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Man the U.S of A has been good to me Uniqlo Skinny Jeans in Black x 2 / Dark Grey / Dark Navy Uniqlo Denim Shirts x 2, Grey Melange Zipped Hoodie, Grey Packable Hooded Down Jacket Robert Geller SS 14 Zipped Blazer Robert Geller FW 13 Zipped Blazer Isaora Navy Hooded Shell (Like, 65 dollars at a sample sale, is awesome) il Busseto Black Zipped Wallet Alden Black Indy Going to go get some Scosha bracelets tomorrow, Holla at me NYC guys if you wanna catch up
How bad do you want it toasty
Just simul kopped zipped black blazers from SS14 and FW13 at the same store, 250 each boom Wearing FW13 blazer right now, getting dumplings for wife, feels good #CDiems, #SluttyTee Thank you New York City Can anyone help me meet Robert Geller haha??
SLP footwear is nice in person but price is wack
Can you go to the studio?I'm on holiday in the states and I'll be in NY next week, would love to meet and greet the man.
If anyone has a black zipped blazer in size 50 from last season I'd love to buy It
I bought larges this season that fit way smaller then larges from a few seasons ago, but it seems that uniqlo change the fit of their stuff all the time, from season to season. I got three pairs of the skinny jeans, two pairs of the leggings jeans, which IMO aren't leggings and more like comfort denim, two denim shirts and a chambray shirt and a bunch of new t's and underwear. Probably will get some linen too if it goes in sale Uniqlo has ruined clothing for me, its way...
Go full leather daddy and go Chrome Hearts
Yeah I kopped two pair, they must be a mistranslation, they should have just called them easy jeans or something They are nice and light, will be awesome for summer
Yeah surprising @ that toe box Almost looks bulbous Not that thats a bad thing,
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