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my mother's 1999 Z3 sits pretty much all winter. Unplug the battery, make sure tire pressure is ok before taking out again after a while, and that damn thing keeps on going and going.
I had to go into work today, but left at noon after our Australian CEO realized "oh shit, I'm at home and didn't tell anybody they should be off ... sooooo I'll announce a half day!" great day to hire our 2nd black employee, too. I wonder if pB had the day off but went in anyways. #IndividualContributorAward
winter is why a 335xi will get the nod over an M-car for me. Unfortunately.Introduced the idea of a fully-warrantied RR to the wife today. Brought it up on a train from NJ that was problematic as fuck, so I thought I could get some traction. She was swift to note that I was sitting in a seat labeled "reserved for persons with disabilities" and indeed I was acting as such by suggesting a RR for Brooklyn life.
yup. Even having a dog makes me default to 4 door.A friend of mind mentioned considering an M2. He completely dismissed the convenience factor as "not important" (his baby is now 4 weeks old ... not sure how to break the news that yes, convenience will become everything).
I'll give PerSe credit - he didn't want to pay for truffles, so he didn't get to smell them. No freebies for the critic!
i thought the service was totally friendly too. Felt like even though this is a 4-Star place, and even though their job was to "serve me", it felt totally natural and fluid. Nothing uptight, nothing pretentious, seemed like they genuinely enjoyed helping you get a great experience - and I absolutely did.
and the Guy Fieri review brings up another point - in an age of real pain for newspapers, views and chatter matters.
he's right about the price being sky high, though he doesn't make note of the biggest wallet pillage (the wine list). I ate there less than a year ago, and even in the dead of winter, it was still sensational and certainly what I'd hope for with 4 stars. I can't tell if 2 stars represents a series of slips vs. immense expectations or if Pete Wells is kind of a "what's the deal with this guy" critic who likes taking the hammer to previously granted 4-star places (see:...
I think this is is the trend across a lot of industries now, even in Finance when BS + IB + MBA = the standard. Now an MBA then into IB is either "oh you couldn't get into private equity from your analyst roll?" or "oh you couldn't get into IB as an analyst and are taking the MBA to Associate rode?" or, more commonly, "so which country are you from?"It's still a right of passage of sorts for CFO type rolls, I was always surprised by the Finance leaders at companies I used...
ah, nah, no longer in Finance or Finance related roll. I was never a quant either, those guys are nuts with their PhD's and shit. I'm fairly strong at math, but those guys are next level.
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