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http://www.competitivecyclist.com/orbea-avant-m30-complete-bike old model, Ultegra parts, but always good write-ups there, and same frame (and frame geometry). weight probably shouldn't be much of an issue, carbon is super stiff and yet super light. You might see some limits on ultra high performance frames (meant for the weenies on the mountains) and on high performance wheels, but that's about it.
give a look at Orbea Avant. My college roommate, who actually raced pro for a while (and who was the Canadian time trial champion for a time) raced Cervelo for the TT's but an Orbea Orca for the races. Twice, and on separate frames, he ended up with a crack or a problem, and they replaced it for free both times (note: he rode the bikes really hard and was a tall guy. Both frames must have had thousands of miles, and I fully assumed the problems were his fault though not...
wut? I just checked Specialized, Giant, and Orbea sites. All have bikes at full MSRP with carbon and 105 in the $1500-2K range, if not a tad above $2K. And note that's retail, which is rarely paid. Giant even has a carbon + 105 + disc model for $2100 full MSRP. Carbon is an actual and big upgrade, disc breaks are mostly just pretty and can stop good in the rain.
i don't understand why aluminum + 105 + disc >> 105 + carbon + 105 brakes. Even the performance/weight/acceleration/feedback on my 12 year old intro-level Specialized carbon bike feels like an immense upgrade over my wife's 2014 Giant aluminum + 105.
cost.Priced out a few bikes earlier in the year: Orbea Avant M20 (full carbon, mostly Ultegra) and $2,299. Add discs and the price jumps to $3,199.http://www.orbea.com/us-en/bicycles/avant-m20d/http://www.orbea.com/us-en/bicycles/avant-m20/(note: the M23 "downgrades" to mostly 105 and can probably be found in the $1,600 range. Would consider)And also don't forget the added cost if you upgrade wheels (since that's usually the first upgrade). Most disc-ready wheels that I...
submitted and ID picture for the badge to get into the office building fingers crossed
i can't even walk on SoHo's crappy streets, let alone road bike it.
pondered. CarMax has a steady inventory of 2011's with around 50K miles for around the $20K mark. Pay a few grand for a 5-year 125K warranty, and I'd be set for a while.
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