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our new one came home tonight.
if that all white clothing dinner is "rain or shine", I may reconsider my stance on it. Steak and a wet t-shirt contest? In.
this is immensely satisfying to see http://sfist.com/2014/08/25/burning_man_shuts_the_gate_due_to_r.php
I'm flip about everything that I don't have.my family history is riddled with cancers, but i'm flip about that too.
i still don't know what ALS is and will probably only ever care about it if I had ALS.
you actually post though. It's interesting, at least to me, to see the lurkers. I'm pretty sure it's because my posts are usually really great, and I post a lot in here.
both of those people died of ebola.so, oh yeah.... [[SPOILER]]
ummmm, on yeah... [[SPOILER]]
there were like 200 people wandering around Tribeca for that diner en blanc thing. made me really happy that I'm not going to that dinner en blanc thing.
this is a threak where an odd number of people like to lurk, mostly non NYers. some are better lurking than others. I see you, TC (Houston).
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