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Is the style forum just 5 years ahead of TMW or did you guys create this trend?
Tonight, while shopping for new spring socks at BB with the wife, she suggested I get a couple ties. She picked the one on the right, but I kept going back to the one on the left. We decided to get both. She asked me if, in my "mind," there was any appreciable difference between the two. I told her that obviously there was! The left tie was OK for Fridays but not great for anything serious, while the right tie was more of a "day driver" and could be serious (almost CBD...
Would a suede jacket move like flannel or wool? Excuse my ignorance, but I tend to think of suede mocing more like leather. I saw the episode in HD and I'm pretty sure it's not cord.
I was watching the new episode of "How I Met Your Mother," and I really liked the look of Martin Short's jacket. I was wondering if anyone can identify the fabric it's made of? I suspect suede, but cannot be sure.
That is some Dracula-looking shit. AWESOME!
Why did this come back from the dead?
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Remember, I've been buying clothing for more years than most of you are old ... 2 times that long given the youthfulness of some members. Fair enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum No, he's telling you he has $1,500,000 worth of clothing. This sounds reasonable considering he's said before that he has 300+ bespoke suits, if we assume an average cost of $4,500 each then they alone come to $1,350,000+... I was so shocked I lost a zero in the mix!
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS On a per year basis? I have no idea. Some years are costly, others are not. Wardrobe cost? $1.5M (in total). Monetary worth? Much less; used clothing is near worthless. You're telling me you've got $1,500,00 worth of clothing?
I think that was great, but I'll have to check with Paris.
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