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old and worn marble looks awesome
You should place a dildo on the ground there and just walk away
Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy (doesn't really count since they were outside of the theater where they're doing a show) Hellen Miren (ditto)
following the bottle seal line correctly? strong follow through? If you fail to do any one of these, then it's probably not going to work. There's other factors that are also important (is the champagne cold enough? is the edge of the sabre blunt enough), but you can still get around those and be fine. Bottle line and the follow through are where dreams are shattered and party foul begins.
just google instructions, there's really only one way to do it that consistently works
i don't do anything social during hockey playoff season
we have ikea butcher block as well, and yeah, it's only for dry stuff. Stains really easily. i dislike granite because it always looks like somebody puked all over the clean counter.
and the background you chose is a live feed of JC Penny's stock price? You could have chosen a picture of a tube of toothpaste and it would have been better.
i cant begin to imagine how insufferable that crowd will be
he's incredibly brazen, and it's hilarious. She'll send Snaps that are cute couple things ... first making dinner together, then wine being poured, then eating at their little table, then picking out a movie ... and then he'll send one of her burrying her head into a couch pillow while she uses another pillow to fan the gas away and then hit him with the pillow.
New Posts  All Forums: