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no, the weekend was perfect. Today blows. It was a tad damp when I got to the office, then I just went to get more coffee and turned right around at the doors. Crap coffee today it is. Yesterday was weird in that it felt warmer in the morning than in the afternoon. It was a pain in the ass to change out of shorts at like 3 PM.
I can see the desire for drinking not-water though. It can get kind of meh, kind of plain, and the tap water just plain sucks in a lot of places. And can you really see some 500 lb guy cutting up a lemon to add to his water? No, it's going to be a soda. even orange juice has a lot of calories, so I try to limit that even though it's awesome.
I feel like this is to blame for the vast majority of obesity. Sugary drinks, specifically.Even my boss complains about wanting to loose weight, and then he'll drink a Coke which has about 250 calories. If he feels like he needs a healthier drink, he'll grab a Snapple.
But you have an unlimited budget and unlimited time.
I don't listen to a whole lot of lyrics and they have a pass there, but the Subway is not a porno. The Subway is a flaccid dick, and Interpol's Williamsburg line is not working for the next 5 weekends.
it's Saturday. Don't wear a full suit + undershirt + pocket square, and maybe you'll notice the perfect weather.
potato leak soup with ramp leaves pasta with lemon and ramps
I was outside from 9 am until 1 pm! Now it's time for playoff hockey.
sooooooo nice out
and her boobs are tiny. Also, oral herpes (though that's not uncommon for Hooters)
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