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I think it's an underground thing. The corner of my old block always smelled like pee, and I was always like "wtf, it just rained".
trash day for that neighborhood
dig the Moroso chair.
I hope he stops me at some point so I can tell him about my recent severe diarrhea and vomiting. It hits close to home. And then I'll share it on my Facebook feed, because half of it is already people sharing shit from "Humans of _____"
well if you're a stander and have a rough time, you're going to need to shower anyways, so shoes off, pants off, let the shower warm up.
Nice Truss, Russ.
LA is the new Brooklyn-scene. It has turned my brother and his fiancee into full hipsters. They even self-deny.
upper 40's humidity be hard, stressful, and oppressive.
it's a risk. that and I hate cold water.
they're board shorts.
New Posts  All Forums: