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going to start having the Pit work with these
there's all this talk about perfecting beans, but when you're done you still end up with just a big pot of beans. And if it's a big component to your dinner, then you're going to be shitting your pants all night.
your guitar is dressed up like a ninja
lol, Booth has dick cancer.
I live on the edge.Shure 215's. Cuts out like 30-35 decibels of outside noise and somebody sitting next to you can't hear you listening to NPH sing at full volume. Ask me how I know.
i know on the custom shop stuff, but I'm talking about NON custom shop stuff pushing that price. i remember when these things were like $1299: http://www.rainbowguitars.com/guitar/fender/american-vintage-58-telecaster-2-tone-sunburst/0110302803/fe this is an amazing amp w/ the upgraded speaker, though I still like my old one. http://www.rainbowguitars.com/guitar/fender/princeton-reverb-sparkle-green/2172000442/fe
that's fair, though overall the differences are pretty minor. It'll still sound like a Strat or Tele, never like a Les Paul. still, I can't believe some of the prices of new instruments these days. Even non-Custom Shop Fenders are well into the $2500 mark. Amp prices seem much more stable.
you kept on talking about guitars that have been messed with. these exist, but usually at the cheap side. rare with pricier instruments, and IMO not a good reason to avoid the secondary market. At this stage of the game and with prices for new stuff what they are, I'd never look into the new market.
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