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is a granny knot code for velcro?
a steak-sized chunk of binchotan tends to work best, it can get an uneven sear otherwise
they broke up loooooong ago
photo filter?
does every single street sweeper have dead batteries due to lack of use?
to be honest, I can't say much bad about poly-u finishes. I've owned multiple guitars with poly-u finishes, and all were museum pieces. They all looked great, felt great, and played great (didn't feel like plastic or cement).my preference for nitro finished guitars is simply because they don't look like museum pieces. They fade and weather check over time. They dent easily. If your sweat is somewhat acidic, the finish will eventally bleed off. All of my nitro...
I agree with this in a handful of ways ... but at the same time I rarely use the tele's neck pickup. It's one area where the Strat really holds its own over the Tele (pickup versatility).
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