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and visit establishments with A/C. Which is almost every place.
giving these a shot right now. Great. Flavor is spot on for malt vinegar, and they have an awesome texture and thickness that is right between a standard Lays chip and super crunchy kettle. Two thumbs up.
I've heard him here and there, and haven't minded it. Wife really wants to go and it was an all of a sudden "can I spend $200 dollars for some tickets RIGHT NOW". I like her family, so we'll have fun.
just spent a boat load of money on Ed Sheeran concert tickets. My wife wanted to go and bring her family.
no and no. She's a somewhat heavy Indian.
this reminded me of Johnny Knoxville prank of leaving the baby car seat on top of the car and then driving off with everybody in the lot freaking out. Thank you for the reminder, my Friday morning is better.edit: but seriously, I hope she doesn't reproduce and then get a car seat and an SUV. She would do that for real.
but isn't concrete and marble just cold when you lay on it?
this new girls at work, an associate, is super forgetful. Her work is fine I guess, but I don't get how she can just show up to work and be like "I forgot my badge and blackberry at home", and this has happened multiple times. We joke that just because her coat and purse are at her desk doesn't mean she didn't go home. She told us that her first day of work, she left ALL of her ID and international travel and visa documents in a cab, and it was a big process to get them...
an undershirt can prevent sweat stains. nothing can prevent pavement salt stains, but live your dream.
after a few months of riding the A-C-E line in Manhattan, I've made a general observation. Usually, if a train pulls in and one car seems completely empty, you should avoid it since it probably smells like liquid garbage and fungus in there thanks to some hobo. This is a standard MTA rider habit. On the E train, you should do the opposite and look for the fullest car possible since the odds are there's some hobo causing problems anyways. The A and C are fine, but...
New Posts  All Forums: