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she doesn't exist
people who talk about math or science on facebook usually annoy the shit out of me. The main problem is that people who talk about math or science usually know very little about math or science, and it's just some type of veiled effort to come off as being smart. the actual smart people i know usually do facebook right and complain about first world problems.
check airbnb
well it's going to happen. my busy schedule has been good to you.
i actually wish they were double stuffed. And I hate double stuffed normal oreos.
amex is a charge card, not a credit card. You have to pay it off each month.
i basically tweeted this same thing over the weekend
you're not being a very good brand hoar right now
ballers use Amex.
went to the bodega downstiars to get a healthy snack of sorts. Spotted the peanut-butter Oreos, and that was that.
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