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http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/02/mta-one-day-625-delays.html# interesting read.
um. want.
the good ones are all about great texture. same thing with most sausages.a bit overdone, IMO. Never had one that didn't end up a soggy mess.
my little brother lives in LA and my mother freaks out about his "extremely aggressive/dangerous driving. He needs THREE car lengths between him and others on the highway". Which, of course, means he'd never get anywhere in LA. sure, he's rear ended people before, very minor. His car has also been hit while parked on a side street, and the insurance company gave him a white VW Beetle as a courtesy car, so I think he's pretty even.
make them mushroom perogies?
not that I'm aware of. Pic was sent to me because she had no idea WTF it was or why it was in the wine bottle. They had to break the bottle to get it out.
an in-law claims this was floating around in her wine bottle. probably a cheap/crappy wine, but ... what is this?
I rented one of these the year before last (Q3). Really nice except the Nav system drove me nuts. The BQE is not an ideal time to go on the fritz.
+1. I'm bored after 5 minutes sitting in the sand, but give me a boogie board and I'll entertain myself for hours.
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