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acne t shirts are really small... i tried one and it was barely covering my belt...it has a anice fit though and is a bit expensive
those are cool, but i'm a big tifosi fan
for dressing up, i find vneck sweaters much appropriate to layer over a dress shirt. it seems to expose a part of the shirt which is not too much or too less. it looks more classier and more refined than a crewneck one. however, crewnecks are better for a casual outing because they simply look laid-back and perfect for lounging.
wjk has some great linen shirts but are rather expensive and dark, which makes it somewhat hard to wear. h&m had some but is very low in quality. ralph lauren makes some great linen shirts that are ok for the price. not cheap and also not too over the top, i suggest the custom fit linen shirts for a more refined fit
fit is awesome for the price, prolly fits better than lacoste or RL. the line has been going on for bout 2 years now i think. the quality is quite good but is inferior compared to lacoste or RL.
havaianas and crocs are the only flipflops i wear
james perse or AA
soya milk guys...unsweetened
AA fine jerseys uniqlo cotton tees topman crew necks zara basic apc acne raf simons
i kinda like the "just fits" from uniqlo that i bought last month..they fit pretty well for the price. the plaid also looks cool with its color and pattern.
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