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why are heated toilet seats considered a luxury and not a standard? i think they make the world a better place.
Pens/Rangers was a weird series. It was both close and not close ... the Rags were the better team by a long shot, but didn't play that way. Pens played hard and each game was decided by a single goal. M-A Fleury was really solid. A skeletal D in front of him, but he played well all series.
looked at these and ended up getting another chair by Morrison, but these would be solid with kids.Note: I don't have kids. But I presume the chairs we ended up with (Trattoria by Magis) would be a bit of a pain with kids (the ridges are hard to clean)
i wonder a little bit about the structural support, but I'm a fan of most things Nendo. 4 of those in a row would look cool.
those things happen like once a month on 3rd Ave of the UES. I should have hated them, but I discovered that the odds of me being hit by a car reduced by (approx.) 50% when they were happening.
and the Tribeca Film Festival will probably screw things up around the Holland tunnel. GF, there's a spicy food festival in Greenpoint that I want to go to, and while I can walk there, I'm feeling a little lazy. Can you give me a lift?
old and worn marble looks awesome
You should place a dildo on the ground there and just walk away
Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy (doesn't really count since they were outside of the theater where they're doing a show) Hellen Miren (ditto)
following the bottle seal line correctly? strong follow through? If you fail to do any one of these, then it's probably not going to work. There's other factors that are also important (is the champagne cold enough? is the edge of the sabre blunt enough), but you can still get around those and be fine. Bottle line and the follow through are where dreams are shattered and party foul begins.
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