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Teterboro is also a pain in the ass, but very clean.
shame, though if there's some Dr. Frank or some Wiemer, pick it up. Great stuff.are you in the 'hood?IMO, it's good for 2 types of wines: cheap no-namers from places like bordeaux barbera that you drop $8-10 bottle on and cross your fingers, and then some big-namers that are usually marked way up in the general NYC market (think Mondavi Napa, or Le Volte from Ornellaia).some quick looks: Ornellaia Le Volte for $19.98 vs. $23.98 at Wine Library (lets be real, W-L usually...
you could also get to the airports for like $2 here too. In theory at least. Traveling via public transit with a shitload of luggage just blows.
dont u know that stuff is super cheap in flyover country?
if I'm already at JFK am in one terminal, god help me should I actually have to be in a different terminal. Nightmare.I used to do the Grand Central busses, though I also worked near them so would just hit them up when I had to leave. They're not bad, but they're like $20 or so one-way. Good for a poor student who travels light, but got help you if you work downtown and have to go to LGA via the bus. Pony up for the cab.
that's one of the more well known names, and thus easier to find, but I'm all for the smaller producers too.the toughest thing the Finger Lakes wines have to deal with is basically availability. Supply even in NYC is quite limited, and forget about the West coast.
when I say NY wines, i really only mean Riesling.
IMO, that extra $20 for a taxi is well worth it.
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