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they're dirty from general trash day and from the 4th holiday where people made messes. The rain was good because the sidewalks could have used a bit of a washing. How is this hard to understand.
the rain has been good. Cleans the sidewalks.
I meant a snack at the small tables they have set up. Too much of a pain to do properly while in a moving vehicle, you'd spill oyster juice all over and that shit will stink after 2 hours and you'd be that dick responsible for it.
I suppose that getting cancer 5 times and then deciding to spend your night at a Mets or Yankees game is the true definition of a struggle.
what do you mean by "really struggled"? As in 75 and clear as being oppressive and dangerous heat for Manton and Booth? Or more along the lines of "middle east conflict refugee" type of struggle? Or more of a "had to deal with a taxi driver from the middle east" type of struggle?
why would you paste value of a time or date or even a percentage? Of course it's going to paste a weird number, it's how excel calculates the days between numbers like Feb-19-2015 and Dec-1-1999. why do you need time to display? Are you calculating hours between time? Or is it just a presentation thing, which shouldn't be done in excel.
-1. Whole screen loads, you start reading, then whole screen fucking shifts, and you have to re-scroll to read the post you wanted to read with your original click. Fucking stupid.
do I have to look up the fact that Interpol uses a black J Bass, or am I ok to just assume they do and assume that's why Booth wants one?
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