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Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz IIRC, he is in Canada. It's totally different south of the border - look at the size of Spoo's wall, for example. And Vox poses next to a machine gun tower. Pretty sure that's a windmill.
Quote: Originally Posted by trigirdbers I have a solid navy blazer with sleeves that are pretty much at the minimum acceptable length so getting them taken up is not an option. This being the case, is there any way of repairing the frayed sleeves? I believe the SR method is to add suede trim to the sleeve ends and quarter's of a jacket that's on its last last legs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Very nice Vox, though I personally would have opted for a slightly shorter coat with more waist suppression. You're baked!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Will try and get them up soon. I have an all black standard steamer, a painted canvas grand steamer which is my pride and joy, and an extremely rare vellum travel case, which sadly is not in the best condition. The vellum is dry and peeling away from the wood frame. I have 3 or 4 vintage LV trunks as well, all from 1890-1920, and the Goyard ones really destroy them. Baller! From what I've seen...
Quote: Originally Posted by IsteRed I once saw a 1000+$ leather flip flops in Dubai,made from ostrich leather or something,crazy. Gucci was producing espadrilles each spring for the last few years but I'm not seeing any this year. Not that I would pay anywhere near the $350+ they were asking but they did look very nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRA8324 espradilles They really shouldn't be worn anywhere outside of the pool/beach/boat. Then you'll just look like every other hipster with a pair of Tom's. I've been looking to pick up some espadrilles the last month or so but haven't really found any great source. I like the striped Ibiza one's from that site. Any idea on the sizing, since they don't stock half sizes?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton FWIW, I don't buy the notion that you have to be a shirtmaker (or whatever) to have a valid opinion. I also think that shirt is fine, but what do I know. I authorize Ataturk to cross post that pic on AAAC and query the great man himself about its flaws. Should be a great threak. I just think the it's nitpicking to a ridiculous degree, especially when you posted the picture to show off the pants and not...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk Really. So I posted a link to a book on shirtmaking illustrating fit problems. I posted a picture indicating where the shirt is pulling. And the "evidence" in the other direction is... ... Help me out here. Dude, are you a shirtmaker? Then STFU! You posted a amazon link to a book on sewing, like we're all going to buy it so that we can prove the great Manton's shirt doesn't fit precisely perfect. It...
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A Jesus H. Christ, there is something in the water tonight. How about I leave it up to you to decide. Read my prior posts in this thread, and see if you can figure out whether I believe NYR to be in a lower "class" than Foo. I'm sure that, no matter what your conclusion, nobody will give a shit. Is that how you say things in "your parlance" Also, why did Ambrosi respond directly to NYR and nobody else?...
Great deal on that Hickey. Too bad they tend to run a size larger, 18" shoulders on a 36R? Seems to be the norm with them.
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