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I think I might order the CWU-45 in black lamb, with obligatory swag suede patch and placket detail, when my A-2 gets here with my Harrington. I'm going to order an A-1 anyway, in dark grey lamb suede (hopefully) so it can all go together. Fuck I love bombers.
Is it NY or Japan homie?
If I was size 42 I would have like four pair by now I already wear MMM Hi's and Mid's, no one except sneaker heads say anything lol
If anyone has rafstro's in the green / white sole colorway or the all white or all black in a size 44 lemme know, or if they have kelvstro's in size 44 as well lemme know.
All this harrington this and bomber that talk is making me sad for my ToJ wait
Thier own website has an e-store man, with the whole line each season.
Wish mine did
Its so true99% is bad, in a generically bad fashion waySome of the sneakers are cool though I will say that
Im thinking of getting two cardigans and a crewneck, all in the spear pattern. Handled a fair bit of the ss11 collection and its not so bad, but it could be way better, for the price.
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