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the thing about higher-end furniture is that the "MSRP" can be constantly moving based on fabric options. The Krefeld sofa, for example, can be either $5K or $10K or anywhere in between depending on the fabric. oh yeah, - 20% on that
9 AM: WTF was going on in the Hudson? Some boat was spraying huge columns of water into the air, and then 20 powerboats were speeding away from it heading south. All the while normal commuter and commercial traffic was going on as normal.
I was working anyways.
revised: "yelling to me" not "yelling because of me"
nothing like that 12:30 AM call from the boss' boss to yell at you for not being CC'ed on email that you should have been CC'ed on.
Hive Modern and Y-Living are solid when it comes to online stores.
paging a certain someone http://gothamist.com/2015/05/14/best_nyc_old_man_bars.php
He might be the coolest person in the world. I'm so fucking lame compared to him.
I get why the Caps fired him, but he didn't have a good of enough team to work with. Anaheim is pretty well stacked, and it's showing how good of a coach he is.After a few coaching fuck ups, the Caps made a great decision in getting Trotz. He did a fantastic job with the Caps this year, that was a hell of a series.
me too.
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