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wife woke up and yelled at me for going out with my crazy neighbors and smoking all night. vindicated by the fire.
I think I'm just going to stick to egg. Wife is allergic to shellfish, and I'm out of metyhlcellulose.
so we did the doggie breed-ID DNA test, just because you never know with these shelter dogs, and we were curious. She's a purebred American Staffordshire Terrier.
+100 I've made grocery lists and gone to the store only to realize that I have no idea WTF I wrote down.
I don't get my boss sometimes. He likes to eat but he doesn't like good food. If one of us goes out to grab coffee for the group, we have to make a special stop at a food cart for him since he doesn't like Starbucks. And at lunch he'll get a PB&J sandwich, which ok and all if you are a huge PB&J fan ... but then he'll let it sit on his desk for 3 hours before he gets around to eating it.
aiight, just have to see how my afternoon goes.
snark aside, I am a big fan of a well done veggie burger. It's the ones that are given fake meat flavor and cashew cheese that are revolting.
walked into the stall and was greeted with a poop filled toilet. Still, this was the stall I wanted since it's more spacious and the toilet is lower to the ground, which I feel is good for leverage. Because of the snow, I have boots on, and when I went to flush the toilet with my foot, I slipped and very nearly fell into the poop
i don't know of a place that has them
i meant one that tastes good
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