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beach time, assholes.
it's 1 year and they have a top prospect who will probably be ready to compete for a top 6 role in the few seasons.
overhyped or overpriced? That is, if you remove the price and rarity, would it still be overhyped?
anybody ever play a Ceriatone? Their Dumble clone has me intrigued.
it could sound so-so and I'd still want one on looks alone.
Stastny to the Blues. 4 @ $7M per D. Boyle to the Rangers. 2 @ $4.5 per M. Raymond to the Flames. 3 $ 3.1 per Cammalleri to the Devils. 5 @ $5 per
Oilers ink Pouliot, 5 years and $20MM. I mean, i like this guy's year as a Ranger but
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