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Keep photorealistic into perspective - it's a tattoo which is an interpretation on skin, which is active and moves. Further, if you like my arm, note that it's an interpretation of a series of interpretations. That's why a good artist is important, and why their feedback is important.In terms of pain, it'll hurt. Every person is different, but there's enough real estate on the arm that'll give you a sting. IME, pain is less about the fleshy part and more about the...
anybody have any experience with the NYC-based surfing schools?
found a pic. No sensitivity around it, it's just lack of available pics, so here's one from getting dressed on wedding day. Quite literally only the full back pic I have. For whatever reason, damn thing seems way smaller in the pic than in real life (I swear to god it goes half way up the back of her neck ... but now that I think about it, women's clothing fits different in the upper back than men's clothing, so it's visible in almost everything she wears):yeah, I have...
nice. where on the bod? my wife's back piece (from midway down back up to about mid neck) is a tree. Don't have a pic on me, but the artist did a cool thing to get the green leaves on. Looks kind of like they were blotted on with a brush. if you need a good shop, this is where we go:
I am lost...
the latest (NOT edited):
Going back under the needle next week. Dope.
yeah i know. he's had a couple thousand print requests. Heck of a way to start a photo company (his company takes 50 MP photos and stitches them together to make 30' monster pics with no visible pixelation - or something like that). I guess there was somebody under that bunch of trees when it struck and the poor bastard sprinted fast A-F to get out of there after the strike. As my friend so eloquently put it, the guy "must have been relatively fine".
finally a good thunderstorm. So I spent Friday evening at a close friend's place in Tribeca and took this pic from his balcony on my iPhone: today, he scored this pic in 50 megapixels:
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