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I'm no expert on knives like this, though YouTube videos of the edge pro and edge pro-like stuff usually has a ton of pocket knives being worked. It's actually where I got the idea, "oh shit, I have a knife like that and never use it because it's dull like a stick". I could certainly see the need for a duller outdoor utility knife, though I'm as outdoor friendly as a house cat and it'll never be used in the wild for anything beyond packing tape.also note that the edge...
Brooklyn 2017
but absurd is your thing...
Wegmans In all srsness, I'm a out of the loop on what's going on in that area, but I always enjoyed The Heights and Zaza's (I think that's the name). I also always liked Moosewood, which is the quintessential yuppie restaurant, but I think it may be under new ownership. Mid/late May should be beautiful there.
+1. Unless you're a threat to me advancing. Then I will stay up all night to crush you.
early worm gets the bird
I've had my fair share of vintage '89's
I have something that removes rust stains on carbon, but I actually like the way that one knife looks (and truth be told, that picture is a little crappy). A better look at the edge according to my iPhone:edge looks crappy and uneven in this pic, not sure why
so much for the UCI's disc break experiment
my sister in law's iPhone survived 15 minutes in a river, but then ate it a few months later when she spilled wine on it.
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