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that's a little out there
"we strive for complete honesty when helping them with problems on their dishonest chairs"
got to experience how amazing the L can be when there's a "stalled train" between Bedford Ave and 1st Ave.
I'm the opposite. Unfortunately.
if you add red pastic cups, it'll probably look like a beer pong table. if you add chairs, it'll probably look like a dining table. if you add foam swords, it'll probably look like a larping table.
not sure I'd agree with this. When you see a well formed and well written article, it really sticks out among the rif raf.having said that, the rif raf is everywhere, and it's usually contained in articles posted on facebook walls that have certain qualifiers in the titles. Usual suspects: "...and you're not going to believe what happens next" or "25 things that you'll only understand if ..." or "... and pretty much nails it on the head."
surfing in the icy waters?
check out that collar sprezz. You were in before the internet could bring sprezz to a new height.
anyways, now that our new place is starting to come together, I'm starting to miss my amp.
and Canadian
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