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forgot to whip out my ID at the turnstile. Ribcaged. and then I was leaning against the wall in the elevator and guess whose shoes decided to hydroplane on the floor? I'm a mess today.
had to be on purpose. She would have felt her heel sticking in the wood over 1,000 times. "i thought it was gum!"
the best part about the drive from SF to LA is that you leave SF and end up in LA.
I'm all about the crap hotels in favor of amazing food, wine, and entertainment.
i read an article about GMO's, and consequently my ads were all about garbage healing methods.
I know. Because I just read it, quite literally, this morning on the train.
I'm wearing flannel pants that have a paid/herringbone pattern (hello Howard Yount!). my boss said I look like Don Cherry. It's like the ulimate insult.
my boss went on and on about this yesterday. Claimed he was right.i know the truth.
I'm reading foodguy's book on plant sex now. Seems very well written and researched. It also makes me want to eat good strawberries and feel sanctimonious about perfect oranges.
I never understood why people from Boston were proud of their accent. They sound like they have Down syndrome.
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