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write a macro and be a good employee. And save yourself time.
I got home from work at 2 and was back in the office for an 8 am meeting. Stop acting like a delicate flower.
aren't road shoes much stiffer?
a company can accrue for this throughout the year. Like all banks on Wall St. (some have wacky pay-out dates now, partially due to regulations)
FTFY.And I employ "Benji"
Even if there's a problem with my WSJ delivery, I still don't grab those. Don't want to look poor.
that awkward feeling when you pass a group of people loitering while you're on the way to the bathroom, and then 20 minutes later pass them again in the exact same spot and realize that one of those dudes is absolutely thinking "that guy just took a loooooong post-lunch dump"
the bathroom thread has been pretty weak, but I have something for it...
don't hate the player (the engine), hate the game (government fuel efficiency requirements) edit. forgot to add:
New Posts  All Forums: