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if it was a 550, would you be less annoyed? The "big engine appreciation" nod.
don't they sell CS pickups separately as well?
so, from feedback here, Ted and TED Talks are pretty much identical.
noted. Not visiting site then.
+100. Fuck those guys.
then again, plastic also flexes. And is cheap.carbon for boat/auto/bike stuff is used for carbon's performance. Light, stiff, absorbs shock, etc. It's worth paying this vs. other materials. IMO i'm not sure what the upgrade would be on furniture.
one of my facebook friends posted about how it's not just poor neighborhoods, but she is also cat called in rich neighborhoods. ummm, no, she is most certainly not. I don't want to post a picture, but this isn't far off (the woman below has better skin, fwiw):
what? 90% of generic Chinese furniture from random NYC stores looks like even more crappy versions of the stuff they sell at Pier 1 or Crate and Barrel.
I'd agree with this for indoor furniture, but not for outdoor furniture. Concrete has a certain aesthetic, yes, but it's also heavy (won't blow away) and weatherproof. Yeah, it can be expensive, but so is most nice wood furniture.
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