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dogs you can just give them a treat, and boom, they're cool with a new name
lattera friend of a friend has a pommeranian named Kevin. I think it's a great dog name.
"shhhhh .... when he's in the bathroom, lets move the thermostat up to 74 degrees."
Clarice if girl, Marcellus if boy. Lost out to a Harry Potter name.
"just give all that work to Booth, he's a lifer here so no worries about any protest"
marble is probably the best wood for counters
all of my dog name options were shot down
I get to lol because I'm not there, but my wife brought our dog into her office today (like she does most Fridays), and the dog threw up all over the office.
where can I get some of this dildo sized asparagus?
just checked in with the wife on the rules. The answer is yes, you technically need them, but you don't always file for code checks for private residential stuff so it's much easier to get away with.
New Posts  All Forums: