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on a similar note, working with a rescue is very helpful as well. Most of them foster the dogs, so they often have a multi-month idea of the dog's temperament, exercise needs, likes, dislikes, overall disposition, etc. And most have enough dogs that you can pick and choose which one would be best with some input from the rescue on the individual dogs.and I'll +1 on our pound dog. Incredibly well behaved dog from the very first minute (and already house broken). Will do...
right now it's dat Nutella and dem pretzels.
i'm having a blast. Still learning how to operate under a "normal" schedule, never realized what a toll the crushing stress of a finance roll can really take on one's health and happiness (it's not the hours necessarily, but the unrelenting pressure of "get this wrong and I will kill you and your reputation". It really is unrelenting, yet I'd be the first to admit that my last roll under our IB's COO was relatively cushy all things considered). I've had one or two of...
yeah i'm alive, though super busy. Last I knew Booth was alive too.
limited experience here.but that experience has not been particularly good.
RR's always confuse me. Beautiful, luxurious, stylish, capable, and enormous off road capabilities. having said that, it might not be capable of making it to the grocery store.
+100.at my old job, my office was near a police precinct in Tribeca, and yeah, they are seriously undercover. I was reminded of it when I was in Chinatown and some beat up old Corolla all of a sudden had the flashers and this middle aged overweight Asian guy in a beat up plaid shirt emerged with a badge around his neck.
for us, it was easy. Renter's insurance from USAA. I mean it was a Marin commuter bike, worth maybe $400-500, and insurance agreed on the full $500 payout with a $200-or-so deductible. Had to present a police report, had grainy video evidence, and the landlord agreed to pay the deductible since it was the second time the jackasses hit within the week and yet they didn't notify residents about it. This was last year, no issues since. Landlord put in better fences.
yeah dude, fuck those guys. we had a bike nicked from the building storage area, and even though it wasn't particularly valuable and we had insurance and such, it's still like .... fuckers, that was MY bike.
i stuck with 8" and am happy. but i agree the 150mm petty is super useful. It's what I reach for whenever I'm making something that isn't a 2+ course dinner.
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