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Odds are Boyle and Stralman are gone for the NYR. Boyle says he wants a more offensive role, though it's not exactly what he's good at. I bet some team drops $3-4/yr on him based on his really strong playoff performance which was based on him doing something he's really good at (good board play, faceoffs, penalty kill, defensive strength). Klein can slip into Stralman's role to make up the top 4.
you should have just waved back with a happy "today rocks" smile
the World Cup is also full of day-long coverage and boat loads of office pools. It's much easier to be involved in the fandom for even the most casual non-fan.
thought the subway was whack again this morning. You can usually tell when the stairs going down are well clogged with people trying to get down and up at the same time. Nope. Just a super round mother and a super round daughter trying to get down the stairs while walking next to each other. One careful step at a time. One couldn't handle speeding up to pass the other and breaking the bottleneck. 'merica
Ghana turning up the jets out of the break
they scored
ohhhh yeah. Those assholes, at first i was only thinking about the critic thing. http://losangeles.grubstreet.com/2013/03/red-medicine-no-show-responds.html
fuck this asshole http://nypost.com/2014/06/16/subway-train-evacuated-after-rider-fight-turns-toxic/
apartment therapy is the epitome of "empty space next to the stairs? Fill it with this unique bar cart that also doubles as an envelope storage case. Isn't that crafty??"
yikes to that show furniture
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