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maybe a re-label from BBR?
one of the few '66s that might have actually made it to 2014. depending on storage of course.
I didn't realize that if you stumble upon a live news broadcast, you're suppost to run up and yell "fuck her right in her pussy!" Thanks, YouTube!
I do see this point, and I think it's probably quite applicable to non-GT cars like the Zonda or Aventador or Carrera GT (I mention this car since it's so different from other Porche models that can easily rack up city miles). Makes sense.But should we apply the same logic to a 5,000 lb 4-door sedan like the S63?
this looks like an X6 with Down syndrome.
ohhhh, I get it. Daily driving is really hard on high performance cars, which are really designed to push that 200 mph limit. And pushing that 200 mph limit (or even basic track use) is very hard on brakes, transmissions, high performance tires, engines, turbos, etc.
this makes no sense at all.
Home Alone is such a great movie
totally. Even great breasts on Tranny I.now how about you venture a guess at which letter the person who posted this represents. Er, most closely represents.
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