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Essentially this is what I noticed one day:Dads buying visvim and wearing it in extreme normcore fitsI had read about it, seen fashion people beasting, but to sell cray priced heritage to normal people you really have to market and position well, having read quite a few interviews with him and reading about the brand online, there is just so much hyperbole about craftsmen, artisans and semi-spiritual journeys to make obscene moccasins that it really has to be start with...
Kanye x Maurizio x GayFish
Kanye is Carpe approved
Yeah, damn Condolences my brother
I don't really buy much into the Amekaji swag, and vis prices are silly level, but you can't deny how proficient hiroki is at marketing and PR
I had these, sold them because my now-wife then-girlfriend kept calling me rocket man ala William Shatner spoken word swag
LOLPot, this is kettle calling
Would totally buy another wallet or two (I love my zip wallet) and would love a helmet bag, never got over how nice it would be..
AmphetaminesReal Talk
Please tell me how you feel about chemtrails?
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