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got an Aeron chair for work. Learned very quickly that you can't blast a fart into it and expect it to contain it all the same way my old foam cushion chairs did.
that intersection is crazy busy at this time of year. It's such a contrast to step into St. Pat's from the street.
i thought it was a drawing, but it's actually a painting. Small brush with ink. I forget the technical name.
this Christmas, my wife is sketching the dogs for my father in law's gift.
ratty hair
my wife would love that.I can't afford all that damn food.
the weird thing is the vegans I know give these "cruelty free" speaches, but none of them have ever adopted a shelter animal, or volunteered their time to help animals in need, or given a dime to a rescue dog/cat organization. They claim it's all about the animals, but really it's all about themselves. I actually told all my family members to donate money to animal rescues instead of giving me gifts this christmas. I doubt they will, but hope to be surprised.
pent up negative energy.but i seriously hate that guy and hope he gets hit by a train. today.
veg = more fiber.ojfc.my pitbull eats a strict vegan diet of grass whenever she needs to throw up.
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