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I bought larges this season that fit way smaller then larges from a few seasons ago, but it seems that uniqlo change the fit of their stuff all the time, from season to season. I got three pairs of the skinny jeans, two pairs of the leggings jeans, which IMO aren't leggings and more like comfort denim, two denim shirts and a chambray shirt and a bunch of new t's and underwear. Probably will get some linen too if it goes in sale Uniqlo has ruined clothing for me, its way...
Go full leather daddy and go Chrome Hearts
Yeah I kopped two pair, they must be a mistranslation, they should have just called them easy jeans or something They are nice and light, will be awesome for summer
Yeah surprising @ that toe box Almost looks bulbous Not that thats a bad thing,
Essentially this is what I noticed one day:Dads buying visvim and wearing it in extreme normcore fitsI had read about it, seen fashion people beasting, but to sell cray priced heritage to normal people you really have to market and position well, having read quite a few interviews with him and reading about the brand online, there is just so much hyperbole about craftsmen, artisans and semi-spiritual journeys to make obscene moccasins that it really has to be start with...
Kanye x Maurizio x GayFish
Kanye is Carpe approved
Yeah, damn Condolences my brother
I don't really buy much into the Amekaji swag, and vis prices are silly level, but you can't deny how proficient hiroki is at marketing and PR
I had these, sold them because my now-wife then-girlfriend kept calling me rocket man ala William Shatner spoken word swag
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