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the Met is the place I'd visit of the three, but don't just go there ... look at what exhibitions they have and plan to visit that. Wandering around the Met is exhausting. When you're done at the Met, take a walk around Jackie O. reservoir.police dogs.
I like the sidewalk to clear in front of me. Which happens.
should I get one even if I use it once a year?
the tele will get one, but the Strat was way off. I'm not playing Origenspirit-type solos, so it can wait until I get the Strat back.
anybody have a Konro grill?
Strat is in the shop. Setup time.
I wouldn't want one because I don't want to be the guy walking a Cav in Brooklyn.the other day, this guy in the elevator was talking to another guy about his Labradoodle. Yes, the guy looked like a pussy.you probably know the following breeds and what they look like: golden retriever, labrador, dalmatian, dachshund, pit bull, pug, boston terrier (Daisy), poodle, Chihuahua, schnauzer, bull dog, and german shepherd. In other words, 95% of dogs in the USA.
not all that frequently, but it will vary on where you live and the climate/humidity changes
and using kitchen lingo to front of house staff, who will promptly hate you.
http://gothamist.com/2015/02/26/dog_breeds_ranked.php Fairly accurate list. Lots of Cavs on the UES, and a TON of French Bulldogs down in Tribeca. I can walk out of the office and I'll see one within a minute or two. One innacuracy: title should be "landlord preferred breeds"
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