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i still don't know what ALS is and will probably only ever care about it if I had ALS.
you actually post though. It's interesting, at least to me, to see the lurkers. I'm pretty sure it's because my posts are usually really great, and I post a lot in here.
both of those people died of ebola.so, oh yeah.... [[SPOILER]]
ummmm, on yeah... [[SPOILER]]
there were like 200 people wandering around Tribeca for that diner en blanc thing. made me really happy that I'm not going to that dinner en blanc thing.
this is a threak where an odd number of people like to lurk, mostly non NYers. some are better lurking than others. I see you, TC (Houston).
i was thinking young train conductors, but I guess live your dream.
that reminds me of this gem from a while back that show that being trashed and public transportation don't always mix.
there has to be something to prevent this. The danger is not somebody falling, it's falling onto the third rail.
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