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I do have a tough time finding good Mexican food. Ordered some from seamless last night, mostly because of their decent (if inauthentic) Tacos, but their rice and beans were crap.
Fiats are a blast to drive, and zipping around PCH in one sounds awesome.
well it's usually every 3 weeks, but I did want to say fortnight. And you know what, I'm glad I did.
i'm there every fortnight for my haircut. It has changed a lot.
nah it was downtown. LES. Pain for everybody.
going to see a superb guitar player do a small set from 10-11 isn't taxing! come out to Coney Island on Saturday. The weather should be perfect, and it's an easy Subway trip.
you have like a 9:30 PM bedtime you stupid asshole
busy next few days. show tonight (Cabaret) food with some SF peeps Friday Coney Island Saturday Yacht ride in LI Sound on Sunday Fireworks/NYC Young Patrons Ballet event on Monday Summer!
i'm having a hard time coming to terms with injuries in this sport. Small poke to the arm, and down on the grass writing in pain. Concussion? Back in action! take it from a hockey fan, FIFA needs to take concussions and head injuries very seriously.
I'd +1 on Central Park, but walk up to the more northern parts, who cares about fucking Strawberry Fields. So what if you've already been, I've been to the park hundreds of times and it still amazes me. Coney Island is cool too. So is Harlem, mostly from Marcus Garvey park and north on Lenox. Good food and coffee shops. I like Astoria but meh for visiting.
New Posts  All Forums: