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as you can see, it's a huge hit in this thread
yeah, it'd be all loans. Parents payed undergrad and then cut the cord right away.i don't think anybody here has taken the "new" SAT.
back when i started studying for the GMAT, I didn't realize b-school was like $100K a year all-in not counting lost wages. I might still go, but i'm trying my best to avoid it. Turned down a few Ivies in fact. you wouldn't score in the 500's. I mean you would at first, but it's an easily learnable test.
well yeah about AD/BCE method. I got a 770.Trying to hammer these "cheat" things into Booth's brain. They sound like a pain, but they make all the difference.and +1 about the new section.
also, sweet BMW
totally. I feel like Data Sufficiency really drowns people, because they try to solve questions that don't need to be solved. With a few exceptions for quant, you don't need to know every rule in the book. Far from it. You need to know how to manipulate some equations, and REALLY need to know the ins and outs of positive/negative numbers, which seems to be integrated into a huge number of questions.
the GMAT is really good at traps. I feel like 20% of quant can be figured out with stuff like simple charts or testing answers, though the official GMAT books will give you lengthly and complicated explanations. Reminds me of one of the questions that Booth said he spent a huge amount of time on and could never figure out. I took a quick guess and got it wrong (I didn't try to solve it formally, just gave it a glance), but I was out of practice and approached it all...
reminds me of a story I was told by a friend who taught at Kaplan. There were some asians that were absolutely cramming for the GMAT, and it got to the point where they were consistently scoring 750+. Took the actual test and bombed it, low 500-something. They came back to Kaplan screaming about their scores.Turnsed out they crammed so much on practice tests that they had blown through the entire question bank, and so questions were just being repeated and they then...
the way to think about this is to know that like 20-25% of test questions are exactly that ... questions they're testing to calibrate that aren't reflected in your final score.5 easy questions in a row, on the other hand...
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