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My apartment in Willliamsburg is significantly better than my UES apartment. And it has a roof terrace, private garden and BBQ area, underground storage, etc.
Problem is, I am neither poor nor rich. Those two classes have no problems with dogs and apartment hunting.Manhattan has a way of pushing people up and out.
I intended pants, but they're both kind of right.
I just concluded an awful search for an apartment. 100+ rejections over dogs.
Sounds about right.
Come on people, they're BOARD SHORTS Am I wearing them now? Yes.
At 5, you're pretty much up there. Above 6 and it doesn't get much louder, just breaks up more. Also, the reverb and trem is
Oh i will. I'm going to borrow his CE1.
i'm not "that guy on the L train"
O boy is also getting my '65 Princeton (and WH10 and MIJ DS2). He has to return it all in a few weeks.
New Posts  All Forums: