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no. a business card works most of the time. just have them look up a distributor and call. also, I'd like some Zipp wheels, so, you're welcome. Thx.
i have gotten drunk on my company's dime. they were willing to pay for it each time.we can pick and choose who pays for our services.
back to a point that was made a few hundred posts ago: call up that friend of a friend of a friend who is an architect, have them call any dealer (odds are they have their own) and order you a chair, then you slip the designer a buck or two as thanks for making that phone call, and then enjoy your chair half-off with free shipping. kind of a hassle, yeah, but so sounds Brittany's ordeal here.
my guess is most consumers have no idea what aniline means and Rove can get away with less-than-great leather as long as the leather doesn't feel like some garbage from Wal Mart. When they're called out on it? Then of course somebody sent the wrong thing by mistake. Their business model is based on ripping off designers and the companies that the designers work with, so why feel bad about ripping off a dumb customer who doesn't know shit about leather beyond technical...
The key to making a dinner like this, at least IME, is choose things that can be easily prepped ahead of time to make for minimal kitchen time when it comes to the actual dinner. I know it sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised “I know restaurants prep risotto ahead of time, I’ll do that!” and then you’re stuck stirring fucking rice for 30 minutes to get it all together. Also, keep in mind that small plates doesn’t exactly equal less prep time. A course is a course, and...
is it still treating you ok?
I already have a Les Paul, and a Strat, and a Tele.Strat vs. Tele and I'd say get a Strat. But I only play my Tele.
was this the wine you were talking about that time like 3 years ago when we got snacks at The Modern? Surely you remember every detail we discussed.
Juilliard or MSM and he's probably pretty good.
It was really interesting, and sometimes "interesting" can sound like a veiled way of saying "weird", but this was genuinely interesting. Very yellow color, so I assumed it was pumped with oxy, and I guess it was, but I didn't hate it. There are others here that can attest to my oxi hate, but this reminded more much more of a old Krug than of some ruined white Burg. The wine took on qualities of a dessert wine, which I didn't expect, and it had a really good...
New Posts  All Forums: