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check airbnb
well it's going to happen. my busy schedule has been good to you.
i actually wish they were double stuffed. And I hate double stuffed normal oreos.
amex is a charge card, not a credit card. You have to pay it off each month.
i basically tweeted this same thing over the weekend
you're not being a very good brand hoar right now
ballers use Amex.
went to the bodega downstiars to get a healthy snack of sorts. Spotted the peanut-butter Oreos, and that was that.
our group admin said she's going to a holloween party dressed as a prostitute. Hilarious.
I'll miss the days at restaurants where everybody chucks an Amex Platinum at the bill and then proceed to mock the guy who threw the Amazon.com Mastercard.
New Posts  All Forums: