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kind of tastes like a salty and less sweet Froot Loop
I've always preferred bright wines with asparagus, usually because I tend to prep asparagus with something nutty (like nuts) and something acidic (lemon or capers or something else). The Vermentino tends to be a bit deeper and darker than a Verdiccio, albeit not exactly nutty unless there's a bit of age on it. At the end of hte day, I don't really care for people who put a lot of effort into wine pairings, wine is wine. The reason I suggested the wines I did is because...
Chard would be good with it. alternatively, you could keep the Chard with the scallop and add a bright Italian white for the asparagus soup. A Vermentino would get my vote. Or even a Verdiccio or a Soave or a Gavi.
chard to start, Nebbiolo with the pasta, Solaia with the veal, and then the old Brunello with non-gooey cheeses.rustic red wine with hard parm-style cheese is perhaps my one exception to no wine and cheese pairings. That tallegio made with Buffalo milk is also a solid choice.max will probably do a better job of rabbit bone removal.
The scallops and chard should be a hit. The others should be a hit, but I don't like it. Too much Tuscany, and I'm not big on cheese with wine (and especially Solaia with cheese). I'd remove the Brunello and serve the pasta with the Soliaia (the Brunello would be great, but Solaia is Solaia). For the veal, I'd go with a Nebbiolo-based wine, which would pair really nicely with veal and mushrooms. Maybe a Barolo or Barbaresco with 10 or more years on it. The cheese is...
paging Manton. His mom made us tiramisu once.
on a similar note, what I thought was solid pavement was instead a flooded sinkhole. Excellent commute. (I will note that my feet remained dry. Thanks, GDL's store!)
it is possible. I've done it. So have others in the thread.
what did we learn in the Eames knockoff thread about getting half off all H-M orders?
that's what I read, and usually it's a very small amount (something like 15-25 mg/liter .... in the US, 350 mg/liter is allowed).
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