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+100. It's been excellent so far. Weekend ahead looks great too. Should be a good 4th and a good time to eat some crappy 'Merican food. if anything, it hasn't been hot enough. I don't trust the beach water temperature yet.
If you have a particularly rough run, why would you want to stand and squish it all between your cheeks before wiping???
I have been ungodly ill the past few days and am just starting to reconnect with the world. Last I knew there was a Bird chair involved.
it's beautiful out. sucks that i'm stuck inside and can't enjoy it for more than a few minutes.
That sounds much less painful.
God help the world.What I mean is the epic multi-page Foof-trolling. Excellent work on his end.
I disabled the child-custody-dispute alarm after that one 4-AM alert happened way back when. I keep the weather one on because one day it might be useful. I hasn't been useful yet.
there was like 3-5 minutes of super serious rain. serves you fucking pricks right for exploring barren flood zones at 4 AM on a Wednesday morning.
just wait until I tell you how i lost a fuck load of blood. it involves everything non-dick related that would give pB a raging hard-on.
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