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the only store that matters is Wegmans. 2017.
that's the thing about boating with big engines ... they fucking drink gas. My wife's uncle has this fantastic boat, and after a few hours out we decided to head back in and he was like "lets stop and fill it back up at the marina" and he bill was like $10,000.
yes, there's projects to my north and then further down to my south.
last year, I looked into buying a tiny ass sailboat. Still want to.
there's a really nice area with lots of high rises and white people and trash cans off the Bedford stop. Beyond that and it can get pretty gross (one block good, the next block meh, etc.)
In reality, fuck you, I'm the one walking a dog and have to pay attention so she doesn't eat a 6 day old hot dog, so yes, I do pay attention to what's on the sidewalk, and yes, they have been really gross the past few days.
no, we don't have trash cans. This complaint has been raised here many times.
they're dirty from general trash day and from the 4th holiday where people made messes. The rain was good because the sidewalks could have used a bit of a washing. How is this hard to understand.
the rain has been good. Cleans the sidewalks.
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