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oh, obviously. It's like when you run into an old classmate on the street and you both promise to "lets get a beer and catch up!" sometime.
charge rent, use it to pay off the mortgage, count that as "payment back"
any tips for crossing Manhattan via car? Friday night starting at 7 PM, Williamsburg to Jersey City (6 or so miles) took 2 hours, all thanks to Holland tunnel traffic. This was the Google-Maps approved route, but god, it was awful. There has to be a better way - cross a few blocks up then dart over the Varick to get into the tunnel? I expect traffic, yeah, but this was moving inches every 10 minutes from the middle of Manhattan over to the tunnel.
Piob like to start posts with disclaimers.
I know of a few no-good annoying and just insufferable vegans, but I'll disagree with you here and defend them. None of them, oddly enough, seem to give a shit about animals. None have ever set foot in an animal shelter, or volunteered their time helping abused animals, or donated to rescue groups, or fostered an animal needing a home, or even adopted any sort of animal in need. They're vegans because they think it's a more "wholesome" lifestyle for themselves, and they...
to be fair, he didn't say what his evenings are booked with.
one of our admins is leaving, so they decided to do 5 PM cookies and champagne toast. Well I wasn't aware of this, and at 4:59 I go to take a big dump. I'm walking back 15 minutes later and everybody is gathered and is all "There he is!!! Gome, where were you?!? We were waiting for you!!"
I see what you did there.
it's a very good book about an excellent wine region.
he doesn't read books. in fact, he should give me back my book on Finger Lakes wine so that I can give it to you. A year is ample time to read a book.
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