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cabbage heart jus reminds me a little of the cabbage gazpacho from Fat Duck. Really tasty, the ice cream part is kind of a bitch (without an ice cream maker).
this isn't a Restoration Hardware sofa. People see these as art (which IMO is kind of lame). Do I mean investment piece? Probably not, but they're coveted even used. I know what you mean by "expensive because they're nicer", and that certainly applies to 98% of furniture out there, but this is a bit of an exception (along with a few other pieces like a Barcelona chair). A quick ebay search shows new and used ones going for $3-4K. I don't know if this is what the used...
you really think you're going to find a doorman building with a $450/month HOA?
I don't ever want to have a doorman. The thought of the huge increase in price and/or building fees + having to give them a christmas bonus + (the worst for last) having to say hello or converse to somebody everytime you come home from a crap day at work.
fair question. it's a clear no, even if she was mute. big time butterface, and she doesn't know how to apply makeup or lipstick, or even know how to do anything with her hair, so she always looks like a mop that made out with a wall.
guys, I appreciate your kind words, it was pretty heroic that I didn't say anything. I just know deep inside that if I did, she might block me, and I want to keep delivering her LOL updates to this thread. i do it for the team.
should I not google that at work?
Booth is super easy to stalk even though he is the one who naturally looks like he is stalking somebody. I was already around the corner having lunch with a friend when he tweeted that he's waiting at the Apple store. Easy. I also needed to go to the Apple store anyways since somebody stole my 6" charger cable (as seen in earlier pissed off thread posts)
ehhh, i've had a different address before and have been able to pick up. of course, you will probably be screwed.
it does rank high up there. sadly, this performance probably got the kid laid a few times.
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