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labor is cheap in Cambodia
I will be having more sex than you. Thanks, MTA!
sometimes. There's another giant Home Depot in Midtown East as well.There's a Kmart around and a Target in Harlem, but they're kind of a pain. Lets be honest, nobody goes to Target for a single bottle of detergent, it's always a cart load. We rent a car a few times a year for various reasons, and a Target stop is always on the list of to-dos.
checking the weather app while waiting for my main course certainly put a damper on my lunch today.
also, this thread has brought back horrifying memories of me stepping on those Hot Wheels cars as a kid. the worst wasn't the cars, the worst was this case I had for them all. there was these little plastic car separators, one car per slot, this way they all fit in neatly. For some reason, the toy company decided to use spikes as the separators, so stepping on them always caused trauma.
it would have been sweet to been Hedwig for Halloween. I could have employed the guys downstairs for help (not the druggies, different group with, um, experience in the genre). Would have been expensive, though. And I had no plans to leave, so it would have just been me hanging out at home. Glitter would have gotten everywhere too.
this is true. I would have no shot with my wife if I met her at a bar.
and then you become a painful nuisance for everybody else in the house as those little cars become mines waiting to be stepped on.
needed a potato masher, a simple utencil. Go to the store, and indeed they have one. Seems really heavy duty. Notice the $45 price tag, and put it back I'll make due with a meat smasher.
reminds me of a few months ago at my old neighborhood's neighborhood bar. This amazingly hot chick started talking to me, and I was worried about my game since I've been out of it for years. Not just my game, but I don't have anything interesting to talk about, usually just nerd stuff like wine, guitars, watches, and clothing. Turns out she worked in the fashion industry and was totally drooling over the fact that I have a custom color RLBL tux. I could have closed.
New Posts  All Forums: