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problem is, the Line6 is an amazing delay and on the pedal board of a shit load of pros.I'm upstate so been screwing around with the MIJ Tele, Marshall Silver Jubilee, and 60's Harmony H75.
agreed, but make it "up and coming" for like 20 years.
Let's not completely lose our minds here.
My apartment in Willliamsburg is significantly better than my UES apartment. And it has a roof terrace, private garden and BBQ area, underground storage, etc.
Problem is, I am neither poor nor rich. Those two classes have no problems with dogs and apartment hunting.Manhattan has a way of pushing people up and out.
I intended pants, but they're both kind of right.
I just concluded an awful search for an apartment. 100+ rejections over dogs.
Sounds about right.
Come on people, they're BOARD SHORTS Am I wearing them now? Yes.
New Posts  All Forums: