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Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one get the iphone, especially if you use a Mac. it changed my life (0) and feels like i live a decade ahead. I have 3 iphones, a MBP, a MB, a mac mini, an iPad, and ipod touch. most get used frequently and make me moneyz/fun times Yeah I have an MBP and an iPhone 4, that's all I need, would never really need a PC, laptop and iPhone is more then enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 I really liked Dior, though I would like to see a bit more vibrancy in the color palette in the future. Very happy with what I see at Lanvin, of all places. What is with all the leather shirting this season? motherfuckin' leather daddy swagggg
Hard e-penis from pushy ex-hypebeast bloggers
I think I paid 65 bucks for my last one from cottonwork, nice white Oxford, hidden placket, hidden button-down, MOP buttons Was going to order about ten, a few fin collars, a some regular buttondowns, more hidden placket buttondowns and some double pocket buttondown safari shirts for summer Those and white hanes crews and I'm pretty happy lol
Honestly does anyone else just wear white t's and white buttonups? Pretty much happiest most with either a white crew t (beefy tagless hanes) or a bespoke white button up Eh I dunno maybe its just me lulz
lol nice tough talk
i hear rick only makes girls clothes now too
Pretty lame all around except Dries was pretty good Some nice pieces thar
Yeah I'm thinking about buttero workboots too
The only thing that's worse then mocs is moc boots with FUCKYEHUSA11 anti-swag tag
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