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any recs for a good mayonaise recipe?
i can't comprehend 180 minutes of sitting still and not doing something
i read the WSJ
i never watch the news on my phone because the time that I would like to watch the news (morning commute) is also the time that I have no signal since i'm underground.
how do you really go over? I'm using the phone all the damn time, but I don't play games or use music streaming, so I guess that helps. I've come close to 2 gigs just once (the fappening).
you might have to wait a few weeks anyways. the 6+ is now backordered.http://9to5mac.com/2014/09/12/iphone-6-and-6-plus-already-selling-out-5-5-inch-model-particularly-constrained/
I'm on my inlaws plan, and they have a shit load of rollover minutes, so I'm basically just paying a few bucks for basic minutes and a data plan.
nobody gets an AMG GL because it makes any sense
i don't know if that's true. My monthly bill is $35.
oh, well yeah, wait for the upgrade eligibility before dropping $700. My 4S is from November 2011, so I was ripe for an upgrade.
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