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the flamin' hot cheetoes are really where it's at. yes, they'll make you fat.
most chefs, at least the ones I know, don't have wooden boards in their kitchen. They use rubber. it's easy to clean, maintain, gentle on knives, etc. My only quip with the ones I currently have is that it can be a little sticky with really sharp knives.I have no idea what the FX exchange is between the Yen and the dollar, but a lot of really good Japanese knives can be had for really good prices.
note to self: when you go to this particular vietnamese sandwich place and order it "spicy" ... expect a mouthfull of raw jalapenos.
Oh I'm sure there's crazy canadian fanboyz, but I sure didn't see it on the TV screen. I did expect to see a "loud and crazy" crowd. Sorely disappointed.
damn it
ironing is the worst activity. I dread it.
I don't get all of the Canadian media people talking about the "crazy" Jets fans. You'd think they sold two of every seat and fans were practically climbing onto the ice. But when I turned the game on, the crowd looked very corporate and people looked very comfortable in their seats. You know was building looked legitimately crazy all game? Gulp, the Nassau Colloseum. oh, and the Jets still suck. Anaheim, despite some of their struggles, is burying them with strong...
fun fact: I once re-scheduled a trip to London to avoid having to go to a friend's wedding in Houston. (actual wedding was a little north ... Spring something).
worst part about their concerts is half the time they're part of some ragey "festival". Otherwise, yes, nuts live.
C-town actually has the cider vinegar on sale right now. 2 for $7.Brooklyn Kitchen would charge $19.
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