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what's the deal with disc brakes on road bikes? They've only been around a short while, but part of me thinks "about time". But holy shit they're expensive, I was looking at an Orbea Avant for $2300, and the disc option brings that bike to $3200. I use fancy hydraulic disc brakes on my mountain bike and I have little doubt that they are superior to rim brakes when it comes to stopping, extra weight be damned, but I'm curious how far they'll get on the road market,...
huh, interesting. Now that I think about it, the traffic jam was all idiots like me. Not a single taxi or Uber. will download.
oh, obviously. It's like when you run into an old classmate on the street and you both promise to "lets get a beer and catch up!" sometime.
charge rent, use it to pay off the mortgage, count that as "payment back"
any tips for crossing Manhattan via car? Friday night starting at 7 PM, Williamsburg to Jersey City (6 or so miles) took 2 hours, all thanks to Holland tunnel traffic. This was the Google-Maps approved route, but god, it was awful. There has to be a better way - cross a few blocks up then dart over the Varick to get into the tunnel? I expect traffic, yeah, but this was moving inches every 10 minutes from the middle of Manhattan over to the tunnel.
Piob like to start posts with disclaimers.
I know of a few no-good annoying and just insufferable vegans, but I'll disagree with you here and defend them. None of them, oddly enough, seem to give a shit about animals. None have ever set foot in an animal shelter, or volunteered their time helping abused animals, or donated to rescue groups, or fostered an animal needing a home, or even adopted any sort of animal in need. They're vegans because they think it's a more "wholesome" lifestyle for themselves, and they...
to be fair, he didn't say what his evenings are booked with.
one of our admins is leaving, so they decided to do 5 PM cookies and champagne toast. Well I wasn't aware of this, and at 4:59 I go to take a big dump. I'm walking back 15 minutes later and everybody is gathered and is all "There he is!!! Gome, where were you?!? We were waiting for you!!"
I see what you did there.
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