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and using kitchen lingo to front of house staff, who will promptly hate you.
http://gothamist.com/2015/02/26/dog_breeds_ranked.php Fairly accurate list. Lots of Cavs on the UES, and a TON of French Bulldogs down in Tribeca. I can walk out of the office and I'll see one within a minute or two. One innacuracy: title should be "landlord preferred breeds"
I could never "get" the jam bands either.
I listen to a whole lot of genres, really. From Chopin, to Broadway shows, to Grunge rock (no Rush). I'm not going to deny DT's talent, which I know is strong, but I don't feel like their music has any soul. Feels like they make songs based on a recipe, and by the book they give you in music school. Insert technical guitar solo here.
lets explore this wavelength and see how it connects to our universe in a pseudo-mathematical way. The Tool way.
the "big kit" crew. None can seem to hold a candle to Virgil Donati when it comes to skill, but all benefit from the fact that they can integrate drums into music (which Virgil seems to struggle with).but seriously, Dream Theater is soulless dead music.
Dream Theater is the Michael Bay with a script by Danielle Steel of music. I met their drummer once at a Guitar Center exhibit thing (my brother plays the drums), he was a nice guy.
oh I can believe this, but tickets still pop up on secondary sites, and they pop up within minutes of the ticketmaster release.
I just checked. There's still seats available on your Rush tour stop, and it's like a month after they went on sale.Can also see fancy packages at the MSG date.
I said popular show, not geezer rock.
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