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try CoCoCo home. Cheap, comfy, well made.
this is why I sold my PRS guitars. They were incredibly beautiful, but I couldn't even accidentally drop the pick without being like "oh shit, did I nick the body??!!?!?"
I have polished so much f'ing copper these past few days. My hands are going to melt off from the chemicals.
+1, this is for PRS and fancy LP's.Note: the pics don't load at work, so I haven't actually seen the guitar.I'd dig a mid 2000's '60's custom shop in Fiesta Red.
seated. and he made note of the "laser-like precision" of the supreme Japanese toilet.
nobody brings their car to NYC to have a fun driving experience, they're there to go from one place to another.Hybrids are actually pretty great in the stop and go, normally that'll suck up all the fuel.
critical update: apparently the laptop stickers don't leave a sticky residue behind.critical update: doesn't help with making porn any better.
lots of them on the road in NYC. I see maybe one per day from my limited time outside.starting to see the new S-Class with the same frequency.
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