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I really, really enjoy the Clyde model from Church's. Just look at the pictures. Handsome animal, isn't it? After three years of frequent wear, mine is about to give up its ghost. So I understand why people gripe about Church's quality these days. But I still love this design. Unfortunately Church's no longer makes it. I need a replacement. I am looking for the following features: (1) Dark brown suede (2) Blucher (derby), not Oxford (3) No broguing, no wing...
If you do decide to buy it, please leave a note to Ms. Collinge of customer service that you saw the bag from a Korean customer's review. I am very thankful to her for adding the bag to the online catalog so I could order it.
I finally finished the SAB briefcase review I promised to post a few months ago. Here it is: The bag reviewed looks like this:
I have written a lengthy review of my second SAB bag, here: I hope you enjoy.
Briefcase Review Swaine Adeney Brigg Short-Strap Westminster (Also, comparison with Filson Satchel) In 2008, I posted on the AAAC forum a comparison review of two classic briefcases, the Swaine Adeney Brigg Westminster Wrap-Round and the Filson Satchel. You can find that review here: I recently purchased my second Swaine Adeney case, a virtually...
I have that bag with the wrap round straps, and the combination of round lock and buckle straps make the bag look ridiculously ornate. It looks downright Victorian, and I stopped carrying it after a while because it received far too much attention. You chose wisely to do without the wrap round straps.
I recommend Glaser.For a bridle-leather briefcase I would normally recommend Filson Satchel ( or a similarly designed Swaine Adeney or Papworth briefcases. I own both SAB and Filson, and love them both. However, if you commute via subway or bike (as opposed to driving), one thing you really have to consider is the ability to access the interior of your briefcase on the fly. While outside,...
After buying both the Filson Satchel and the SAB Wesminster Wrap-Round, I have found the perfect bag for me. Swaine Adeney Brigg Westminster with short straps. 8 days into ownership, and already I know I will not be parting with it, ever. Currently in the process of writing a full-length review of the bag.
A new Swaine Adeney Brigg that replaced my old buddy the Filson Satchel. A true beauty. I will be posting a review of this bag soon.
I like BB's new short duffel coat, but I've never spent $600 for a duffel coat before... When will be the next sale, roughly?
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