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i was thinking young train conductors, but I guess live your dream.
that reminds me of this gem from a while back that show that being trashed and public transportation don't always mix.
there has to be something to prevent this. The danger is not somebody falling, it's falling onto the third rail.
I witnessed an ice bucket challenge in my building's court yard yesterday. It involved drag queens.
weather wise, this summer has been awesome. Even yesterday it was a little warm and the AC probably would have been nice, but we were painting the bedroom and kept the windows open for some ventilation. We were still comfortable.
I've been very well behaved in order to avoid a "too soon, gomester, come on man". Glad somebody broke the ice.
had a chance to be great. but no.the physical space far outclasses the finishings.
walked into the bathroom, saw that there were 4 stalls occupied but nobody at the urinals, and I let a huge one rip. The result was longer and louder than I could have imagined. the making me happy part? One of the guys in the stall yelled out "Bravo!"
yeah, fuck those people. I've come to realize that SoHo is a place that I aspire to live in, but know I'll hate it immediately.
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