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to be fair, he didn't say what his evenings are booked with.
one of our admins is leaving, so they decided to do 5 PM cookies and champagne toast. Well I wasn't aware of this, and at 4:59 I go to take a big dump. I'm walking back 15 minutes later and everybody is gathered and is all "There he is!!! Gome, where were you?!? We were waiting for you!!"
I see what you did there.
it's a very good book about an excellent wine region.
he doesn't read books. in fact, he should give me back my book on Finger Lakes wine so that I can give it to you. A year is ample time to read a book.
I would too. There's a black one that always parks on the street near my office, and every time I see it I think what a great looking car. And how about that massive engine?
I have never been to the Strand when it's not jam packed.
Mexican food isn't a particular strength in NYC, and so the horchata game is usually meh. When it's really bad it reminds me of watered down iced chai lattes.
the problem here is crap horchata, which is everywhere.
i drink mostly iced tea since i find water to be a little boring.
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