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i don't see very many bible readers in NYC. I've seen them, sure, but not with much frequency. i'm surprised at how few people read proper newspapers like I do.
last night's games. doozies.
Epicerie Boulud. I've spent $150+ there for "let's stop in for a glass of wine before the show".
Agreed. It was tasty though. And I technically earned more than that $25 by walking a dog beforehand (but let's be honest, the wife will use that for shoes)
I spent $25 on lunch a few days ago. Kind of angered me.
really? I feel like I've only seen 550's, hence my comment to Piob about 550 or bust. I'll keep an eye out. Agreed on the 350.
i pity the schedule.and besides, you like live next door. that doesn't need a calendar appointment.
they generally have very good stuff in stock. i try to visit whenever i get my haircut in the neighborhood, but rarely make it. Kind of like you and the bar.
New Posts  All Forums: