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it's a typical trait of a younger nebbiolo (though 2008 it already has a little time). It's not going to be plush or anything, but grippy tannins and racy acidity suggests it needs to sit for a little. I don't know the producer, but if they make nebbiolo in the "old school" way, then the result is that wine. Nebbiolo will almost always have a big acidic backbone. which, reminds me, Manton - did that Corino barbera ever open up?
that means it's too young
have you ever been to Harlem?In my observations, cat calls are pretty much part of the everyday culture there, and like otc said, it wouldn't be so prevalent if it didn't work. When we were looking at apartments up there, I couldn't believe the frequency, but later came to understand that it's simply a give and take part of the culture. The guys who made this video obviously knew it, and decided to exploit it.note that I still have not seen the video so i don't know...
same type of guy who posts memes like "maybe guys should try buying a girl a book instead of a beer"?for the record, my response when that made the rounds was "the vast majority of girls are not like Emma Watson"
i think the part that my femi-nazi find offensive (but they won't admit) is the fact that the guys who do the cat calling are, in the majority of situations, also not attractive. How dare they!
ugh, as soon as I saw that video pop up, i was like here we go. Thing is, it's never my pretty friends who post about the outrage.edit: I didn't even read the second part of your post before making the above statement.i haven't seen the video either, but I'm going to go ahead and make the assumption that this woman wasn't walking on 5th avenue in the midst of wealthy men. I'd say she was more like 50 blocks north.
I've looked at a few online auction things but never purchased.have purchased at live auctions that also had online bidders (Sotheby's). It can be a good place to find interesting wines, but from the top of my head there's a few things I'd consider:- You're not going to find bangin' deals on Romanee Conte. Shit is expensive regardless.- If a wine is "hot", it still might be cheaper at a store (this happened with Raveneau Chablis at the auctions I've attended)- Never...
probably hitting an age sweet spot right now
I lol'd as well. There's just something about people massively screwing up jobs that I find funny (having a massive rocket explode on you, or botching an execution, etc.)
i wonder how many people were hanging outside last night thinking "it's chilly out, when is this stupid fucking rocket going to pass??"
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