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and then they decide that blogs are the best place to learn about agriculture and they go on anti-GMO rants at the dinner table (actually happened with my sister in law's awful "strick organic vegan" boyfriend who EVERYBODY hates).
ah, yes, the sanctimony of vegans returns when they talk about their supposed health. I remember one vegan guy talking about how much it improved his skin."
not true, at least when it comes to grains and meats. (all this is according to my doctor)
vegan food that is simply part of a culture - like some Indian food - is always the best. Is the horseshit mock foods like "cashew cheese" that are gross.
yeah, I don't eat a ton of meat and most of the things I cook are either vegetarian or fish. But these vegan restaurants are absolute garbage. If you're going to be pushing your ideals on people, at least make the food taste good. Fried mixed vegetables. How fucking hard is that? Homefries. How fucking hard is that? Fresh soup. How fucking hard is that? Mushroom ravioli with tomato sauce. How fucking hard is that?I was at this vegan restuarant in the village and...
my stupid sister in law insists on it whenever family is in town. They've been universally awful even though vegans call that food "incredible".whenever she's not part of the group, we all say fuck it and eat at places like Babbo.
why do vegan restaurants serve plates of fake meat garbage when they only have to serve up some fried vegetables to make me happy? Sorry, but some of these fake meat dishes touted as "cruelty free" are really cruel to the diner.
we need to teach our pit how to retreive. She'll chase a ball, grab it, then put it down and run back to me.
everything at Wegmans is pretty damn good.
heard people on the street talking about what happened, but didn't bother checking the news until this morning. Christ.
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