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I'm probably going to get these, they are dope.
BBall hi's are back wooo. Going to kop for sure.
@Drew Man I totally understand were you are coming from with all this. I'd do what makes you happy man - people jump up and down for customization, but it doesn't usually work out. There are things I would love to make, but I understand your not quite 'Drew Keith - Fine Custom Clothier' but not a stock standard retail / wholesale lot, so I'm not going to get what I want 100% of the time - usually 90-95 though. It'll be sad when we just go to stock sizes and colorways, but...
Damn man Is it even worth making one if it makes you feel like this lol?? it does sorta turn ToJ thread into Supreme thread part 2 though
If the dark grey lamb doesn't get restocked then I'm thinking that colour for the collared moto
+infinitePeople get so entitled about the varsity it's crazyWhen my A2 and suede Harrington get here I think I might order a dark grey lamb suede A1.I'm waiting to see the next level shearling to decide between that or a collared moto as my second leather
Yeah kelvstro's are really good Damn Need a 44 lol
I was probably going to do this as well ^
Different pockets and the collar is bigger IIRC
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