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I'm a little East and South of that (though not as far as the graffiti district). Lots of good food options. Lately, I've been walking over to Morgan to explore foodz. Awesome stuff (Shinobi Ramen, Momo Sushi, Roberta's, El Cortez, Fitzcarraldo, plus a bunch more that I've either forgotten about or have yet to get to but have heard great things).
does your grandma know a little about wine? If not, just spend $25 or $35 or whatever it is now on Au Bon Climat pinot + a bottle of decent Champagne. The Au Bon Climat is a consistently good, easy to find, and is an easy crowd pleaser (not to heavy, not too fruity, not too "dry", etc.)
closest to plausible that I can think of, there's a bunch of schools and playgrounds near me. If you're a parent, apparently it's what you do.kids suck at soccer
I've ruled that out. In my neighborhood you can always tell who the dealers are.
calling the "things you just don't get" thread, but it's much more applicable here. I'm shocked by the number of times you'll see a car parked in a spot, and for whatever reason, there's somebody IN the car. Just sitting there. And I don't mean between the hours of 7 am and 10 am Mondays and Thursday, but at all hours. Just last night I was thinking about this as I was out with dog, and sure enough, the very first vehicle I passed had some guy just sitting in there...
way East can get pretty dead, but I loved living in the 80's around 2nd and 3rd. Had to move because of dog.
shame on Trinity. I lived directly across the street for 5 or so years, that area is a cool part of the neighborhood.
if you're in that neck of the woods, Trinity Pub was my former watering hole. Small, local crowd.
yes, the struggle is real. Happens. My only gripe I suppose is when people "rate" wines like this. If a wine is that closed, giving it some air might open it up a bit, but the effect is going to be completely different from when a wine is allowed to sit in proper storage for 10, 15, 20 years.91 points.Sotheby's also has decent mixed lots. Small verticles, some scoffed labels, and you can usually grab a partial case for a good price.Well, it's a good price until they...
oy. Super scary.
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