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these days that car screams "somebody from Zimbabwe just pulled up"
i see some snowflakes out there
some of those storage things are stupidly expensive. We looked some, way out in Queens and NJ, and they were still like $50 a month for the equivalent of spare closet space.
it's only a drizzle in Tribeca. Lack of tall buildings seems to result in less wind.
oy, I feel you. We were within the last few possible days before we signed current place (100+ "dog friendly" rejections over our then nonexistent pit bull). Super stressful.
150% wrong. Presumably.
yeah, but the only thing they've renovated since then is the cafeteria menu. It'd be one thing if it was decked out all Seagrams building style, but it's not. Carpets and old desks.
it was built 26 years ago
roughly 2-3". It's a fairly old building with old elevators, the whole thing is scheduled for a gut renovation starting in a few weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some sort of part missing there, the gap is awkwardly big. If it is missing something, they're probably like "fuck it, the whole thing will be replaced soon enough anyways". Wasn't a big notebook either, I like the smaller ones from Muji.
I was getting off the elevator and I dropped my work notebook. Guess where it landed? 37 floors down into the basement.
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