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some people are just major cocks about absolutely everything.the worst is when they get old.
this was Broome Street.
yeah, that was the plan. In fact, i took the day off from work. Then a fire drill happened and since our coverage is so shit right now, I worked until 5. Took that vacation day right back.and I know there's going to be traffic, but my point is it seemed like the exact route that everybody was taking as if this is where Google Maps sent everybody (it's where it sent us). We did one small deviation from the given route and ended up bypassing another 30 minutes of...
Agreed on UI. But I don't really care much about that, I care about a 6 mile trip not taking 2 hours.
I played around a bunch with the Waze app. Need to try more while traveling, but so far it looks excellent and even highlighted the crap road that I was on Friday as a "don't do that" route.
take phone anyways. If it's not a third world country (or even if it is), there'll be wifi in most non-nature places. The phone capability loss of just sticking to Wifi is quite minor.
what? I'm not exactly convinced that a $350 point and shoot would be a worthy upgrade over the iPhone 6, especially as another accessory to carry around. I don't know what the line would be between "just use iphone 6" and "pay the extra for this camera, it'll deliver in ways the iPhone just can't", especially if the intent is to simply point and shoot.
that "$350 P&S camera market" is why the iPhone 6 was mentioned.
what's the deal with disc brakes on road bikes? They've only been around a short while, but part of me thinks "about time". But holy shit they're expensive, I was looking at an Orbea Avant for $2300, and the disc option brings that bike to $3200. I use fancy hydraulic disc brakes on my mountain bike and I have little doubt that they are superior to rim brakes when it comes to stopping, extra weight be damned, but I'm curious how far they'll get on the road market,...
huh, interesting. Now that I think about it, the traffic jam was all idiots like me. Not a single taxi or Uber. will download.
New Posts  All Forums: