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wine spectator ratings are stupid. Adn $35 is Friday night wine.
'MERICA at work here
Diwali must create a nightmare for the tri state plumbing systems.
I'd go with this if they never posted. But they do.
i hate cigar smoke. reminds me of poop. i don't like cigarette smoke either, though i love smoking.
i guess when I think about it, my friends who are doctors, bankers, lawyers, or consultants never seem to be the ones bitching about work or stress on facebook.
teachers are in the same boat
I have a bottle of Martini '66 that I haven't opened. i actually forgot the exact vintages of Mondavi. Bought a mixed lot at auction, the youngest is early 70's, and a bunch from like '81, '84, and '85.
in anticipation of drinking a bunch of old Mondavi wines, I started reading a book on the Mondavi empire. whole lot of
she doesn't exist
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