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i don't have the same issue with the buttons. Mine feel solid.So far, it's a great phone. Was out walking the dog with the wife, and I took a video of her running the dog in slow mo. Came out great. She did the same with her 5S of me running with the dog, and only after did we realize how much better the 6 is in dark light situations.I also like that double tap home button to lower some icons. Well, i don't necessarily like it, but it's a required feature for the...
pictures are noticeably nicer on the 6. A photo sent to me from a 5S looks much more "alive" than on a 4S. I know that "alive" part sounds like Apple Fanboy talk, but I guess it's from better color contrast and the fact that the color pixels are so much closer to the actual screen.
i actually wans't joking when i said 95% of that line is older chinese people. I saw a bunch of flip phones in that line too, so you know what's up.
SoHo. I guess the non pre-order line was massive and wrapped around the northern part of Soho into Broadway.
i picked up in store. Took like 60 minutes total for pickup, which is better than the 8 hours estimate for non pre-order.
just got my 6. It's pretty, though I'll give updates on usage once i have time to like, use it. Saw the 6+ as well, and IMO too big for me. also the line for the non pre-orders was insane. And 95% of the people in the line were old Chinese people who had no problem trashing the sidewalks.
if some cougar came and leveled a big squeeze on me, I'd be immediately on my phone [[SPOILER]]
see, bring a stroller or a bike on, and I get annoyed (calm down, super dads, some of these fucking strollers are the size of spaceships). But I lol'ed at that chair.
I've noticed that school has made a huge difference on the L line. It's not just the trains either, but also the sidewalks near me. Full of kids.
New Posts  All Forums: