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if you see somebody out and about with two dogs, it might be me.
90 employees, 120 accounts. All apparently going up and up. Not sure about $$$$$ since one of the main guys had to dart out early (wife just gave birth this past weekend). Goal is to try and pit offers against similar firms, which might actually be happening. Or it all could fizzle away.
I realized my excuse was I'm already coming from work, which is a very proper environment. Not worried about it.I was able to cut the line a bit thanks to knowing the COO. It's weird how tech works, the CEO's admin set everything up, nobody from recruiting (which I know they do have).whenever I speak with "traditional" banking houses, it's always 10 layers of recruiters and HR.
don't know EE's yet. Round B funding, and just scored a giant Bloomberg account. just exploring on a lead, LinkedIn creepin' shows that half the people are from finance to begin with.
it happens every time.
is it weird to wear banker suits at a tech startup final interview?srs.should i wear a thin shirt so i can sweat and then allow my chest tattoos indicate that i'm serious but edgy?
just saw a Carrera GT start up and take off. surprisingly quiet car.
u mad that he went through the intersection first?
cross fit is next
but cheap Italian food sucks just as much as bad $25 meatballs.
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