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aisle seats are definitely good if you have bladder issues. For all other reasons, window seat is best.
don't they change this on you? I feel like I've booked tickets/seats only to wind up in the back of the plane.
Fuck your wayward critique, if it saves me from having to do something at an airport, than I'm in.
heartwarming: I was in a room of important people (my job was to be a fly on the wall), and when somebody on the phone said "hello everybody, Mrs. Beavis is on", and everybody shot each other a look like "did you hear that? BEAVIS!"
I see it a lot in Williamsburg, but that's because Williamsburg has a trash problem. Don't let your guard down. One day you're going to not see it, and then you'll feel it. And then you'll be that guy who makes a poop trail going to the side of the sidewalk, and then you'll be that guy who makes long streaks of poop in an effort to get it off your shoe. All the while people who pass by will be thinking to themselves "ha, dude just stepped in shit. Sucks."
biggest sidewalk menaces: dog poop and children on Razr scooters.
this all just goes back to my theory that the stronger of an opinion you have about something, the less I should listen to that opinion.
Williamsburg must be such a dangerous place for her. the whole cast, actually.
sock check
just set up a Mongolian grill. problem solved.
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