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I'm expecting much bigger demand for the 6 since a lot of 4 and 4S people held out since the 5 was a "minor" upgrade. I am one of those. And when I came in to the office I realized that the 3 people who sit near me were in the same boat. also, the Apple store crashed this morning when orders opened up at 3 AM.
order placed
wife is allergic to shellfish. maybe if Manton and I do our necrophilia-wine dinner.
i always feel that dried fruits can lend a weird texture. idk, not necessarily weird, but specific.
Might as well start with rule changes http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=730165&navid=DL|NHL|home
Really wish I sent you the vine of Big Dick Bitch
much the same way that i don't ever want to live in a building whose name starts with a definite article, i also can't get behind artists who also have a definite article in their name
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