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soccer moms can keep their 256 oz. ketchup deals.
the suburbs can do that. city is different.
i wish i had that magic. i'd destroy a SF meetup.
and it's not like there's 35 TJ's to choose from. I know of 3, and all are far apart.
not in that 'hood. Facebook friend posted it.
labor is cheap in Cambodia
I will be having more sex than you. Thanks, MTA!
sometimes. There's another giant Home Depot in Midtown East as well.There's a Kmart around and a Target in Harlem, but they're kind of a pain. Lets be honest, nobody goes to Target for a single bottle of detergent, it's always a cart load. We rent a car a few times a year for various reasons, and a Target stop is always on the list of to-dos.
checking the weather app while waiting for my main course certainly put a damper on my lunch today.
New Posts  All Forums: