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huh, interesting. Not familiar with it, but I do believe that Chambers St. does a great job selecting their wines, so I'd give it a shot. Maybe I'll pick some up next week (if I remember).
not sure, I'm (oddly) not on their list. what is it?
I do have them, but have no idea what size they are (wife ordered them for me on her account). They're fairly roomy. I can fit a 7.5 as a squeeze or (most often) an 8, and odds are I would have ordered the equivalent to an 8.
perfect day to enter the East Village for my haircut
he has always wanted those chair. inexplicably.
I like laminate for dinner tables over wood, marble, glass. Stain resistance + durability. both of those are probably false.
or maybe even a water mister "ohhhhhhhhhhhh the HUMIDITY"
people would know to just pull your hair and you'll be out for the count.
New Posts  All Forums: