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just saw a Carrera GT start up and take off. surprisingly quiet car.
u mad that he went through the intersection first?
cross fit is next
but cheap Italian food sucks just as much as bad $25 meatballs.
well that's what I was alluding to. Would be a really expensive tray of spaghetti.
you know how much labor that would be? some poor bastard would be there peeling tomato after tomato.
i think that the best way to avoid this is to skip banquet halls, hotel event spaces, and Italian restaurants (where you can also avoid those giant trays of ziti).
yesterday evening, some prick tried to buy $500 from a software store in Yonkers using my CC number. Fuck him. and yes pB, Amex called me immediately, cancelled the card before they approved the transaction, and by noon today I had a new card.
i was going to say that only works if you have like a handful of friends (don't forget, they all get a +1 so a 'handful' quickly doubles), and no family. and it's still fucking expensive. My brother's "30 people plus a clambake" idea quickly scaled to around $5K for food and not shitty drink.
but then she'd just make you pay for the entire wedding, and that shit be expensive
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