. herb sauces.i use it a ton for eggs. scramble to make scrambled eggs. scramble for a frittata. omlets. quiche. quick flip of a switch and the eggs are completely integraded and frothy (that is, they'll get frothy if you leave it on longer).also, hollandaise sauce I find that when I keep it on the counter, I'm more likely to use it. So I keep it on the counter.
I don't need an Apple Watch. I also thought that I didn't need an iPad.
been meaning to read that. I started to and got a few pages in.
it was chilly last night. Which kind of makes me happy since colder weather signals the end of motorcycle season.
My fridge is pretty empty, but we order out 2-3 times a week, and rarely do we shop on Sunday for food we plan to eat on Thursday. i know what you all are thinking: yep, solidly middle class.
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